Edmund Boardman with one of the children

Edmund Boardman with one of the children

Newspaper research is time-consuming but can be very rewarding.  Just recently I found these articles in the Winnipeg Tribune.  This one is dated 29 October, 1908 on page 12.

Edmund Boardman, one of Winnipeg’s most respected citizens and an old-timer, passed away at his residence, 583 Logan avenue, yesterday morning.  His genial disposition and kindly actions will be remembered for a long while, not only at St. George’s church, where he was a life-long worker, but in the C.P.R. shops, where he spent 26 years as a coppersmith.  The late Mr. Boardman was born in Rochester, Eng., 59 years ago, and lived for a while in London, Ont. Afterward he resided in Shediac, N.B., then he settled in Winnipeg.  He leaves a wife and four sons, Dr. E. J., Robert and John of Winnipeg, and William of Vancouver.  The funeral will take place tomorrow from the above address, where a private service will be held at 2 p.m., after which a service will be held in St. George’s church at 2.30, to St. John’s cemetery. Rev. J.J. Roy will officiate. 

This article was in the Winnipeg Tribune 31 October, 1908 is a funeral notice on page 12.

The funeral of the late Edmund Boardman took place at 2.30 yesterday afternoon from his late residence, 582 Logan avenue to St. John’s cemetery.  Rev. J.J. Roy officiated at the service, which was held in St. George’s church.  The pall bearers were as follows:  T. Boyd, J. Dunn, W. Powles, S. Pentland, B. Hutchinson and W. Lockhart.  

There is new information in the above obituary notice.  I knew that great-grandfather Edmund Boardman was born in the Rochester area of Lancashire in fact he was born in Oldham.  I did not know he was in London, Ontario before going to Shediac, New Brunswick.

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The Robert Boardmans’ final resting places!

Boardman Family 1941

Boardman Family 1941

The above photograph is one of my favorites and it presents the Robert and Ethel Boardman Family in about 1941 in West Seattle. Left to Right:  Ruth, Uncle Boardie, Ethel, Robert, Aileen. In front: Marjorie, unknown doggy and Verne.  Ruth and Boardie are maybe just married.  Aileen and Verne married in 1938.

Grandfather Robert Boardman passed in 1945 and it wasn’t until 1965 that Ethel Adella Brown Boardman also succumbed.  They are buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetery in West Seattle next to eat other.  These photos are not very good.

Robert Boardman 1881 to 1945

Robert Boardman 1881 to 1945

Ethel Boardman 1881 to 1965

Ethel Boardman 1881 to 1965

Verne C. Cahan and Hazel Aileen Cahan are buried in Forest Lawn as well and not to far from Robert and Ethel, Aileen’s mother.  For some reason my photos of their tombstones are missing but I do have a couple of things.  I just might have to go and redo.

Verne’s tombstone reads:  Verne C. Cahan, Washington, PVT BTRY D 146 Field Arty, WWI, Feb. 17, 1897 (Masonic sign) Aug 31, 1963.

This is a very bad photo of Aileen and Verne’s tombstone and only shows the location. Aileen was born May 23, 1907 and died Dec 30, 1988.

Aileen and Verne's tombstones and me.

Aileen and Verne’s tombstones and me.

John Henry Boardman and his wife Laura Cuthbert Boardman, a brother of my grandfather, are right next to Robert & Ethel.

John's headstone in Forest Lawn West Seattle

John’s headstone in Forest Lawn West Seattle

Laura E. Boardman's headstone

Laura E. Boardman’s headstone

Marjorie F. Boardman and Keith B. MacDonald are buried in the Acacia Memorial Park in Lake City a part of north Seattle, Washington.

Marjorie & Keith MacDonald - Acacia

Marjorie & Keith MacDonald – Acacia

All the above are in King County and are featured on Find A Grave except for the one below.

Robert Brown Boardman (Uncle Boardie) and his 2nd wife Blanche (Jerry) are buried in Abbey View Cemetery in Brier, Washington.  It is just up north of Seattle in Snohomish County a couple of miles from my location.  I do not know where Ruth is buried Boardie’s first wife.

Boardie & Jerry's tombstones in Abbey View

Boardie & Jerry’s tombstones in Abbey View

As a descendant of this family, I do have more pictures, stories, experiences and documents about the family from about 1945 onwards but this is where I draw the line for publishing personal stuff.  There are living descendants of Marjorie and Uncle Boardie so if you are a cousin and would like to know more, I would be happy to share offline, just leave a comment and I will contact you.

My focus now is to go back in time to learn more about the origins of both of the Boardmans and Browns.  The Boardman and Mc/MacMurrays will take us back to Lancashire, England.  The Browns came from Ireland about 1830, they settled in Hastings and Lambton County, Ontario and some stayed but others headed to LaPeer County, Michigan and more. Still others migrated to Winnipeg and further west to British Columbia.  Emma Ward Brown, my great-grandmother came from Strathroy, Ontario and is of English descent I think?  I am hoping to see if I cannot connect her to her parents and take that line back to the British Isles.

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Grandfather Robert Boardman passes!

Grandpa Robert Boardman 1944

Grandpa Robert Boardman 1944

It was 1945 and my grandfather passed on 27 Nov 1945.  He died in Steilacoom, Pierce Co., Washington where he had been residing at the hospital there. In those days people with conditions associated with aging would be placed in the state hospital for care.  Today, there are more options and we understand some of the conditions better.

As far as I can figure out, grandfather had no estate.  I have checked in both Pierce and King Counties at the Washington State Archives.  The only thing I have not done is look at deeds or court documents to see if he sold his business to his son.

A curious thing happened when I looked at the Seattle newspapers for grandfather’s obituary notice.  The newspapers in Seattle had gone on strike and the issues stopped.  They did try to catch up but I never did find an article in the Seattle papers.  So I went to a neighborhood newspaper the West Seattle Herald and found this piece.

Robert Boardman's obituary 1945

Robert Boardman’s obituary 1945

Obituary for Grandfather in the West Seattle Herald, Thursday Nov. 29, 1945 front page middle area.

Robt Boardman Funeral Friday - Robert Boardman, 5013 50th Ave. SW, well know for 29 years in West Seattle, in the Boardman Plumbing Service, passed away at 6 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 27, following a heart attack. He had been ill for several weeks. Funeral services will be held at the St. John Episcopal Church, California and Hanford Streets, at 2 p.m. Friday, Nov. 30. Cremation will follow. Surviving are his wife, Ethel; a son, Robert; two daughters, Aileen and Marjorie; and a brother John H., all of Seattle.

Here is one of his many ads in the newspaper. It is the ad in the middle.

Grandfather's plumbing business 1940

Grandfather’s plumbing business 1940

A city directory ad in 1922 at the bottom:


Grandfather’s death certificate for Washington State Reads:

This death certificate indicates that Grandfather died at the Western State Mental Hospital at Ft. Steilacoom, WA on November 27, 1945. He was living at 5013 50th Ave. SW prior to his admittance. He had been in the USA about 28 years. He was born on September 8, 1881 in Shediac, New Brunswick. His father was Edmund Boardman whose birthplace was England. His mother was Charlotte MacMurray, born in New Brunswick. The death certificate states he did not serve in the military. He was 64 years, 2 months and 19 days old when he died. His occupation was “plumber.” There is a correction record done by Aileen Boardman Cahan, his daughter, that states he was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Seattle not at Washelli.

There is a Facebook site for the history of the Western State Hospital


With the passing of my grandfather Robert, whom I never knew, we come to probably the end of the migration of the Boardman family.  I named this blog the Boardmans & Browns of Winnipeg A Canadian Story because they were the kind of people who built Canada creating the great nation it is today.  He was born in Shediac, New Brunswick and migrated with this family to Winnipeg where he met up with the Browns and married Ethel Adella Brown.  Both family worked for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. The Browns had come from Ontario migrating to Winnipeg.  Of course, from Winnipeg these families have dispersed to other parts of Canada and the United States.  My family left Winnipeg around 1908 and headed to Vancouver, British Columbia and from there to Seattle, Washington in 1917.  I don’t think grandfather ever did complete his naturalization process, perhaps his heart was still in Canada.

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Boardie Get’s Married November 1941!

Uncle Boardie having fun!

Uncle Boardie having fun!

The photo above is one of my favorites of my Uncle Boardie (mid 1950′s).  He grabbed one of our tricycles and zoomed around.  He was one of those persons who knew how to make a quarter appear from behind your ear.

More Tricycle Tricks

More Tricycle Tricks

On a more serious side, he did marry.

With the marriage license obtained on the 6th of November, 1941 the ceremony took place on the 8th at the St. John’s Church in Seattle.

Robert B. Boardman of the county of King joined with Ruth Davidson in Lawful Wedlock. The witnesses were Vern C. Cahan and Helen Davidson.  E. C. Schimeirer was the clergman.

From this marriage they had one daughter who was born in 1943.  She is still living.

Uncle Boardie's First Marriage

Uncle Boardie’s First Marriage

Image010 - Copy

Boardie's Marriage

Boardie’s Marriage

From L to R – Verne Cahan, Robert Brown Boardman (Uncle Boardie), Ruth Davidson, Unknown lady and man in wheel chair.  I suspect that the one on the right of Ruth is her sister and the man is her father.

The marriage did not survive and they divorced in 1949.  It was not a happy split.  I was very young when the divorce took place and didn’t really know Ruth.

However on the 28th of April 1950, Boardie remarried to Blanche Alma Butler who was born 22 May 1914.  We knew her as “Jerry.”  My Uncle found his soul mate and remained with Jerry his whole life. They did not have any children. Boardie’s daughter would stay with them through the years.

Uncle Boardie continued in the business of plumbing.  He took on his father’s business, eventually he and Jerry moved up to the Silver Lake area near Everett and remained there.  We would go visiting them often.  I believe they had a monkey for a while.

Here Uncle Boardie is helping my father Keith remodel our house.  The goal here was to raise it up and build a basement.

Boardie helps with remodeling our house

Boardie helps with remodeling our house

Raising our house

Raising our house

Grandpa Robert checks in at the remodeling

Grandpa Robert Boardman checks in at the remodeling

In this last picture you see Uncle Boardie peering around the corner and then Keith, my dad, and Robert Boardman, my grandfather, Boardie’s father, who was a plumber himself.

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The Boardman Sister’s Naturalize!

Both Aileen and Marjorie decided to become naturalized citizens of the United States about the same time. Remember Aileen was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Marjorie was born in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I have not found any naturalization papers for their brother Uncle Boardie (Robert Brown Boardman).

Marjorie applied for her Declaration of Intention on 6 March, 1939.  She did this under her maiden name.

Marjorie's Declaration of Intention Photo

Marjorie’s Declaration of Intention Photo

Address 5_____50th Ave., Seattle, King, Washington
Occupation: Student Nurse
Age 27
Sex Female
Color White
Complexion Fair
Color of eyes: Blue
Color of hair: Brown
height 5 feet 2 and 1/2 inches
weight 100 pounds
no visible marks
race English
nationality British
Born in Vancouver, B.C.
September 22, 1911
Is not married, has no children
Has not made a previous declaration
Last foreign residence – Vancouver, B.C.
Came from Vancouver, B.C.
To Seattle, WA
under the name of Marjorie F. Boardman
on February 13, 1917
SS Prince Victoria
#20——- Certification No.
Signed by Elmer Dover, Deputy Clerk
No. 154—- on the side to the left.

Between her Declaration of Intention and the Petition for Naturalization a letter came in 1941 about her naturalization process.  I have pages of her typed answers but only the carbon imprints show.

Marjorie's Naturalization Picture

The letter from Immigration 1941

In December 22, 1941 she filed her Petition for Naturalization.  This time Marjorie completes her naturalization process but did it under her married name:

Marjorie's Naturalization Picture 1941

Marjorie’s Naturalization Picture 1941

No. 32…Petition for Naturalization, U.S. District, W. Dist. of Wash., Seattle, WA. Marjorie Fay MacDonald, 942 –Seattle, WA, occupation Nurse, age 30, born 9/22/1911 in Vancouver BC, Canada, female, white, fair, blue, brown, 5 ft 2.5 inches weight 100 lbs., British.  Married to K. B. MacDonald on July 4, 1941 in Idaho…..She came from Vancouver B.C., Canada to Seattle, WA under the name of Marjorie F. Boardman on February 13, 1917 on the SS Princess Victoria.  Signed by her.  Here witnesses were Patricia Smith and Beverly Gould (friends from nursing school), etc. 

Here is her Certificate of Arrival.  It has the same date on it that Aileen’s does.

Marjorie's Certificate of Arrival 1917

Marjorie’s Certificate of Arrival 1917

We were out camping years later and wanted to cross the border to Canada.  I was told to be quiet and not tell the custom’s officer that she had been born in Canada.  I was puzzled so I asked why and she replied that it would be too complicated.  Apparently she didn’t have her papers with her. I was about 7 years old at the time.  Today, we would not be able to cross the border in this manner.  My parents were honest and law-abiding people so this was a very rare situation and surprised me.

Sister Aileen applied for her Petition of Naturalization on February 19, 1942.  There is no Declaration of Intention only her Petition for Naturalization which is interesting.  Usually it is a two-step process 1st the Declaration of Intention and then the Petition for Naturalization.

Petition for Naturalization, U.S. Dist., W. Dist. of Wash, Seattle, WA #32…., Hazel Aileen Cahan, 4728…..Seattle, King County, Stenographer, age 34, born May 23, 1907 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Female, white complexion, complexion medium, eyes blue, hair drk. brown, height 5 feet 2 inches and weighs 100 lbs. Race white, British.  Married to C. Verne C. Cahan Mar. 18, 1938 in Seattle, WA.  He was born in Tekoa, WA on Feb. 17, 1897, now reside in Seattle WA.  Last place of foreign residence was Vancouver, BC, Canada, left there and entered into Seattle, WA under the name of Aileen H. Boardman on Feb. 13, 1917 on the CPRR SS Princess Victoria.  I have resided continuously in the US of America for 3 year at least since Feb. 13, 1917. I have not heretofore made petition for naturalization….Signed Hazel Aileen Cahan.

Affidavit of Witnesses

Margaret Zuhlke, Stenographer, reside at _______Seattle, WA.  and Juanita Fredericks, Stenographer reside in ____________Seattle, WA.  I know Hazel Aileen Cahan since 9/9/1938. Signed by both persons on 10 Sept. 1941 etc. 

Here is Aileen’s Certificate of Arrival:

Aileens Certificate of Arrival

Aileen’s Certificate of Arrival

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July 4, 1941- A Marriage in Idaho

In genealogy we affectionately refer to some locations as “Gretna Green.”  It is a reference to the English town of “Gretna Green,” were the Brits would go to marry quickly.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gretna_Green

Coeur D’Alene, Idaho was such a place.  The laws in Idaho were less strict than in Washington State in 1941.  This appeared in the Seattle P.I. but I have never been able to find it in the paper and so I don’t know the exact date.

Cupid Lures them to Idaho

Cupid Lures them to Idaho

Justice of the Peace, Idaho

Justice of the Peace, Idaho, by K.B. MacDonald

The article above reads:  Seattle couples are taking advantage of a Northwest Gretna Green these days. And it appears that Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where there is no three-day marriage law, is on its way to new records. According to an Associated Press dispatch 112 licenses were issued in the first week of July and the monthly total may easily exceed the existing record of 295 licenses, set last August. Six Seattle couples traveled across the border to the lake-side city for licenses over the holiday according to Coeur d’Alene reports. Among them were Polly Ann Burgert, former University of Washington coed, and Robert R. Weston, former Repertory Playhouse actor. Others were: Keith Barclay MacDonald and Marjorie Fay Boardman; Harold Elmgren and Lola Noon; Ernest Harry Bull and Virginia Frieda Kalberg; John W. Andrus and Virginia Kidwell, and Grand Michale Hill and Vinka Randish.

This is one version of their marriage license but not the official one.

A Marriage in 1941

A Marriage in 1941

My father, Keith was into American Gothic. I have actually seen the original painting.  Here they are posing in Selah, WA on their way home from Idaho. There would be several more pictures through the years with this painting in mind.  They stopped to visit Keith’s family who had taken up permanent residence there.

Keith and Marjorie spoof a little 1941

Keith and Marjorie spoof a little 1941

Here they are cutting a cake and I think this is the wedding shower.

Cutting of the Cake

Cutting of the Cake

Marjorie's Shower

Marjorie’s Shower

This was probably their wedding shower in Seattle at their apartment on Capitol Hill before they bought a house out in north King County it wasn’t till the mid 1960′s that the house was within the Seattle city limits. Marjorie and Keith are in the middle of course with his arm around her.  The two ladies to their left are Eddie and Miriam, sister to the groom. Behind Miriam is Aileen sister to Marjorie of course, looking very serious.  The others are friends from nursing school.  Two of Marjorie’s best friends are Pat Smith is in the back on the right.  Unfortunately Gouldy (Beverly Gould)  is hiding behind the groom.

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Marjorie becomes a Nurse!

As a child my mother, Marjorie or Marge as she was called, dreamed of becoming a nurse.  She worked through the 1930′s doing various jobs like being a waitress to earn the money to attend the Virginia Mason Nursing School in Seattle, Washington.

In those days the nurses had to live in the dorms provided and go to the nursing school.  I think this is the lodging location.

Virginia Mason Nurses School

Virginia Mason Nurses School

The Seattle City Directories at the Seattle Public Library show Marge as follows.  She first appears in 1930. Aileen, her sister, has been appearing since in 1928. Children do not appear in the city directories until they reach about 18 years old.

1930 – Boardman, Marjorie F. r 7022 46th Av SW (She is living with her parents)

1931 – Boardman, Marjorie F stdt r 7022 46th Av SW (Still living with parents)

1932 – Boardman, Marjorie F r 7022 46th Av SW (Living with parents)

1933 – Boardman, Marjorie F r 302 Crockett (Both Aileen and the parents are not listed)

1934 – Marjorie is not listed, Aileen and her parents are? The address changes for them to 5013 50th Av SW.

1935 – Boardman, Marjorie wtrs (waitress) r 7100 47th Av SW (She is not living with the parents at this time.)

1936 – (page 260) Boardman, Marjorie stdt r 5013 50th Av SW (This means she is living with the parents)

1937 – Boardman, Marjorie nurse VMH r 5013 50th av SW (She is a student nurse at this time graduating in 1939) VMH means Virginia Mason Hospital – All family members are present. She is living with her parents).

1938 – Boardman, Marjorie nurse VMH r 1101 Terry av (Student nurse – (I believe she had to live at the nursing school. All family members are present in the listing. Around this time Aileen gets married.)

1939 – Boardman, Marjorie nurse VMH r 5013 50th Av SW. (Family members are present except Aileen in the Boardman listing.)

1940 – Boardman, Marjorie nurse VMH r 1109 Terry Av. (All family members are present in the listing, except Aileen who is now with Verne.)

In the photos below, Marge, is the one in the middle.  I do not know the name of the person behind her or to the right.  It looks like a nun is also in the photo second from the right hiding behind the other lady.  She was known as Marge, Boardie and later Mac.

Majorie with 4 others

Majorie with 4 others

 In this following photograph Marge is the one on the far right.  The other two women are unknown to me.

Marjorie & Friends

Marjorie & Friends

Based on the city directory research that I had done, I took a trip over to the West Seattle area to identify the houses s that my family lived in.  When I saw this building near one of those houses I remembered these two photos that I present below.  This is the same building:  http://www.thekenney.org/  Perhaps my mother did her nurses training by working at the Kenney Home or maybe she worked there after she graduated?  I do not know how this location factors into her life.

The Kenney Home

The Kenney Home

Marge was interested in surgery.  These following photos are very faded.  Marge is the third one over from the right in a white turban.  Click the photo to make it bigger and then hit your back button to return.

Marjorie in Nursing School

Marjorie in Nursing School – Surgery Class?

In the following photo, Marge is the second from the right with the nurses hat on in the dark hair.


She looks happy in the 2nd picture above.  She devoted 30-40 years of her life to being a Registered Nurse.  She retired many years later.  By the time she retired the training of nurses had been moved to the university or local college.  She briefly considered going back to school but decided against it, something about “It is all changed.”  Hospital corners anyone?

On April 8, 1939 Marjorie Boardman received her license to practice nursing.  That following May of 1939 she was awarded her Diploma from Virginia Mason Hospital which was dated April 1, 1939.

Be it Known that Marjorie Boardman as completed the Training Course of Instruction for Nurses prescribed by Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle, King County.

Here is the graduation program for the Nurses for May 2nd, 1939 for Virginia Mason Nursing School:

1939 Virginia Mason Nursing School Graduation

1939 Virginia Mason Nursing School Graduation

I am not sure when this was taken probably years later for she returned to Virginia Mason Hospital in the 1950′s to resume her nursing profession after having children, me included.

Marjorie outside Virginia Mason

Marjorie outside Virginia Mason

Virginia Mason Hospital does not have any link to the history of their nursing school.  They do have an archive here in Seattle.   There has been a lot of change in the area around Virginia Mason Medical Center and a lot of growth, so things are very different and a lot of the buildings are gone to make room for the freeway.

She would take the bus from work on Capitol Hill in Seattle and stop at the Woolworths, which is no longer there, and either by a roasted chicken or glazed donuts and bring them home.  Woolworths had a soda fountain.  I remember riding the electric cars with her as a child and hiding behind among the material stacks at J.C. Penny’s in downtown Seattle when she was stocking up. All the major department stores like The Bon Marche and J.C. Penny’s had material in those days.  The face of downtown Seattle has changed so much.  This city has grown up.

My mother graduated from nursing school in 1939.  Her sister-in-law Edna McDonald graduated in 1928 from Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane.  See “The Man Who Lived Airplanes” for Eddie’s adventures in nursing school.

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Aileen’s Husband Verne Cahan Served in WWI

Verne Cahan, my Aunt Aileen’s husband, was a mystery to me.  I was very young and shy so I kept my distance. When he married Aileen he already had two children and so it may have been why Aileen and Verne did not have any children of their own.

I was told he was in the thick of the fighting in WWI and that sort of changes a man. He had a son and daughter from a previous marriage.  I knew his son Mel but don’t have much memory of his daughter.  I write this post to honor Verne for he was a Mason and he was my sponsor for when I wanted to enter into the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls in the early 1960′s.  Thank you Verne.

Carroll Verne Cahan was born 17 February 1897 in Tekoa, Whitman Co., Washington.  His father was Frank M. Cahan born December 1858 in Illinois and died before 1920 in Washington.  His mother was Lola Fenn born February 1873 in Utah.  Mrs. Lola Cahan is mentioned in the newspaper wedding announcement for Verne and Aileen so this means she was living in 1938.

The following picture was among Aileen’s photographs.  I recognize Verne, who is standing on the far left, but the others I do not know.  I am guessing they are his brothers?

Verne standing with two unknown men.

Verne standing with two unknown men.

Frank and Lola had the following children:

1. Ella F. Cahan b. Nov. 1890 in Idaho

2. Henry R. Cahan b Jan 1893 in Washington and m. Jessica R. b. 1896 in Illinois.  They had Francesco L Cahan b. 1904 in Illinois and Richard Cahan b. 1912 in Montana.

3. Fannie M. Cahan b. August 1893 in Washington.

4. Iona M. Cahan b. July 1895 in Washington

5.  Carroll Verne Cahan the subject of this post

6.  Linnie V. Cahan b. November 1898 in Washington.

7. Neil Cahan b. 1904 in Washington

8. Madge Cahan b. 1906 in Washington.

9.  Ray Cahan b. 1908 in Washington

10. Faye Cahan b. 1908 in Washington?

11.  Baby Cahan

The following photograph was also among Aileen’s possessions.  I do not recognize the man and he doesn’t seem to be one of either of the two men in the photograph above.

Verne and friend deer hunting.

Verne and friend deer hunting.

Most of this information on the family of Verne’s came from a U.S. Federal Census study for 1900 where the family was found in Murray Precinct, Shoshone Co., Idaho.   The 1910 U.S. Census had them living in Valley Ford Twp., Spokane Co., Washington.  The 1920 placed the family in Glasgow City, Valley Co., Montana.  The first marriage for Verne must have broken up around 1930 By 1930 most of Verne’s siblings were on their own.  Lola the mother appears in the 1930 U.S. Federal Census for Seattle, WA at age 57 but there are no children listed with her.

Verne is sitting on the left but the woman is not known to me.  A sister?

Verne is sitting on the left but the woman is not known to me. A sister?

Verne’s WWI Draft card reads:

Cahan, Verne C., 138,384 Whit, Residence Mica, WA. Enlisted NG at Walla Walla, WA Aug 2, 1920 6/1.  Born in Tekoa, WA, Org: Btry A FA Wash NG (Batry D 146 FA) to disch. Grade PVT. Served Overseas Dec 24, 1917 to June 15, 1919.  Hon. disch June 29, 1919. 

Verne was married first to Rosabel Blanchard b. 1900 in Minnesota on 3 December 1920 in Spokane Co., WA. #29024.

County of Spokane:  Verne C. Cahan residing at Valleyford, WA age 23 yrs, white, single, born in Washington, occupation Laborer, father: Frank Cahan born in Illinois, mother Lola Feun born in Illin.  to Rosabel Blanchard of Glasgow, Montana, age 20 years, white, single, born in Minn. Housekeepr, father Mel Blanchard born in [Maine] mother Mabel Ferguson, born in Ill.?.  Married at Spokane, WA on the 3 of Dec 1920.  Witnesses Hal J. Cole and [Junnie] C. Cahan signed by S. C. Hyde Justice of the Peace Spokane, WA.

They had Melvin Verne Cahan born 13 Aug 1921 and Carol Marie Cahan who may have married a Mr. Brauer.

Here is Verne’s obituary notice from the Seattle Times, Tuesday September 3, 1963, pg. 41.

Verne's Obituary Notice 1963

Verne’s Obituary Notice 1963

 Funeral services for Verne C. Cahan, 66, of 8261 Northrup Place S.W., a retired longshoreman, will be at 1 o’clock Thursday in the Howden-Kennedy Chapel.  Burial will be in Forest Lawn.  Mr. Cahan died Saturday in a nursing home.  He was born in Tekoa, Whitman County.  He came here in 1936.  Mr. Cahan was an Army veteran of the First World War.  He was a member of West Seattle Post No. 160, American Legion; West Seattle Lodge No. 287, F&A. M., the Nile Temple of the Shrine, and Local 19, International Longshoremen’s & Warehousemen’s Union.  Surviving are his wife, Aileen; a son, Melvin Cahan, Seattle; a daughter, Mrs. Carol Braner, Vallejo, Calif; three brothers, four sisters and five grandchildren.

There is a great deal more research to be done on Verne and his family so please understand that this is just a summary and that all the data here needs to be checked carefully.  I am not an expert on the Cahan family.

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Aileen Boardman Marries Verne Cahan

In 1938 Aileen married Carroll Verne Cahan.

A serious scrolling through the Seattle Times and PI did not reveal Aileen’s marriage announcement.  I was frustrated because Aileen was very much into the etiquette of things. However among the collection of photographs and memorabilia I received from my cousin I found the wedding reception and newspaper announcement.   Marjorie, her sister, was her maid of honor and she also signed the Marriage License.

Wedding Reception for Aileen and Verne 1938

Wedding Reception for Aileen and Verne 1938

The announcement appeared in the Seattle Times March 18, 1938.

Aileen's Wedding Photo 1938

Aileen’s Wedding Photo 1938

Aileen's Marriage Announcement, 1938

Aileen’s Marriage Announcement, 1938

Wed Last Evening:

The marriage of Miss Hazel Aileen Boardman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boardman, and Mr. Carol Verne Cahan, son of Mrs. Lola Cahan, was solemnized last evening at the West Seattle Christian Church with the Rev. C. M. Ridenour officiating.  Miss Marjorie Boardman was her sister’s maid of honor, and Mr. Frank Flanery acted as best man.  The wedding guests included Mr. and Mrs. Boardman, Mrs. L. Cahan, Mr. Robert Boardman, Jr., Mrs. Frank Flanery, Mrs. Margaret Zuhlke, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cahan and Mr. and Mrs. John H. Boardman. Following the wedding there was a reception at the home of the bride’s parents with Mrs. Henry R. Cahan, Mrs. John H. Boardman and Mrs. William P. Cresap pouring.  Those assisting were Mrs. Vern MIller and the Misses Claribel Taylor, Olga Borgen, Esther Grayson and Mabel Alvick.  The bride is a past president of the Druzea Club and an active member of the Zeta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, international educational sorority. 

Verne's Wedding Portrait 1938

Verne’s Wedding Portrait 1938

The Marriage Certificate is on file at the King County Administration Building in downtown Seattle, WA. #48960, Film #68-946,

Marriage Certificate #48960, County of King, Minister of the Gospel by authority of the license bearing the date of 18th March 1938 at the West Seattle Christian Church, 4400 42nd Ave. S.W., Seattle, WA… join in Lawful Wedlock Verne C. Cahan of the county of King and Hazel A. Boardman of the county of King…in the presence of Frank L. Flanery and Marjorie Boardman on 18th March 1983.  Signed by all, and Officiating Clergyman C W. Ridenour, 3833 40th Ave. SW, Seattle, WA.  

Someone wrote a poem that was among the memorabilia and signed it anonymous.  Now my father Keith used the word “Toots” a lot, however, the nature of the poem sounds more like her friends were teasing her.

Hi Toots Poem

Hi Toots Poem – click to open

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Aileen the Socialite – Druzea Club!

Aileen, the oldest of the Boardman children, was busy in the 1930′s.  She was a member of the Druzea Club. I tried to learn more about this club and its purpose but didn’t find anything with a quick Google search.  As you review the articles below you will get and idea of its purpose.

Aileen’s name is mentioned in the newspaper for Tuesday, December 5, 1933 in the Seattle Daily Times:

“Druzea Club to Give ‘Snow Dance’ Friday Evening”

Its first program dance of the season, a “snow dance,” will be given by Druzea Club Friday evening at Trinity Parish House, Eighth Avenue and James Street.  Jackie Evans, recently returned from a dancing tour which included A Century of Progress Exposition, will entertain during the intermission.  Miss Lucille Stone is chairman, assisted by Misses Aileen Boardman, Blanche Ashton, Esther Shelberg, Helen Croan, Alma Pearson and Mrs. Raymond Canedy.  Patrons and patronnesses will be the Rev. and Mrs. C. Stanley Mook, Dr. and Mrs. Ira L. Neill, Mr and Mrs. Frank Richardson Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graves and Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Dillingham.  

Appearing in one of the Seattle Newspapers we find on January 12, 1934 pg. 11:

Ailleen is Dance Chairman 1934

Aileen is Dance Chairman 1934

The article below the picture 1934

The article below the picture 1934

Miss Aileen Boardman is in charge of the “Shanghai New Year Dance” to be given by the Druzea Club today at Trinity Parish House (Lynch Photo, PI Staff).  Druzea Society Giving Function:  The Druzea Club will entertain with a Shanghai New Year dance this evening at Trinity Parish House, 8th Ave. and James St.  Miss Aileen Boardman is in charge of the dance and is being assisted by Miss Lucille Stone, vice chairman; Miss Blanche Ashton, Miss Marguerite McPherson, Miss Nellie Fox, Miss Alma Pearson, Miss Jean Lachore, Miss Alice Carter, Miss Norma Goddard, Miss Josephine Goddard, Miss Martha Person and Mrs. Jack Oflock.  A Chinese New Year program will be given during the intermission. Patrons and patronesses include the Rev. and Mrs. C. Stanley Mook, Dr. and Mrs. Ira. L. Neill, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graves, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Dillingham and Mr.and Mrs. Ben Graham.

The Seattle Times had another article dated Friday, February 9, 1934 titled

Costume Dance Will be Given by Druzea Club.”

A costume dance called “Cupid’s Parade,” in which the best dressed man and woman will be given awards, will be given by the Druzea Club of Trinity Parish Church this evening at 9 o’clock in the parish house, Eighth Avenue and James Street.  Patrons and patronesses for the evening will be the Rev. C. Stanley Mook and Mrs. Mook, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Graham, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Butler, Mr. Robert Gentry and Mr. and Mrs. George Wheeler, Miss Lucille Stone, chairman of the social committee, is assisted in the arrangements by the Misses Nellie Fox, Alma Pearson, Martha Pearson, Aileen Boardman, Gladys Canedy, Helen Croan, Jessie Oflock and Norman Goddard.  The Misses Patty Merrifield, Thelma Ridley, Muriel Rouse and Mary Lou Hoyt will present a “Flirtation Dance” and Miss Beverly Wilson will appear in “Cupid’s Dance.”  Supper will be served at the close of the evening. 

The Druzea Club appears again in the Sunday Morning, March 18, 1934 edition “The Druzea Club Will Entertain with Musicale.”

From 3 to 5 o’clock this afternoon, the members of the Druzea Club will entertain with a musicale tea in the Trinity Parish House. Proceeds from the afternoon will go toward the club’s welfare project, care of an orphan girl, Martha Carlos of Fort Yukon, Alaska.  Presiding at the tea table will be Mrs. Beatrice Wheeler, Mrs. Charles Stanley Mook, Mrs. S. Arthur Huston and Mrs. F.E. Robinson.  During the receiving hours there will be a program featured by voice and harp selections, by Ruth Osborne; vocal numbers by Gordon Neal, Floyd Murphy, Annie Olson, Lucille Stone and Jean Lochore; piano selections by Phyllis Clark and Martha Grant; violin numbers by Jeannette Mackie and by a violin trio by including Jeannette Mackie, Phyllis Olson and Elizabeth Waldo. Serving on the Committee of arrangements are Marguerite Robertson, chairman; Helen Croan, Audrey Stocks, Greta Bushnell, Alma Pearson, Theresa Campbell, Lillian Ellingsen, Florence Engstrom, Vera Freelund, Helen Corner, Dorothy Justan and Frances Lively.  The Druzea Club the name is Russian meaning “Friendly,” is composed of business girls between the ages of 18 and 35, the membership being limited to 150.  The club meets at the Trinity Parish House each Tuesday evening during the school year for dinner, which is followed by classes in contract bridge, charm, dramatics, needlework, tap dancing, basketball, badminton and lessons in horseback riding are also included in the curricula. The club which is open to all denominations, ahs a lodge (built in 1932) at Lake Kilarny.  Miss May Brosslos is president of the club, retiring from office next month; Miss Gladys Underwood is vice president; Mis Beth Kay, secretary; Miss Alma Pearson, treasurer; Miss Signe Wignaness, assistant treasurer, and Miss Evelyn Carlquist, corresponding secretary, Committee Chairman are Esther Shelberg, athletics; Martha Pearson, bulletins; Charlotte Harris, church and social service; Nellie Fox decorations; Jean Lochore, dinners; Lolabel Fritz, fellowship; Charlotte Bunde, lodge; Fayle Coulson, membership; Aileen Boardman, program; Margaret Benedict, publicity; Lucille Stone, social; Gladys Underwood, classes; Roberta Wheeler, music; Virginia Chapman, custodian; Martha Blanche Ryan, Martha….(it stops). 

The Seattle Daily Times featured on Tuesday, March 12, 1935 another Druzea Club article. Aileen becomes the President.

Druzea Officers 1935

Druzea Officers 1935

The Seattle Sunday Times had the following article on December 18, 1936:

 “Druzea Club To Entertain At Parish Hall.”

Druzea Club will present a program of music and drama Friday evening at 8:15 o’clock in Trinity Parish Hall under the leadership of Marie K. Brower, Helen D. Davis and Jean Chapman accompanist. The program will include carols in which the audience will join selections by a string trio composed of Virginia Chapman, piano; May Brossols, violin; Betty Sands, cello; numbers by a quartet composed of Dorothy Bernier, Mary Pease, Mazine Eyler, and Jean Leslie, and several numbers by the club chorus. The cast of the play includes Nancy Williamson, Charlotte Harris, Aileen Boardman and Lydia Schultz. A silver offering will be taken at the close of the program.

This following news article was among the pictures and memorabilia I received from my cousin but it does not give a date.  I have assumed it was probably close to about 1936. It would seem that her term as President would be about a year?

Aileen is held in high esteem and fetted about 1938?

Aileen is held in high esteem and fetted about 1936?

Photo and Caption: Miss Aileen Boardman, new president of the Druzea Club, who will be honored at the inaugural ball on Saturday.  Group Leader to Be Feted – In a setting of spring blossoms, new officers of the Druzea Club will be honored at the annual inaugural ball to be held in the D.A. R. House Saturday.  The new officers are Miss Aileen Boardman, President; Mrs. Jack Avey, vice president; Miss Ethel Grayson, secretary, and Miss Alma Pearson, treasurer.  Miss Bernice Pearson, chairman of the dance committee, is assisted by Miss Evelyn Peterson, Miss Maxine Morrow, Miss Gladys Brown and Mrs. Charles Anderson.  Patron and patronesses are Bishop and Mrs. F. Arthur Houston, Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Colcock, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Cresap, Mr. and Mrs. O. Engstrom.

In this next article Aileen is featured in a photograph giving over the gavel to the new Druzea President Mabel Alvick.  The article is dated Wednesday, October 7, 1936.  The picture and captions were all that was found among the pictures and memorabilia given to me.  It is a great photo of my Aunt.

My Aunt Aileen was little and probably came up to about 5 ft and didn’t weigh much.

Aileen steps down as President 1938.

Aileen steps down as President 1938.

This looks like it was a lot of fun and a lot of work planning all these events.  I wish I knew that she was involved with this club it would have been fun to hear her stories about it all.

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