Richard Brown finds Emma Ward!

It is time to return to the Brown family and explore their origins.

Richard Brown is my great-grandfather on my mother’s side.  He came from Ontario.  His death certificate had his birth location as “Rowdon.”

I consulted a gazetteer and discovered there were several “Rawdon’s” in Canada, one in Hastings Co., Ontario and one Rawdon, Quebec.  I decided to explore the Rawdon Twp. in Hastings Co., Ontario.

Ontario is a big province and I pondered how I was going to find him and Emma in that vast location. Well the internet has been getting better and better.  Now that  the Canadian census is online it makes it easy to do searches.  All I needed was to find Richard near Emma in Ontario and I would be on my way.

I used and I found them in Lambton Co., Ontario in the 1871 Canadian census. Richard was there and so was  an Emily Ward.  Here is the index information. does have the actual pages of the census.

Index 1871: Brown Richard 21, Ontario, Lambton, Petrolia Village.

Index Detail:

Name: Richard Brown, age 21, POB Ontario, Religion Church of Engld, Anglican, Origin Irish, Occupation: Laborer, District Lambton 004, Petrolia Village D, Div. 2, pg. 36, Film#C-9895, Ref. RG31 Statistics Canada

Index Detail: Ward, Emily, age 21, born Ontario, Religion Church of England, Anglican, Origin English, Occupation Servant, District Lambton 004, Petrolia Village, Div. 1, pg. 22, Film # C-9895, Ref. RG31 Statistics Canada.

FHL#349137 pg. 22 Emily Ward pt. 1, pg. 36 Pt. 2 Richard Brown. Took two photos of the actual pages. 

 Note:  Information about Lambton County:

These two people were about the right age.  The name on this census is Emily and not Emma.  I have seen the use of both names for her.  I was very excited.

At the Family History Library (FHL)  in Salt Lake City in 2009, I found they had books on Lambton County Marriages in several volumes.  So I studied them thoroughly and found this entry:

Vol. 6, pg. 19 George BROWN, 26, r. Wyoming, b. Hastings Co. Canada, bachelor, conveyancer, Episcopal, s/o George and Esther BROWN, married Maude Cecilia HUNT, 18, r. Wyoming, b. St. Thomas Canada, spinster, Episcopal, d/o Hiram Howley & Eliza HUNT. Wit. Miss Brown, Oil Springs & Richd. BROWN Plympton 31 Jan 1870, Wyoming, Rev. Wm. Brookman, license.

Mr. George Brown was born in Hastings Co. and a Richard Brown was witnessing the marriage.  Could they be brothers?  Who was Miss Brown?

I tried to find a marriage in Lambton County for Emily Ward and Richard Brown but there was no record listed in these Lambton County Marriages which cover 1869 to 1873.  I need to get to the middle of the 1870’s to find their marriage.  I was stuck.

Here is the link to the FHL Catalog.  These are in book form so you will have to figure out if you can find an archive or library that houses them using WorldCat.  Otherwise you will have to visit the FHL in Salt Lake City or hire someone to study them for you at the FHL.*,0,0

I needed a little bit more information and to place Richard in a family group. I decided to check out’s family trees to see if I could find anyone research this line.

It was my lucky day that day in March 2010!  I found an online family tree at entitled:

Cunningham’s of Sudbury Ontario

This online family tree supplied me with clues to figure out the parentage and siblings of Richard Brown.  Apparently the Brown’s married into the Cunningham Family.  This tree is available at and you will have to access it either through a paid subscription or via the Ancestry library edition at your local library.   I tried finding this tree on Rootsweb and Google but I was not getting a hit.

I wish to give credit to the individual or individual’s work at this time and thank them for posting to  With the information provided I will research Richard’s family and obtain documents to substantiate the information.  I will also dig deeper into Emily/Emma Ward’s past.

I believe I have found the parents and family of Richard Brown and as of March 2010 I now consider myself officially Irish!

I have found through the Canadian census Richard and Emma/Emily in the same location.  I never expected to get this far with the very common name of “Brown.”


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