Edmund Boardman – Shediac 1871

The farthest back in my research on Edmund Boardman has been to 1871 as of today. I keep digging. He appears in the following and he is still single.

The Canadian Genealogy Index 1600s to 1900s at Ancestry.com.

Edmond Boardman, living, 1871, New Brunswick, Westmorland, Shediac, Machinist, New Brunswick Directory for 1871, The Genealogical Research Library, Toronto, 1984, Vol./Page 157.

On his death certificate his birth date is listed as: May 23, 1848.  He is 23 years old in 1871.  He lists his year of immigration on the 1901 census as 1853.  He would have been 5 years old at the time.  So if it is correct he has been in the area for 18 years.

Edmund Boardman and baby

Here is his sitting on the steps carrying for a baby.  Who the baby is unknown.  It is possible that it is one of their sons Edmund James or even my grandfather Robert. I see a person standing on the right and it might be Charlotte.  How did they meet and when did they marry?

Here is a link to a map of New Brunswick that is interactive.  Click on the map for more detail in various areas.   This is a current map.



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