Richard and Emma Marry!

I have been trying to find Richard and Emma’s marriage for a long time and once I learned that some of the Brown family members had migrated to Michigan I was able to seek out information about them.  I had suspected that Richard and Emma had married in Michigan because their son Charles who was born in 1875 may have been born there according to the Canadian census for 1901.

Here is their marriage:

Family Search Index Project: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925, Richard Brown and Emily Ward 9 Jan 1874, Port Huron, Saint Clair Michigan Film#2342457, V3 pg. 164 rn 2124. Groom:  Richard Brown, 27 years, born 1847 Hastings, Ontario, Bride Emily Ward age 22 years born 1852 in Strathroy, Canada.  Date of Marriage 9 Jan 1874 Port Huron, Saint Clair, Michigan.

At this point I just have this index notation from the Family History Library.  As you can see her name is listed as “Emily.”  Other documentation gives her name as “Emma.”

I now have a lead on where she came from:  Strathroy is west of Petrolia Village about 30 miles by car.  This marriage adds credibility to the theory that Richard was born in Hastings County.

Here is a link to Strathroy from Wikipedia (again I use them for convenience).,_Ontario

Here is a link to Petrolia:  The city of Petrolia looks lovely.

Port Huron in Michigan is also an interesting location:


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