James and Mary McMurray of Kent Co., NB

James McMurray and Mary Jackson McMurray, parents of Charlotte Anna, my great-grandmother, were living in Weldford Parish in Kent County, New Brunswick in 1861 and 1871 according to the Canadian Census.  I featured these census in the last post dated June 15, 2010.

I would like to go back one more decade but unfortunately the 1851 Kent Co., New Brunswick census did not survive. 

So instead I will go forward to the 1881 census:

The Family of James McMurray, 1881 Canadian Census, Weldford Parish, Kent Co., New Brunswick, pg. 35, District 34, Div. 2, Line 1, house 175, family 175, McMurray, James, M, age 58, born Scotland, Presb, Scotch, farmer, married; McMurray, Mary F, age 59, born Scotland, Presb, Scotch, married; McMurray, Robert M, age 25, born NB, Presb, Scotch, farmer; McMurray, Elizabeth F, age 21, born NB, Presb, Scotch; McMurray, Thomas, age 17, born NB, Presb, Scotch, farmer.

1881 Kent Co., NB Census

In past census, Mary was born in England and here they have her being born in Scotland.  The census is a great tool but it can be inconsistent and just plain wrong.  So it is always wise to keep an open mind.  It is also noted that Charlotte is no longer listed with her family.  Charlotte appears with Edmund Boardman in the Prince Edward Island Census for 1881.  This census was featured in the post dated May 16, 2010.

We move forward to the 1891 Canadian Census for this family:

Family of James McMurray, 1891 Canadian Census, Weldford Div. #4, Kent Co., New Brunswick, pg. 10, District 15, enumerated 21 April 1891 by Charles McDonald. Line 12, W 2/8, 43 McMurray, James, M, age 67, married, born Scotland, parents born in Scotland, Presby, farmer; McMurray, Mary F, age 69, married, wife, born England, parents born in England, CE; McMurray, Mary E, F, age 30, single, daughter, NB, father Scotland, mother England, Presby; McMurray, James M., F, age 4, L, NB, mother NB, father Scotland, Presby.

1891 Kent Co., Census

This time Mary, the mother, is back to being born in England. 

The next census is 1901:

Family of James McMurray, 1901 Canadian Census, Weldford District, Kent Co., New Brunswick, I-2, Fam. #70, pg. 8, James McMurray, male, married, age 77, born 14 Dec 1823, birthplace NB, head, spouses name Mary, English, nationality Canadian, Presbyterian, farmer. Mary McMurray, age 79. Mary E. McMurray age 41, Leena McMurray age 13.

1901 Kent Co., Census

This census was on two pages.  The picture above is the first page and the family is at the bottom.  Always check the next page because families frequently spill onto the next page.  This following is the 2nd page.  There is only one person listed on this second page but now we have included the whole family for 1901.

1901 Kent Co. Census page 2

James and Mary, my 2nd great-grandparents are still living at age 77 and 79 in 1901.   He is now born in New Brunswick when all other census have him born in Scotland. 

When I made the connection of this McMurray family to Charlotte I never dreamed that I would be tracking them from 1861 to 1901 and a little beyond.  I have more work to do to in the census which involves tracking the siblings of my great-grandmother.  I like having complete families.  This is pretty exciting to find them and learn about another generation of my ancestors.

By 1881 or shortly thereafter, Charlotte and Edmund Boardman and children were living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  They resided there for approximately 26 years before they again migrated west.  After Edmund Boardman died in 1908 most of his family left Winnipeg except for the oldest son Edmund James who remained in Winnipeg becoming a well-known doctor.


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