Charlotte Anna McMurray Boardman

My mother had pictures of a lady among her photos and I began to realize that these were photographs of my great-grandmother Charlotte, on my mom’s paternal side. 

Charlotte Boardman


There was another series of photographs of the family together in 1924 and I was able to recognize several of the family members: 

Boardman Reunion 1924


Left to Right:  My Aunt Aileen, Charlotte, Robert (Boardie), Marge, Ethel, Robert Boardman.  Sitting on the ground left to right:  William (Willie) Boardman and his wife Daisy.  I will revisit this family reunion in a later post with more photos. 

Last year my cousin sent me a great many photographs of our family.  Included were  more photographs of my great-grandmother Charlotte.   I like this one and the casual draping of her hand and the white lace collar. 

Charlotte Boardman Portrait


The census of 1881 had Charlotte born in Nova Scotia, the 1891 and 1900 (not shown) have her born in New Brunswick.  

When I found the 1871 census of a family of a James McMurray and there was a daughter named Charlotte in Weldford in Kent County, New Brunswick, I was thrilled. I was interested to learn that the surname of McMurray is Scottish and not Irish as I had thought.  

The Canadian Census 1871, Kent Co., New Brunswick, Parish of Weldford, Film C-10390, pg. 51 or  McMurray, James, F#159, male, age 52, bp Scotland, Presbyterian, origin Scotch, occupation farmer, M/W, M, b.y. 1819; McMurray, Mary, age 52, bp England, Presbyterian, English, M, by 1819; McMurray, James, age 22, bp England, Presbyterian, origin Scotch, b.y. 1849; McMurray, Edmand, age 19, born NB, Presbyterian, Scotch, farmer, b.y. 1852; McMurray, Robert, M, age 17, born NB, Presbyterian, Scotch, farmer, by 1854, McMurray, Charlotte, F, age 14, bp NB, Presbyterian, Scotch, occupation scholar, b.y. 1857. McMurray, John, M, age 12, born NB, Presbyterian, Scotch, scholar, b.y. 1859; McMurray, Mary F, age 10, born NB, Presbyterian, Scotch, scholar, b.y. 1861; McMurray, Richard, M, age 8, born NB, Presbyterian, Scotch, scholar, b.y. 1863; McMurray, Thomas, M, age 6, born NB, Presbyterian, Scotch, scholar, b.y. 1865.  

Going back 10 more years to 1861, I find this family with an even younger Charlotte. 

1861 New Brunswick Census


The Canadian Census of 1861, Kent Co., New Brunswick, Parish of Weldford, sht#15, line 15, James McMurray, w, head of family, age 30, Scotch Beulowman, mason and farmer, Presbyterian, 3 children in school; Mary Jackson McMurray, f, wife, age 33, English, Longtown; James McMurray, m, son, age 12, English. Newcastle; Edward William McMurray, m, son, age 10 Native; Robert Carson McMurray, m, son, age 8, Native; Charlotte Anna, f, daughter, age 6, Native; John Jackson McMurray, m, son, age 4, Native; Mary Elizabeth, f, daughter, age 2, Native.  

I believe I have found the family and birthplace of my great-grandmother Charlotte.  This takes me back another generation to my 2nd great grandparents on my mother’s paternal side.  I have also found the surname of my 2nd great-grandmother is “Jackson.” 

Sometime in between the birth of John (1849) and Edward (1850) the family immigrated from England to New Brunswick and in the 1861 census gave their locations.  I may make it across the pond yet!  Unfortunately I cannot figure out the Beulowman location given for my 2nd great grandfathers origins?  It is probably spelled wrong.  Now the goal is to find these siblings of Charlotte’s and trace them out.


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