James and Mary McMurray, A Passage of Time!

James McMurray died 17 October 1901 in Kent Co., New Brunswick. He was 80 years old.  Mary Jackson McMurray died 11 February 1907 and she is listed as 83 years old at her death.  James and Mary are buried in the West Branch Presbyterian Cemetery in Kent Co., New Brunswick.

Rootsweb has some Cemetery Records for Kent County New Brunswick Canada transcribed by many volunteers at this site: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nbken/Cemeteries.html  There are tombstone images for some people buried in the area.

The Weldford Parish has some transcriptions and happily they have the West Branch Presbyterian Cemetery listed at this link. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nbken/CemPresWestBranch.html

There are other members of the family buried in this cemetery beside James and Mary McMurray:

Edward S. died Mar. 23, 1906 son of Robert C. and Jane.

Richard Ira McMurray died Aug 9, 1896 age 3 months son of Robert C. and Jane.

Richard J. McMurray died Feb. 8, 1886 aged 24.

Robert C. McMurray died Aug 15, 1904 and Jane Sutherland born 1863 and died 1994 was his wife.  This was a son of James and Mary McMurray. 

Pte. Arthur McMurray died April 9, 1917 killed in action.

Wikipedia has a description of the Weldford Parish with a little paragraph about the West Branch area.  Here is the link:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weldford_Parish,_New_Brunswick

The Provincial Archive of New Brunswick has a Cemeteries database at: http://archives.gnb.ca/APPS/NBCemeteries/?culture=en-CA

They list the following McMurray deaths as follows:

  • McMurray, James, Oct 17, 1905, 80 years, West Branch Presby., Kent Co., NB
  • McMurray, Mary, Feb 11, 1907 83 years, w/o James McMurray, West Branch Presby, Kent Co., NB 
  • Boardman, Alma C, Sept 16, 1882, 2 years, West Branch Presby, Kent Co., NB.
  • McMurray, Robert C., Jane Sutherland – Arthur (Pte) April 9, 1917, 23 years, West Branch Presby, NB 
  • McMurray, Robert C, Aug. 15, 1904 51 years, West Branch Presby, NB 
  • Sutherland, Jane, born 1863, died 1944 w/o R.C. McMurray, West Branch Presby, Kent Co., NB 
  • McMurray, Edward S, Mar 23, 1906 22 years, s/o Robert C. and Jane McMurray, West Branch, Presby, Kent Co., NB 
  • McMurray, Richard Ira, Aug 9, 1896 3 months, s/o Robert C and Jane McMurray, West Branch Presby, Kent Co., NB. 
  • McMurray Richard J, Feb 8, 1886 24 Years, West Branch Presby, Kent Co., NB

The records seem to match between the Rootsweb and the Provincial Archives.  Alma Boardman is a very interesting listing and I am believing that this is the child that was Charlotte and Edmund Boardman’s that died.  In interpreting the census for 1881 I read the name as “Zelia” or “Lelia.”  That maybe correct on the census and the census taker did not hear the name correctly or it was a nickname.   

 These death listings identify at least two of James and Mary’s children and siblings of Charlotte.  It gives the wife and several children of Robert C. McMurray, and Richard McMurray.  The remaining children:  James, Edward, John, Mary and Thomas will need to be traced further in census and other documents.

This is the point in the research on the McMurrays that I will have to stop till I get an opportunity to do more digging. I have not traveled to New Brunswick so I don’t have pictures to share at this time and I do feel the pull to that province, we will see!

Here is a great research guide that I read while I did research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City after the National Genealogical Society Conference at the end of April 2010.

Book:  Finding Your Ancestors in New Brunswick, by Althea Douglas, MA, CG(C), Heritage Productions, Book HC07 Website:  www.genealogystore.com   I have other books from this publisher by Ms. Douglas and she is very good.

So I will turn my attention back to the Brown family and share what I know about them. 



4 thoughts on “James and Mary McMurray, A Passage of Time!

  1. Linda

    I have almost the complete McMurray/jackson family tree – my great,great grandparents. I am wondering who are you and what relation you are to my family.

  2. Bonnie

    Happy to meet you Linda. I am also a great grand-daughter of James and Mary Jackson McMurray. Their daughter Charlotte is my great grandmother. I would love to share!

  3. Roberta

    I found your comment by a fluke when I googled Beulowman to try to trace my great-great-grandfather’s roots back to Scotland. So I too am a great-great grand-daughter of James and Mary. My grandmother was Robert Carson’s daughter Ida May.

    It’s even worse trying to link Mary’s roots now knowing her maiden name.

    The Newcastle where young James was born is Newcastle, N.B.

    I have almost all the birth dates (the years at least) thanks to both the Census records and also my grandmother’s notes. She gave my mother a list many years ago and I’ve only recently started linking them all up.

    Finding your link to the cemetary archives is a god-send. I hope to be able to get much better records from that.

    I have pretty much the whole family tree on Ancestry.ca. Would love to share.

  4. bonmac Post author

    Roberta I am so happy to meet you. I have been waiting for family! I am very excited. I will have to take a look at your family tree at Ancestry. Yes, Beulowman is a puzzle but if you have an idea about it that would be great. Of course we can share. I have not had much time to do any more research on the McMurrays. There is another researcher. I will have to introduce you to. I will contact you off this blog so we can talk freely.


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