Robert and Ethel’s Family

My grandparents Robert and Ethel Boardman had 3 children.  

The Boardman Siblings circa 1941

The children were:

1. Hazel Aileen Boardman born 23 May 1907 born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  My Aunt is under the name Hazel Eileen Boardman at the Manitoba Vital Records site.  I have always known her as Aileen.  She giggled when she told me her first name was Hazel.  She is the one on the left in the photo.

The Province of Manitoba has a website where you can search their online Vital Statistics index.  The cut off for births is 100 years, marriages are 80 years and deaths are 70 years.  This means that I am at 103 years for Aileen’s birth so I can find it in the index.  I have waited awhile for this one.

2.  Marjorie Faye Boardman was born 22 September 1911 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  If you were to search for my mother’s birth record in Vancouver you would find her name written Marjory Josephine Boardman. The requirement for her to change it was to prove that she had used this first name since the age of 12. I think she gave it a try but I don’t think she was ever able to obtain the necessary record from her grade school.   Photo:  In the middle.

3.  Robert Brown Boardman who I always knew as Uncle Boardie was born 26 October, 1916 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I didn’t learn of his middle name till much later.   I have this information for my uncle based on funeral records that I obtained.  Photo:  On the right.

British Columbia  also has a Vital Event Index website at:  The website gives the dates for the different vital events for birth, death and marriage.    

It is always a good idea to study the family structure.  I wonder because of the gaps between the children if there were other babies I don’t know about.  There is 3 years between Aileen and Marjorie and 5 years between Marjorie and Uncle Boardie. I have studied the indexes and there are lots of Boardmans in Vancouver and Winnipeg but I don’t see many babies in the time frame that I need.  There was also a 2 year gap between the 1905 marriage of my grandparents and the date of the birth of Aileen.  Aileen never mentioned it nor did my mother so I will assume that this is the family of Robert and Ethel.


3 thoughts on “Robert and Ethel’s Family

  1. bonmac Post author

    Darlene: I am sorry I have not responded, I have been out of town at the NGS Conference in SLC. In answer to your question if you mean Marjorie, no she married Keith B. MacDonald in 1941 and they lived out their lives in Seattle, King Co., WA. They never went to Massachusetts.


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