Land on Prince Edward Island!

In exchange for genealogical services, my client who lives on Prince Edward Island (PEI), helped me with my research by finding a deed at the Prince Edward Island archives, here is a link to this wonderful archive.

Charlotte and Edmund Boardman were living in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in the 1881 Canadian Census.  They had a baby girl, Zelia, with them and their son Edmund James.  See the blog post for May 16, 2010 for a copy of that census.

My client searched for land records for Edmund but didn’t find anything under his name.  What he found were two deeds.  Thomas Boardman is with the 2nd deed.  I am grateful for my clients help.

Is this the same Thomas Boardman that I featured in the previous posted dated May 29, 2010? I do not know but suspect it just might be for they identify him as a Copper smith.

My client writes from PEI with his findings back in March 2007:

I spent a few minutes at the PEI Archives this afternoon and started to look at old deeds for Edmund Boardman.  In a quick search the only Boardman that I found was Thomas, who was a copper smith. The archive is running a photocopy of the deed which is dated April 24, 1876.  It was for a property in Charlottetown for which he paid $300.00.  I believe it was a lease as a lot of properties in those days in PEI were owned by landlords with long-term leases.  The deed was registered a few days later.  I will be going back for more information and to look for the sale of the property.  Thomas didn’t leave any initials or any other information in the deed.”

The first deed was number #275 dated 25 May 1875.  A Ralph Brecken was grantor and a Thomas H. Robertson was the grantee.  This deed is called a Memorandum of Agreement.  It was registered 24th April 1876 on Oath of a R.R. Fitzgerald.  The registrar was a named Benj. DesBrisay.

I cannot produce a copy of the deed here because it was taken from the PEI Archives and it states that I would need permission.  The PEI Archives wrote on the back of one of the copies the following  source information:

Series 1873-1900, RG 16, Land Conveyance, Liber 5, folio 526-528, Queens Co., PEI.

Here are some of the highlights of this deed:

1.  A Memorandum of Agreement made on the 25th of May, 1875 between Ralph Brecken and Thomas H. Robertson.  This Agreement is goes back one year and is recorded in 1876.

2.  The location is Charlotte Town, Province of PEI, Dominion of Canada.

3.  Thomas Hearh Robertson aforesaid Master Mariner.  I cannot make out the spelling of the middle name.  It is probably “Hearsh” but the clerk is not clear in the writing.

4.  The tract piece and parcel of land situate lying and being Charlotte Town aforesaid commencing at the south boundary line of Grafton Street at the point at which the said line is met by the line diving Town lots 89 and 90.  The description continues for several sentences.

5.  A yearly rent of $36.00 to be payable on the half-year in November and in May for a term of 9 years.

The second deed is numbered #276 and dated 21 April 1876.  The grantor is Thomas [Hearh] Robertson and the grantee is Thomas Boardman. This record is called an Assignment.  It was registered 24 April 1876 at 11.45 O’clock A.M on oath of R.R.  Fitzgerald and Benj. DesBrisay, Registrar. 

Here are some of the highlights of this second deed:

1.  For in the consideration of $300.00…

2.  Thomas Boardman of Charlotte Town in said Island Copper Smith…

3.  For a term of nine years…

The clerks writing is difficult to read so I am still working at identifying words that don’t make sense. 

Edmund and Charlotte had a son Edmund James who was born June 26, 1878 in New Brunswick.  So this means they must have gone to PEI after the birth of their son placing them in Charlottetown by 1881.  According to the 1881 Canadian Census they were on lot CTN3.  I think it means Charlotte Town lot #3? 

I found a map of Charlotte Town 1863 at this website and it does have Grafton Street listed.  Unfortunately some of the numbers are very light so you can make them out.  The website is called: 

The Island Register and has a lot of wonderful information about PEI on it, so go and explore.

I also have the a copy of the pages for the Plan of Charlottetown Royalty, Queens Co., PEI from the Illustrated Historical Atlas of the Province of PEI under the direction of C.R. Allen C.E. and J.H. Meacham & Co., Published 1880.  I do see a R. Brechan listed in the Royalty area.  I do not have Charlottetown however.

So at this time these two deeds are a mystery because I do not know enough about Prince Edward Island land records.  Apparently the names Robertson and Brechan were on the island early for there are listings for petitions at the Prince Edward Island Archive in these names.


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