Henry Brown was born 6 November 1841 in Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario a son of Thomas and Mary Johnston Brown.

Source:  Index  – Baptisms, Marriage & Death Records of St. Thomas Anglican Church, Belleville, Ontario, 1821 to 1874, by McMillan University and the Quinte Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. Sex 11, birth 11/6/1841, year 841, baptism 30 June, 1842. 

Henry married Catherine Mary Clark about 1863. I have not been able to locate a marriage for them in the records for the area.

Catherine was born 25 May 1839 in England. She immigrated from England about 1845 per the census.  It looks like her mother Anne was living  next to them in 1871 as a widow.

Henry and Catherine had the following children, see the census listed below for more details of this family.

  1. Emma P. Brown born about 1864 in Rawdon. She married a Bryon O. Lett born about 1855 in Sidney, probably the township in Hastings?  His parents were Andrew Lett and Sarah M. Baker.

    Byson O. Lett, 29, Residence Rawdon, born Sidney, Bachelor, Farmer, father Andrew O. Lett, mother Sarah M. Baker. Spouse Emma P. Brown, 20 yrs, living Rawdon, born Rawdon, Spinster, father Henry Brown and mother Catherine Mary Clark. Witness Sarah Mukejohn and Ella Lott and Wilbert Gavinson and John Brown of Rawdon. Marriage Dec 21, 1884, St. Mark Church 12 Con. Rawdon. Groom Methodist. Bride Ch of Eng. Charlotte Harris.

    Source:  Ontario Canada Marriages 1801-1928, Brown and Lett Marriage, page 104, Schedule B – Marriages, #004273, No. 11.

  2. John Brown born 28 September 1866, he married an Olive Beatrise Gunter born 18 March 1873 in Ontario, Canada. They had one son, Arthur Ross Brown.

Brown John, age 29, living Rawdon, born Rawdon, Bachelor, farmer, father Henry Brown, mother Mary C. Clark. Olive Beatrice Gunter, age 24 living Trenton, Ont, born Cashel Twp., Single, school teacher, father P.M. Gunter, mother Nancy.

Source: Ontario Canadian Marriages 1801-1928, John Brown to Olive Beatrise Gunter, Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario, page 541, Schedule B. 

3. Francis Brown born about 1869.  She is in the 1871 census but missing in 1881.

4. Mary Matilda Brown born about 1870.  She married an Angus Carmichael on 24 Nov. 1891 in Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario per index only.  So the Maud Carmichael in the 1911 census is probably her child.  I cannot get a fix on them in the census but I have found an Angus and Mary Matilda Brown Carmichael buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in Belmont, Peterborough Co., Ontario.  No tombstone is online at this time to verify.

5.  Emily Brown born 1870.  She is 1-year-old in the 1871 census but by the 1881 she is 16 years old.

6. Edith Brown born 1 April, 1871 married John Gay. They settled in Campbellford, Northumberland, Ontario.  See census information below for more information.

John Gay, 28, married Rawdon, PofB Huntingdon, Bach. Merchant & Cheesemaker, Father John Gay, mother Jane, spouse Edith Brown, 25, lives Rawdon, born Rawdon, Single. Father Henry Brown and Catherine Mary Clark. Witness J.A. Johnston, Billa Gay of Rawdon. Dof Marriage June 18th, 1896, Rawdon, Ont. Episcopalian, Rev. C.M.Harris.

Source: Ontario Canada Marriages, John Gay to Edith Brown, June 18, 1896, pg. 458 Schedule B. Marriages – #005452.

7. William Chapman Brown born 23 May 1874 in Ontario. He became a physician and is listed on his father and mother’s death certificates as their physician and on his mother’s as the informant.

He married Whilellmina Matheson in Toronto on 6 May 1908.

Brown, William Chapman, age 34, Marriage May 6, 1908, Toronto, Bachelor, Physician, father Henry Brown, mother Catharine Clark, Ep. Spouse Whilellmina, Matheson, age 32, born Ontario, single, father James Matheson, Mother Hannah Betts, Meth. Witnesses R.D. Collins of Toronto and Christine Cairncross Toronto, married by E.A. Chown, L. Registered May 7, 1908.

Source:  Ontario Canada Marriages, Wm. C. Brown to W. Matheson, May 6, 1908, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, page 307, Marriages, No. 914, #001921

8. Arthur Brown born 13 Jan 1876 in Ontario. He married C. Grace MacDonald and had three children: Eva (1915), Ronald (1917) and Margaret (1919). They are buried in the Twelfth Line Cemetery in Rawdon Twp., but no stone has been posted. Their daughter Margaret is also buried there.

9. Maud Mabel Brown born 8 Jan 1879 in Ontario, she married James Robert Gay on 21 August 1907.

Gay, James Robt, 28, Aug 21, 1907 Belleville, PofB not given, Bachelor, Bookkeepr, father John Gay mother Jane Shaw, Methodist. Brown, Maud Mabel, 28, Belleville, birth place not given, Single, Professional Nurse, Father Henry Brown, mother Katherine Clarke, C of E. Witnesses: L.G. Green, Belleville, Lulu Brown, Belleville, Ont. Rev. A.S. Dickinson L, Oct. 13, 1910.

Source:  Ontario Canadian Marriages, James R. Gay to Maud M. Brown, August 21, 1907, Belleville #010963. 

In 1911 she was with her parents in Rawdon. She had her son Lorne with her. Later in the 1921 census she was with James and they had migrated to Essex, Essex Co., Ontario.  They had the following children: Sterling (1915) and Grant (1920). See census below for more detail.  It looks like they are buried in the Greenhill Cemetery in Essex but no tombstone has been posted for James, Maud and their son Stirling at this time.

10. Lulu Brown born 12 May 1881 in Ontario. She was a nurse. Lulu was living with her mother in 1921.

Let’s take a further look at Henry and Catherine in the census:

Henry Brown appears in the 1861 Canadian Census with his mother Mary and step-father Thomas Vance.  He is also with his other siblings both Brown and Vance. He is listed as being 19 years old.  See the preceding post for details of this census.

Henry is living in Rawdon Twp., Hastings County in the 1871 Canadian Census:

page 28, Line 18, 108/109 110, Brown, Henery, M, 28, born Ontario, C of England, Irish, Farmer, M; Brown Mary, F, 30, M, born England, C of England, English, no occupation, M. Brown, Emma, F, 6, born Ontario, C of England, Irish.

Line 4, ____, 111, Clark, Anne, F, 50, born England, English, widowed. Clark, Emma, F, 12, born Ontario

Source:  1871 Canadian Census, Rawdon, North Hastings, Ontario, 62 N. Hastings, No. 3/B Div. enumerated by James Cooke, page 28 and page 29.

The following decade later in 1881 Henry is still living in Rawdon Twp.

Line 6, 80, 84, Brown Henry, M, 40, born Ontario, all C of England, Irish, farmer, M
Brown, Mary, F, 41, born England, English, M
Brown, Emily, F, 16, all children born Ontario, Irish
Brown, John, M, 13, listed as farmer but crossed off.
Brown, Matilda, F, 11
Brown, Edith, F, 10
Brown, William, M, 6
Brown, Arthur, M, 5
Brown Maud, F, 3,

Source:  1881 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings North, Ontario, page 19, District 122 North Hastings,

Henry is still in Rawdon Twp. in 1891:

Line 9, 3?/44/42 Brown, Henry, M, 49, M, born Ontario, parents born Ireland, CofE, farmer.
Brown, Catherine M., F, 51, M, Wife, born England, parents born England, C of E.
Brown, John, M, 23, S, Son, Born Ontario all children born Ontario, all children father born Ontario, mother England. All children C of E.
Brown, William, M, 16, S, son, farmer
Brown, Arthur, M, 14, S, son
Brown, Matilda, F, 21, S, daughter
Brown, Edith, F, 20, S, daughter
Brown, Maud, F, 12, S, Daughter
Brown, Lulu/Huler, F, 9, S, daughter
All can read and write.

Source:  1891 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings North, Ontario, Page 9, No. 5 Rawdon, enumerated 16 April, 1891, by John Bateman.

Moving on to 1901 we find that Henry and Catherine have remained in Rawdon Twp. Their son, John Brown, has established a family near them.

Line 23, 124, 180, Brown, Henry, M, W, Head, M, Nov. 6, 1841, 59, born Ontario, Irish, C of E for almost all, farmer, 12, 184
Brown, Catherine M, F, W, wife, May 25, 1839, 61, born England, English.
Brown, William C. M, W, son, May 25, 1874, 26, All born Ontario, All Irish, student.
Brown, Arthur, M, W, son, June 13, 1876, 25
Brown, Maud, F, W, daughter, Jan. 9, 1879, 22
Brown, Lulu, F, W, daughter, May 12, 1881, 12
Burkins George, M, border, Dec 25, 1877, 23, English, Presby, operator

line 30 125, 181, Brown, John, M, W, Head, Sept. 28, 1866, 34, Irish, farmer, 2, 460. 
Brown, Olive B., F, W, wife, March 18, 1873, 28, German
Brown, Arthur Ross, M, W, son, April 11, 1899, 1, Irish

Source: 1901 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings North, Ontario, page 13, District 71, S Dist# M, PD #5, enumerator J. W. Heagle.

Life gets very interesting for Henry and Catherine in 1911 and we have daughters who have moved in with their children:

Line 38, 40, 40, Brown, Henry, Con 12, Lot 12, M, M, Head, married, Nov. 1861, 69, Irish, all Anglican, farmer, 3000, 25.35.
Brown, Catherine M. F, wife, married, May, 1839, 72, English, occupation unreadable, 81,80
Below all listed as single, all born Ontario, and all Irish.
Brown, Arthur, M, son, Jan 1870, 35, farmer, 1000, 12.96,
Gay, Maud, F, daughter, Jan, 1879, 32
Brown, Lulu, F, daughter, May 1891, 30
Carmichael, Maud, F, grand-daughter, Jan. 1906, 5
Gay, Lorne, M, grandson, Feb. 1909, 2.

Source: 1911 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings West, Ontario, page 4, 80 Hastings West, SD#25, ED# 6, enumerated by D. W. Robbins

We have some interesting developments in this family. We have a daughter living at home and several grandchildren. What happened?

It looks like Maud Brown Gay returned home with her son Lorne.  She did marry a James Robert Gay on 21 August 1907 in Belleville – see above.

Her sister Edith also married a John Gay, who is the brother of James. See the above marriage information.

Edith and John Gay are in the 1901 Canadian census with two children:

Line 27, 6, 6, Gay, Jno. M, Head, M, 27 Feb. 1867, 34, Cheeseman
Gay, Edith, F, Wife, M, 1 April 1871, 24,
Gay, Lulu, F, daughter, S, 9 July 1898, 3
Gay, Henry S, M, Son, S, 10 Nov. 1899, 2
All born Ontario, All Irish, All Canadian, Methodist

Source: 1901 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, 71 Hastings North, SDist M, Polling 4, Rawdon Tp. page 1, Edmund Canerly, April 8, 1901.

We also find them in Campbellford, Northumberland, Ontario in the 1911 census:

Line 32, 63, 65, Gay, John, Front St., M, head, M, Jan 1848, 43, born Ontario, grocery store, $3000, $48.00
Gay, Edith, F, wife, M, April 1871, 40, born Ontario, none
Gay, Lulu S, daughter, S, July 1892, 18, born Ontario, student
Gay, Henry J., son, S, Nov. 1898, 12, born Ontario, student
Gay, James A., son, May 1903, 7, born Ontario, student
All Irish, Methodist

Source: 1911 Canadian Census, Campbellford, Northumberland, Ontario, Dist#101, SubD#32, Front St., Ernest F. Skitch, page 6.

Returning to the parents in 1921 we find Catherine is alone and widowed, however, her son Arthur is nearby.

Line 20, 23, 76, Brown Arthur, O, BB, —, B, 6, Head, M, married, age 45, all others are born in Ontario, All C of E. farmer, own farm.
Brown, Grace, wife, F, married, 30
Brown, Ronald, son, M, Single, 4
Brown, Eva, F, daughter, Single, 6
Brown, Margaret, daughter, Single, 2

Line 24, 77, Brown, Catherine, Head, F, Widowed, 82, born in England parents born in England, came in 1845, no occupation
Brown, Lulu, daughter, F, S, 40, nurse.

Source: 1921 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings, Ontario, page 7, 90 Hastings, ED#15, enumerated by W. S. Stiles

Henry Brown and Catherine Mary Clark Brown are buried in the Twelfth Line Cemetery in Rawdon Twp., no tombstone has been posted online at this time.  This information is per the Angelfire Hastings County cemetery website.  This website has pop up ads that are annoying, but it is a helpful website:


Henry Brown died on 28 June 1920 in Rawdon Twp.

Brown Henry, Male, Irish, married, 78 years 7 born, Nov. 6, 1841, Farmer, farming, 40 years at place, 78 years in Ontario. Father Thomas Brown, Ireland, mother Mary Johnston, Ireland, name of informant Mrs. John Wood, Ivanhoe, sister. PofB Con. 12, Rawdon, date of b. 6 Nov. 1841, W. H. Litt, Marmora, date of death June 28, 1920, sick from 1919 to June 21, 1920, cirrhosis of the liver and Chronic Nephritis, pardence failure. W. Chapman Brown M.D. 386 Blvd St. W. Toronto.

Source:  Ontario Deaths, page 379, Deaths, #018510, No. 1

Catherine followed on 12 March 1928 in Rawdon.

Brown, Catherine Mary, Con 12, Female, English, Widowed, 88 yrs, 9 mos. Born England, May 25, 1839, Farmer’s wife, Farming, 60 years at place of death, 84 years in Ontario. father John Clark, England, Mother Anne [Uncles], England, informant W. Chapman Brown 386 Bloor St. W. Toronto, Son, 12th Con. Rawdon, buried Mar 15, 1928, Maratt & Co., Marmora, died March 12, 1928, sick from Feb 23 to Mar 8 with Angina Pectoria and influenza 14 days. Physician W. Chapman Brown M.D.

Source:  Ontario Deaths, page 142 Deaths, #017378, No. 2.

There is more to do on this family of Henry and Catherine Brown such as follow the children out on the census, obtain further information about the cemeteries and make sure these are the correct children especially for the ones that do not have enough information and only appear in the census.  I think this is a good start.

Thomas Brown came from Ireland, probably with his father William, and at least three brothers in about June of 1830.  It is said they came from County Longford and went through Montreal.  While visiting that old and amazing city in 2014, I tried to figure out where they would have come in and unfortunately they have not preserved their buildings that took  the immigrants.  I did learn that they could come to Quebec City or Montreal but once in Montreal they would have to go through the locks to go on the Ottawa River or locks to go further up the St. Lawrence, remember it flows northeast.  There are diaries or books about the early travels of the immigrants in Canada and they are fascinating.

It was written that there were eleven children born of the marriage of William to Elsie/Alice.  So far we, my cousins and myself, have identified only four brothers:

  • George Brown (my line) 1801-1891
  • Thomas Brown 1810 to 1848
  • Philip Brown 1817 to 1895
  • Henry Brown 1820 to 1899

There were two other potential siblings being researched.  A Catherine Bird whose maiden name was Gregg and a Jeremiah Brown.  They have been eliminated.  So that leaves us with the four brothers listed above.

What happened to the remaining seven children is unknown at this time. I have started to learn Irish research but it is slow going.  In the Commemorative Biographical Record of the County Lambton, Ontario history book, which I have shared in past posts, Henry indicated that they were all deceased by the time he made his statements for the book.  He died in 1899 and the book was published in 1906.

Unfortunately, the 1851 Canadian census there is no coverage for Rawdon Twp. so it makes it difficult to find Thomas and Mary Brown in early years and anyone else who lived there.  There is coverage for Belleville and a few other areas of Hastings in this census.

Some stones St. Thomas Anglican Church, Belleville

Some stones St. Thomas Anglican Church, Belleville

Thomas Brown remained in Hastings County, settling in Rawdon Township. He married Mary Johnston on 14 January 1841 in Belleville.  Mary was born about 1820 in Ireland. So far I have not been able to figure out who Mary’s parents are. A John Johnston and Thele Ward were witnesses at her wedding. A John Johnston is in the 1861 Rawdon Census at age 56 and married to Annis. I have seen Mary’s surname name spelled “Johnston vs. Johnson” in Hastings County.

I shared a little bit about Thomas and Mary Brown in my post on this blog dated 22 August, 2014 “The Children of William Brown and Alice/Elsie: Thomas Brown.”

In that post I covered his marriage to Mary at the Saint Thomas Anglican Church, his death and burial in Saint Thomas in Belleville and the sad condition of that cemetery.  See Find A Grave for more information about this cemetery.

After the death of Thomas Brown, Mary remarried to Thomas Vance on 21 January 1851 at the Saint Thomas Anglican Church and had several more children with this man.

Here are the descendants of Mary Johnston.  I have broken it down between Mary’s first marriage to Thomas Brown and then the second marriage to Thomas Vance.

As always please double check these findings, working with the surname of Brown can be very confusing and difficult so please do check the information given.

St. Thomas Church, in back, notice tombstones on wall, Belleville

St. Thomas Church, in back, notice tombstones on wall, Belleville

First Marriage of Mary Johnston to Thomas Brown: 

Thomas and Mary (Johnston) Brown had the following children. Here is a summary and what will follow are more in depth posts about each of these children.

1.  Henry Brown was born 6 November 1841 in Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario.  Source:  Anglican Diocese of Ontario, Kingston, Ontario, St. Thomas Anglican Church registers #1098 Brown, Henry, 6 Nov. 1841. 

Henry married Catherine Mary Clark about 1863. She was born 25 May 1839 in England. They had the following children: Emma, John, Francis, Emily, Mary Matilda, Edith, William Chapman, Arthur V., Maud Mabel and Lulu.

2. Elizabeth Brown was born 6 July 1843 in Stirling, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, she was baptized 14 Feb. 1844 at Saint Thomas Anglican Church. She married Thomas Bateman who was born 18 June 1837 in County Cork, Ireland. They married on 3 November 1864 in Toronto, York Co., Ontario.  Elizabeth and Thomas had eleven children. They migrated to Illinois.

3.  Philip Brown was born 6th July 1845 in Rawdon, was baptized 3 February 1846 in the St. Thomas Anglican Church. He died in 1929.  He married on 24 December, 1869 in Rawdon Twp. to Elizabeth Matilda Patterson b. 1847 to Robert Patterson and Elizabeth.  She died in 1924. Both Philip & Elizabeth are buried in the Stirling Cemetery in Stirling, Hastings Co., Ontario.  I have posted their tombstone to Find A Grave.

Philip and Elizabeth had the following children: Thomas Patterson Brown, Elizabeth Artilla Brown, Henry McKenzie Brown and Margaret M. Brown.  Philip submitted a Heir Devise appeal regarding his father Thomas’ land and I will share in a future post.

4. Thomas Brown was born 12 October, 1846 in Rawdon and was baptized 28 January, 1847 at the Saint Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville.  This man has been mixed up with another Thomas H. Brown who was a son of brother Phillip Brown. This Thomas Brown married  Sarah S. Archer in 1874 and they moved to Colbourne, Northumberland Co., Ontario.

The second marriage of Mary Johnston Brown: 

After Thomas’ death in 1848, Mary remarried to Thomas Vance on 21 January 1851 in Belleville at the Saint Thomas Anglican Church.  He was born about 1820 in Ireland.

Thomas Vance died 29 August 1861 in Rawdon, Hasting Co., Ontario.

Please note that there are two deaths recorded in the Anglican Diocese of Ontario records for Thomas Vance. One Thomas Vance was 46 years old and died 29 August 1861 while the other was 85 years old and died 6 July 1865.  There is a Thomas Vance buried in the Thomasburg Cemetery per the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid but there are no gravestones online for me to verify if it is him.  So we need to remain open about this death date.

Mary died 30 April 1886 in Rawdon and is probably buried in the Marmora Cemetery although I have not yet verified that fact. Together Thomas and Mary Vance had the following children based on the 1861 Canadian Census, see below.

Here is a summary of their children. In a future post I will go into more depth on these children of Mary’s second family.

1. John Vance born 14 November, 1853.  He married on 22 December 1874 in Rawdon to Catherine Montgomery, who was born 14 March, 1856 in Rawdon. John headed to Manitoba and he and Catherine are buried there.  Catherine and John had three children.

2.  Robert Vance born about 1855 and he married on 23 March 1881 in Huntingdon Twp., Hastings Co. to Mary Blakely born 17 June, 1862 in Huntingdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario. He and Mary had six children. They are buried in the Stirling Cemetery in Hastings Co., Ontario.

Robert appears in the 1861, 1871 and 1881 Census. Mary his mother is with him in the 1881 census.

Line 6, 194, 196, Vance, Robert, M, 25, C. of England, Irish, farmer, M. Vance, Mary, F, 18, English, C of England, Irish, M. Vance, Mary, F, 65, [ ] C of England, Irish, W. Vance, Wm, M, 19, English, C of England, Irish.

Source:  1881 Canadian Census, Huntington Twp., Hastings North, Hastings Co., Ontario, Dist, #122, Sub. D #A, Div. 2, page. 41.

3.  William Vance born 30 August, 1857 in Ontario and died 16 July, 1930 in Chatham, Kent Co., Ontario.  William Vance married a Mary Ann Johnston on 23, November, 1881 in Huntingdon, Hastings Co., Ontario. William and Mary headed to Chatham in Kent County and lived out their lives there. They had three daughters.  I do not know if his wife is related to his mother. She might be a cousin.

4.  Margaret J. Vance was born 6 November, 1859 and died 26 December, 1930 in Ivanhoe, Hastings Co., Ontario. She is buried in the White Lake Cemetery in Ivanhoe. She married John George Wood, son of John Wood and Mary, on 14 September 1881 in Hasting Co., Ontario. They had six children.

1861 Canadian Census

All the children both Brown and Vance appear in the 1861 Canadian Census with Mary and Thomas Vance. We see a mixed family.

Line 18 Thomas Vance, farmer, Ireland, C of England, 44, male, M, 1 male
Mary Vance, Ireland, C of England, 40, female, M, 1 female
John Vance, born Canada, C of England, 8, male, S, 1 male
Robert Vance, born Canada, C of England, 6 male, S, 1 male
William Vance, born Canada, C of England, 4 male, S, 1 male
Margret J. Vance, born Canada, C of England, 2, female, S, 1 female

Henry Brown, labourer, born Canada, C of England, 19, male, S, 1 male
Elisabeth Brown born Canada, C of England, 18, female, S, 1 female
Phillip Brown, labourer, born Canada, C of England, 16, male, S, 1 male
Thomas Brown, born Canada, C of England, 14, male, S, 1 male

Source:  1861 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Canada West. C-1033, pg. 26. 

In the 1871 Canadian Census for Hastings there is a Vance family living in Rawdon with a Mary as head and the next house down is Phillip Brown with Matilda. There is a Thomas Vance born about 1847 in the household, which is before her marriage to Thomas Vance in 1851.  We do not know much about Thomas Vance, Mary’s husband’s family so this young Thomas is probably a nephew?

Line 7, 69, 74, Fance/Vance, Mary, F, 61, born Ireland, Ch of E, All Irish, Widow.
Vance, Thomas, M, 24, born Ontario, Merchant
Vance, John, M, M, 18, born Ontario, farmer
Vance, Robert M, 15, born Ontario
Vance, William M, 13, born Ontario
Vance, Jane F, F, 11, born Ontario

Line 14, 70, 75 Brown, Phillip, M, 26, born Ontario, C of E all, Irish all, Farmer, Married. Brown, Matilda, F, 23, born Ontario, married
Brown, Thomas, M 8/12, born Ontario

Source:  1871 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, page 20, 62 North Hastings, No. 2 Div.

In the following pages I will share more information about the children of Thomas and Mary Brown: Henry, Elizabeth, Phillip and Thomas. I will also discuss the Heir Devise application of Phillip Brown their son.  After I have completed these Brown children, I will share more about the Vance children: Thomas (no further info), John, Robert, William and Margaret.

Posted by: BJ MacDonald | March 21, 2015

The Brown Families of Hastings County, Ontario

Sign Post entering Hastings County on the Trans Hwy

Sign Post entering Hastings County on the Trans Hwy

On this blog I have shared some information about the Browns who settled in Hastings County, Ontario.  I have focused on George Brown because he was my line.  I then shared about his son Richard Brown who married Emma Ward and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

George and Esther Brown migrated from Hastings County to Lambton County and then onto Lapeer County in Michigan and died there.  I traveled to these locations in the Fall of 2014 and shared about those visits in this blog.  They had at least 10 children and I only come down from one line: Richard the 8th child.  There is quite a bit more to share on other collateral lines and it is truly a Canadian Story.

A brother, Henry Brown also migrated to Lambton County, Ontario and settled there.  He and his family are buried in Oil Springs which is south of Petrolia.  I have shared about Henry and Margaret (Orr) Brown’s family and featured their tombstones on this blog.  I feel that I have covered Henry Brown and his life pretty well.

I have not really shared about the families of the other two brothers that we know about out of the 11 children that are supposed to have been born to William and Elsie/Alice Brown.  I have shared the burial information about William Brown in past posts.

Hastings County Views

Hastings County Views

The two other brothers are Thomas and Phillip Brown, who settled in Hastings County and stayed there are buried there in the St. Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery (destroyed) and Stirling Cemetery.  I have placed memorials and tombstones when possible on Find A Grave at both Stirling Cemetery and the Saint Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery in Belleville.

Thomas Brown married Mary Johnston lived and stayed in Hastings County.  They had four children.  After Thomas died in 1848 Mary remarried to Thomas Vance and had four more children.

North of Stirling

North of Stirling

Phillip Brown also stayed in Hastings County marrying Margaret McMurray. They had about 10 children.

I cannot claim credit for all this research because my cousin Bob a descendant of one of George and Esther’s children and sister to my Richard by the name of Matilda Jane Brown was his inspiration for digging and finding these Browns. I would not have had the patience and I am so very grateful he has been very kind and shared his research with me and given me permission to share.  I have taken it and expanded it and added in other researchers.  Bob did this all by correspondence and I have found evidence of his paper trail as I made my way across Ontario.

It has not been easy, the surname of Brown can be very difficult to research because of the use of repeated first names like: Thomas.  Hopefully I have cleaned up the confusion and found enough information that further research can be done by descendants.  The loss of earlier records has also made the process difficult.

I do want to encourage that you take what has been shared and revisit it and double check it.  I am also willing to make changes and updates so if you think I have not quite gotten the information correct please contact me via the comments and let’s make it right.

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Revisiting Henry Brown in Oil Springs, Ontario

Henry Brown was a son of William Brown and Elsie/Alice Tymond.  He moved around a bit in his life and finally settled in Oil Springs, Lambton County, Ontario.

I have written about Henry and his family in the post on this blog dated:

August 29, 2014 titled: The Children of William Brown & Elsie: Henry Brown.

I also visiting the Oil Springs Cemetery in September of 2014 and viewed Henry’s tombstone which was shared by his wife Margaret and daughter Ann.

See the post on this blog dated September 22, 2014 “Ontario Wanderings: Oil Springs and Their Cemetery.” In this post I shared my visit to the cemetery but really didn’t feature the tombstone in detail.

This side of the stone features the Yates Family:

Yates & Brown Tombstone

Yates & Brown Tombstone

Yates Tombstone Oil Springs - front side

Yates Tombstone Oil Springs – front side

YATES:  George Cornell Yates, 1838 to 1901

His Wife Ann Jane Brown 1841 to 1935 (daughter of Henry & Margaret Brown)

Their children:

Harriett Caroline Yates 1878 to 1887

Frederick Charles Yates 1880 to 1957

Henrietta Yates 1873 to 1970

Clifford Russell Yates 1883 to 1973

Henry & Margaret Brown

Henry & Margaret Brown

Yates Tombstone Backside featuring Henry & Margaret, Oil Springs Ontario

Yates Tombstone Backside featuring Henry & Margaret, Oil Springs Ontario

This is the backside of the tombstone in the Oil Springs Cemetery.

Benjamin Yates 1812 to 1888 His wife Phoebe Cornell.  It is my opinion these are the parents of George Cornell Yates.

Henry Brown 1820 to 1899 His Wife Margaret Orr 1824 to 1900. These are Ann’s parents.

These stones are also featured at Find A Grave.  Henry and Margaret Brown may have had a second daughter Elizabeth born in July 1866 but she didn’t survive dying 17 October 1866 in 8 Concession of Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

I have shared in the posts I have indicated in this blog about Henry Brown and Margaret Orr his wife.  Unfortunately, we do not know much about Margaret and her family.  Her father might have been Joseph Orr and her mother a Mary Carter.

In the next posts I want to share more about Henry’s brothers’ families, Thomas and Philip Brown who remained in Hastings Co., Ontario.

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Revisiting George Ward….

Another cemetery I visited last September 2014 was the Wardsville Cemetery.  This cemetery is on Find A Grave at:


I was curious about George Ward and his family and pondered if there is any connection to my Wards. I wrote about my visit to this cemetery in the post and a little about this man, who was a very interesting person.  The interesting point is that George Ward was born in Ireland.  My Wards are English.  There may not be any connection to my Ward family but you never know.

Ontario Wanderings: Wardsville, Ontario and on to Toronto,” September 23, 2014.

The Wards had memorials already added to the Wardsville Cemetery at Find A Grave but I noticed that photos of the stone for George Ward and family was missing so I contact the person who had placed the memorials and asked if they were okay with my uploading a photo.  Of course, they were fine with it and encouraged me to do so. Therefore, I added the photo to his name and to the others. You can see that it is me when you look below the tombstone photo.  Here is my photo and you can see that is very crowded with names.  George Ward’s life spanned 1743 to 1837 which means he was 94 years old when he died, but it also means he was one of the earlier Wards to arrive in Canada.

George Ward Family Stone in Wardsville Cemetery

George Ward Family Stone in Wardsville Cemetery

Left side of the George Ward Stone

Left side of the George Ward Stone

I also uploaded photos I had taken as I walked through this cemetery so I added maybe a few more to the Find A Grave collection.  It is a fairly good-sized cemetery off the main road in Wardsville and tucked on a side street.

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A Search for Wards, in the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery…

In September of 2014, I visited the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery, south of Strathroy, Ontario and tried to find as many Ward surnames as possible.

At this point, I do not know how my Wards fit in with the other Wards in Middlesex County, Ontario.

As a member of Find A Grave I have been adding cemetery memorials with tombstone pictures to existing cemeteries.  The Strathroy Municipal Cemetery is featured on Find A Grave:


Here is a list of those Ward surnames that I have added to this cemetery listing at Find A Grave. I have included tombstone pictures but warn that if they were on the ground and covered with debris it was hard to get a good photo.

1.  Catherine Sarah Ward, 1846 to 1915 wife of Daniel

2. Clifford Stewart Ward, 1923 to 2001

3. Daniel Ward 1844 to 1933 – He might be another son of Benjamin & Sarah Ward.

Catherine & Daniel Ward in the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

Catherine & Daniel Ward in the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

4.  Earl M. Ward 1920 to 1921, son of George & M. Esther.

5. Eliza P. Ward 1877 to 1881

6.  Eliza P. Luckins Ward 1883 to 1944 wife of John F.J. Ward

7. Emily J. Ward 1880 to 1881

8. Florence E. Ward 1870 to 1954

9. George J.S. Ward 1886 to 1955. His wife is M. Esther McDonald

10.  George Ward 1849 to 1936 may be a son of Benjamin and Sarah Ward.

George & Harriet Ward in Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

George & Harriet Ward in Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

11. Harriet Jones Ward 1846 to 1928. This is George Ward’s wife. In addition there is a Joanna Furey Gill on the same tombstone.

12. Hopper Ward 1854 to 1930 his wife is Sarah M. Fitzgerald

13. John F.J. Ward 1883 to 1964 his wife is Eliza P. Luckins

14. John H. Ward 1865 to 1936

15. M. Esther McDonald Ward 1886-1947

16. Mary Isabel Ward 1931 to unknown

17. Olive Louise Ward, ? to 1905 is daughter of Hopper and Sarah.

18. Rachel Brown Ward 1856 to 1936 wife of Richard Ward

19. Sarah Ann Ward 1874 to 1890

20. Sarah M. Fitzgerald Ward 1858 to 1949

There may be more that I have added with different surnames but this is the Ward section.

The cemetery is very large but the Strathroy Public Library has a cemetery transcription book with maps to assist you if you need to find someone.  I do not know how all these Wards fit together so if you know who they are please leave a comment at the end of this post.  The other option is for you to go to Find A Grave and target the stone you are interested in and find my name at the bottom in the Created by link and leave me a message.

Posted by: BJ MacDonald | January 16, 2015

Benjamin Ward’s Estate, Middlesex Co., Ontario 1873…

When I was in Salt Lake City at the British Institute, last October 2014, I found a Surrogate Court Estate file for Benjamin Ward and was surprised to find it for I was having trouble locating documents and sources on Benjamin and his wife Sarah.  I am trying to prove they are my 2nd great grandparents and the parents of Emma Ward Brown, my great-grandmother.

Included in the Estate was Benjamin’s Last Will and Testament.

Copy of the last Will and Testament of Benjamin Ward late of the Township of Adelaide in the  County of Middlesex yeoman deceased.

Source:  The Estate of Benjamin Ward pg. 365 #1155 – Probate Records 1846-1900 Ontario, Middlesex Co., Surrogate Court. (FHL#0428259)

This my last Will and Testament. I Benjamin Ward of the Township of Adelaide living of sound mind but feeble in Body do Will and Bequest to my children the following property. First – I give to my son George Ward all my Real Estate – Secondly I give to my daughters Emily and Elizabeth and Sarah Ward one hundred dollars eat subject to the following conditions. First the said George Ward shall pay all my just debts and therein my daughters Emily, Elizabeth and Sarah [Elas] shall receive Fifty dollars each for two years [maten] in full three hundred dollars. The date of my daughters payments to commence from one thousand Eight hundred and seventy nine. It is also my will that my daughters Emily and Elizabeth and Sarah Elas shall have one Cow each and I constitute Samuel Mitchell and John Paine my Executors of this my last Will and Testament.  Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of on the Thirty first day of October in the year of our Lord 1874 one thousand eight hundred seventy four.  Benjamin Ward his Mark X

Witnesses James Thompson (signed) and David Thomas X his mark

The original Will of Benjamin Ward?

The original Will of Benjamin Ward?

According to my research in the census, Benjamin and Sarah had about 11 children maybe 12 but in this Will above he mentions only four children, so what happened to the rest of them?

It is believed the Sarah, the mother’s maiden name was Paine/Payne.

Those children were found and listed in the 1851 and 1861 Census.

1. Joseph born about 1836

2.  Vere Ward born about 1836.  I found Vere in the 1861 census working as a domestic for George B. Knoyle a Merchant. She is listed as Wesleyan Methodist.

3.  William Ward born about 1839

4.  Charles Ward Born about 1839 to 1857 and he is buried in the Fourth Line Cemetery.

5.  Esther Ward 1841

6.  Daniel Ward 1843

7. Sabena/Rebina 1845

8.  George Ward 1849 to 1838 and he married Harriet Jones 1845 to 1928 and they are both buried in the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery.

9.  Emma/Emily Ward – my great-grandmother born 1851 and died 1905. Emma/Emily has been featured in many posts on this blog with her husband Richard Brown. Her birthdate is the same in the St. Anne baptismal record I found as on her tombstone so it is probably her.

10. Sarah Ward 1852 to 1857 buried in the Fourth Line Cemetery and she appears in the baptismal records.

11.  Elizabeth Ward 1854 who married John Brodie and moved to Petrolia. She was in the St. Anne Baptismal record.

12. Sarah 1857 – I am not sure about her and wonder if she is mixed up with the Sarah I have as #10.  Or she is the Sarah in the will who looks like she married someone named [Elas].

Here is a summary of the contents of the Estate file of Benjamin Ward. FHL#0428278.

 1. Notice of Application of the goods of Probate of the will bearing the date of 31 October 1874, in receipt of.

 2. Petition of Samuel Mitchell and John Paine of the Township of Adelaide in the County of __________

Humbly showeth that Benjamin Ward Township Adelaide County of Middlesex, Farmer, deceased died on or about the first day of November in 1874 in the Township of Adelaide county of Middlesex and the said deceased at the time of his death his fixed abode was in the Township of Adelaide, County of Middlesex and the said deceased in his life time duly made his last Will and Testament on the thirty first day of October 1874. That your petitioners are the Executors named in the said will.  That the value of personal estate and effects if $500.00. That the probate be granted to them this fourteeth day of December 1874, Signed Samuel Mitchell and John Paine. 

  1. Affidavit of the Witness David Thomas in witnessing the will of Benjamin Ward. 14 December 1874.
  1. Handwritten copy of the will of Benjamin Ward
  1. General Description of Property – Household $40, Farming implements $40, Horses $150, Horned cattle $140, Sheep and swine $100, Farm produce $30, total $500. Signed by Samuel Mitchell in Strathroy Dec 6, 1874.
  1. Handwritten affidavit of John Paine – Promises to pay debts and follow the will’s requirements as Executor – signed by him 14 Day of December 1874.
  1. Handwritten affidavit of Samuel Mitchell – As Executor will follow the Wills requirements. Signed 14 Day of December 1874.
  1. David Thomas – Affidavit of knowing Benjamin Ward and witnesses his Will and Testament and James Thompson did mark and subscribe their names 14 Day December 1874.
  1. Affidavit of Samuel Mitchell saying he will follow the will. 14 Day of December 1874.
  1. Granting of the Petition to probate the Will, 29 day of December 1874.

The only thing missing is the description of the land that he gave to his son George Ward.


Posted by: BJ MacDonald | January 2, 2015

Benjamin Ward’s Death…1874

Obituaries are not real strong in the newspapers for Ontario in 1874.  If you get more than a line in the newspaper you are doing well.  Unfortunately, Benjamin’s obituary was very brief and extremely difficult to read in the newspaper.

Strathroy Age Index

Strathroy Age Index

At the Strathroy Public Library, there are binders with indexes of the local newspaper.  I am impressed it is a monumental job but so helpful.  Once you find the name in the index you then go to the microfilm of the newspaper and seek your newspaper article.  In my travels in September 2014 I saw a lot of this indexing going on in various archives for newspapers and more.

On the page for the Wards I found a nice list:  names, type, place, S_A, date and page. There were about 26 Ward surnames listed.  I did not find Sarah, his wife, in the list.

Ward, Benjamin, death,  Adelaide, 86, Nov. 6, 1874, page 8

I then pulled the microfilm and here is the announcement of the death of Benjamin Ward.  It is right above the line and title.  It reads:  In Adelaide on the 1st ____, Benjamin Ward aged 86  died or something like that.  I really tried to get a good clean photo but the film was fuzzy.

Benjamin Wards Death

Benjamin Wards Death

About a month later I was in Salt Lake City at the Family History Library and I was able to look at the Surrogate Court Records for Middlesex County and I was blown away.  I found a will and a case file for Benjamin Ward.  I was so surprised.  He was not the only Ward listed so I took pictures of at least the wills for the others I found with the Ward surname, I only went up to 1873.  I do not know if they are related to Benjamin.

Source: Probate Court, 1846-1900 Middlesex Co., Ontario (R.G. 22, Series 6-1) R126. Index FHL#428256. 

1. 1846 No. 44, Ward, Charles Register A-109 FHL#428527 Probate Books

2. 1864 No. 343 Ward, Hyland, D-186, FHL#428258 Probate Books

Notes:  This will is very detailed with up to eight bequests. It is very difficult to read:  Will dated 18 June 1862, Twp. of Lobo, died 13 March 1864,  Appoint son-in-law Donald J. McArthur Executor and wife Hannah Ward Executrix. Son [Jameson] Ward gives 100 acres of land. Son Hiriam Ward 80 acres in Lobo Twp.  Son Judson coming of age 21 years. Son William Ward real estate in the State of Iowa 80 acres and he goes on for a while.  Gives to said Executrix the lot in Number 1 in Block B in the Village of [Romotha] and land to be equally divided between his sons George and Judson Ward. Executrix also gets his personal possessions.  Mentions daughters Mary [Elwilly] sum of two hundred dollars. Daughter Catherine Jane the sum of two hundred dollars. Daughter Hannah Ann sum of one hundred dollars. Daughter Prudence Ann sum of two hundred dollars. Walter Ward the sum of one thousand dollars.  Witnessed by John Moffath and Wm. Barnum. Signed by Hyland Ward, a true copy.

3. 1872 No. 820, Ward, George Gay, Register E-269, FHL#428258 Probate Books

Notes:  The Will of George Gay Ward is very complicated:  9 March 1872, late of the township of Mosa, died about the 19th of December 1872.  Appoints his beloved wife Margaret Ward his Executrix and John McLean of the town of St. Thomas in the County of Elgin Bannister at law my Executor of my last will and guardian of my several infant children.  He gives his household items to his wife Margaret and arranges for her care and care of his children but he does not name them. Witnesses: Malcolm G. Monro and Martha Monro, 11th day of November, 1873.

4. 1872 No. 896 Ward, Michael Admin, A-33, FHL Check Index #428256? Probably #428527

5. 1873 No. 1026 Ward, Judson D. E-688, FHL#428258, Probate Books

Note:  This will is also very complicated and the handwritting was difficult to understand. It looks like he might be Hyland’s son: The Estate of Judson Davis [Adniram] Ward, 3 December 1873 late of town of Strathroy who died on or about the 13 November 1873. Wife Agney and two children Ida Ward and Bynon Herbert Ward. Divide real and person property between wife and children. Executor is Donald J. McArthur and William [Buanam] both of Township of Lobo. Witnesses are John Cameron of the Town of Strathroy and Truman H. Ward of the Township of Lobo.

6. 1873 No. 1155, Ward, Benjamin F-345 Probate Books FHL#428278 and Probate papers FHL#428278.  I will share the estate of Benjamin in the next post. 

7. 1873 No. 1223, Ward, John F-309, FHL#428278 Probate Books. I am not sure this is name is Ward. In reading the Will it looks more like Wark or Wirk.

If you are interested in any of these wills, I do have copies which are hard to read but you can give it a try, so leave me a comment and I will contact you.

Posted by: BJ MacDonald | December 19, 2014

Benjamin and Sarah Ward, Seeking their Burial…

Much to my frustration, I was unable to locate a grave or burial records for Benjamin and Sarah Ward.  If you know me, you know how much I love cemeteries and that means visiting them, recording tombstones and learning who is buried there.

The Strathroy-Caradoc Historical Society in Strathroy was very helpful.  The director kindly sent me copies of the cemetery publication for the 4th Line Methodist Cemetery outside of Strathroy.  It is also called Zion.

This cemetery is on Find A Grave under Mount Zion Fourth Line:


There are only 29 burials listed but there are many more graves in this cemetery. There has been a lot of neglect and the stones are laid on the ground around a mound in the middle.  At least they are not stacked like so you can’t read them.  I have added about 10 tombstone pictures to Find A Grave from my short visit to this cemetery which is west of Strathroy on Hwy 39 on the southeast corner of Eastman.  Someone had already done several of my Wards and those pictures are in better than mine, but the stones are very worn and difficult to read.  You can see evidence of repair work on several of the stones.

Unfortunately, there is no tombstone for Benjamin nor one for Sarah Ward.  There are several references to them as parents on two of the tombstones Zion Fourth Line: Sarah and Charles Ward. Here are my photos of these tombstones. The Find A Grave might be easier to read?

Sarah Ward dau of Benj & Sarah.

Sarah Ward dau of Benj & Sarah.

Charles Ward son of Benj & Sarah.

Charles Ward son of Benj & Sarah.

Ann Ward wife of Samuel Ward is buried in this Zion Fourth Line Cemetery and I suspect that Samuel is a brother to Benjamin Ward. It means there might be twins in this family for they are the same age according to the 1851 Canadian census, see my last post of my census study for Benjamin and Sarah Ward.

Here is a stone about a Charles Ward who died in 1846, who is this Thomas and what is his relationship to Benjamin and even Samuel?

Charles Ward died 1846 no age - Native of Oxfordshire.

Charles Ward died 1846 no age – Native of Oxfordshire.

There are also Paines buried in this cemetery and I believe that Sarah’s maiden name was Payne/Paine.

SOURCE:  4th Line Cemetery, (Mt. Zion, Old Methodist), Adelaide Twp., Original recording by Mrs. Cliff Wardell for the Adelaide Twp. Women’s Institute, Second Recording: Bill Robb. FHL#Microfiche 6050592.  Another publication is at the Strathroy Public Library in Strathroy with their cemetery collection.

I searched as many of the Middlesex cemetery publications that I found in the London-Middlesex Genealogical Society and Strathroy Library as possible on my trip and was unable to find Benjamin and Sarah Ward listed but I did find many Ward names especially in the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery which is south of the town on Metcalfe St.

I have added those Ward surname tombstones to the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery that I was able to take photos of on my visit there in September 2014 to Find A Grave. How they are related to me I do not know except for possibility one stone that of George Ward.


I am thinking that George Ward born 1849 and died 1938 is a son of Benjamin and Sarah (Payne) Ward?

George & Harriet Ward, Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

George & Harriet Ward, Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

NOTE:  Canadian is slowly contributing to Find A Grave.  I use it a lot for the United States.  To find more stones and cemeteries in Canada go to the Canadian GraveMarker Gallery, the OFCA, the Canadian Headstone Project and the Canadian GenWeb.org Cemetery Project. There are also individual cemetery projects for various areas so run a search such as Hastings County.  See the right side panel of this blog for links to a variety of sources for cemetery searching online.  Always remember to try for a publication of the cemetery at either the local genealogical society or public library, the older date of publication the better.  The reason is you might not be able to read the stone in the cemetery and you need to know who else is in the cemetery that might be related.
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Benjamin and Sarah Ward a Census Study…

Benjamin Ward and Sarah appear in the 1851 Canadian Census in Middlesex. I shared this transcription in the last post but repeat it here so we can examine these sources and compare them to other census years.

Line 16 Benjamin Ward, Farmer, Born England, Episcopalian, X out of the limits, age 40, Male.
Sarah Ward, born England, Episcopalian, age 33, female.
Joseph Ward, Labourer, born Canada, age 15, male.
Vere Ward, born Canada, age 15, female.
Charles Ward, labourer,born Canada, age 13, male.
William Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 12, male.
Esther Ward, born Canada, age 10, female.
Daniel Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 8, male.
Sabena Ward, born Canada, age 6, female.
George Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 3, male.
Emily Ward, born Canada, age 1, female. All Episcopalian.

Line 27 Samuel Ward, Farmer, England, no religion, age 40, male, residence out of  limits. 
Ann Ward, born England, W. Methodist, age 36, female.
Phoebe Ann Ward, born Canada, age 17, female.
Alfred Ward, labourer, born Canada, 15, male.
Henrietta Ward, born Canada, 13, female.
Albert Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 11, male.
Caleb Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 8, male.
Andrew Thos Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 7, male.
Reima Ward, born Canada, age 5, female.
Abse Elinda Ward, born Canada, age 3, female.
Moses Cole Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 1, male

Children listed as W. Methodist. 

Source:  1851 Canadian Census, Benjamin and Samuel Ward Family, Canada West, Adelaide Twp., Middlesex Co., Ontario, DN#23, SD#216, Enumerated by John A. Scoon, page 9/5?

We see an Emily Ward age 1 with Benjamin and Sarah.  Under Samuel and Ann we see Phebe and I found both of their baptisms in the St. Anne’s registers and wrote about them in the last post.

I am suspecting that Samuel and Benjamin may be brothers; however, if you note their ages you see they are both 40 years old. Does this mean we have twins in the family?

1851 Agricultural Canadian Census also features Benjamin and Samuel Ward.

Line 33 Benjamin Ward Concession Range:485 or 4 & 5

  • Lot or part of lot, 1 W 1/4 – 18W1/4 17, 8 1/2 17,
  • No. of Acres of Land: 300,
  • Under Cultivation: 70,
  • Under Crops in 1851: 38.5
  • Under pasture in 1851: 27.5,
  • Under wood or wild: 230,
  • Acres in Wheat: 22,
  • Produce bushels: 280

Line 34 Samuel Ward, Concession Range: 485 or 4 & 5

  • Lot or part of lot: 8 1/2 17?, ___ 18,
  • No. of Acres of Land: 170
  • Under Cultivation: 38
  • Under Crops in 1851: 30
  • Under Pasture in 1851: 8
  • Wood or Wild: 132
  • Acres in Wheat: 16
  • Produce bushels: 200

Source: 1851 Census of Canada East, West, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia, D#23, SD: Adelaide, SD#216, Agricultural Schedule. 

In 1861 things get confusing.  We have an entry for the children of Benjamin and Sarah Ward, if you compare this to 1851.

Line 40 Joseph Ward farmer, Canada West, C of England, 23, Wm. Ward Laborer, C of W, C of E, 21. Daniel Ward, Laborer, C of W, C of E, 17, George Ward, Laborer, C of W, C of E, 12, Esther Ward, C of W, C of E, 19, Rebina Ward, C of W, C of E, 15, Emily Ward, C of W, C of E, 10, Elizabeth Ward, C of W, C of E, 6, Sarah Ward, C of W, C of E, 4.

Source: 1861 Canadian Census, St. George Ward, Adelaide, Middlesex, Canada West, C-1049-1050, page 16. 

Benjamin Ward appears on the next page and it is statistical.

Line 31, Benjamin Ward, farmer, England, Ch of England, age 54, Male 1, Single S, Males 3, females 4, to school 3, log, stories 1 and families 2

Source: 1861 Census of Canada, St. George Ward, Adelaide, Middlesex, Canada West, C-1049-1050, page 17. 

Benjamin also appears in the 1861 Agricultural Census for Canada.

Line 12 Benjamin Ward, Con/Range 4, Lot S17, Total by Person 197, under cultivation, 46, under crops 1860 30, under pasture 19, under orchard/garden 2, under wood or wild, 151, cash value 4000, cash value farming implements 100, Spring wheat 16, bushels 300, Peas 6, 120, oats 7, 210, Indian corn 1, 25, potatoes 1/2, turnips 60, Hay 6.

Source: 1861 Canadian Agricultural Census, Middlesex, Canada West, C-1051, page 115. 

Samuel Ward looks like he moved to Lambton Co., Euphemia Twp. and was there by 1861 and he is widowed.  He is also there in 1871 under Bothwell District.

Line 23, Samuel Ward, Farmer born England, 49, widowed, frame, 2,1. Alfred Ward, Laborer, 24. Albert Ward, Laborer, 20. Caleb Ward, Laborer, 18. Reim Ward, 14, female. Epsielinda Ward, 12, female. Moses C. Ward, 10. All the children were born in UC and are W. M. The last three are in school. 

Source: 1861 Census of Canada, Euphemia, Lambton, Canada West, C-1040-1041, page 23. 

The 1871 Census presents the Benjamin Ward family with four children:

Line 1, 92, 96 Ward, Benjamin, W, 65 — born in England, C of E. England, Farmer, Widowed,
Ward, George, M, 21, born Ontario, C of E., England, Farmer, S (looks crossed off)
Ward, Emily, F, 19, born Ontario, C of E.
Ward, Betsie, F, 15, born Ontario, C of E. going to school
Ward, Sarah, F, 15, Born Ontario, C of E, going to school.

Source:  1871 Census of Canada, Middlesex North, D#08, Div #02, SD: Adelaide, SD# a, page 23. 

Notice that the two girls Betsie and Sarah are the same age again the possibility of twins emerges.

Benjamin Ward died Nov. 6, 1874 in Adelaide according to the Strathroy Age newspaper.  There is no mention of Sarah in the newspaper index and she is not listed in the 1861 census information above.

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