A Possible Picture: Richard Brown?

Ethel and a Mystery Man?

I found this picture in the collection of photographs that my cousin sent to me last year and as I pondered and studied it, I began to develop a theory.  

What you see is my grandmother Ethel on the left and she is smiling.  She is very happy.  Usually she was very serious in her photos.  The man who has his arm around her neck is also smiling. He is hugging her and has his hand firmly on her arm.  She seems to be okay with that.  Now this man is older so who could he be?  The ages between the two are obviously great.  There was nothing written on the back of the photo and there are very few Brown family photos in the collection, most of them are Boardman.  There are mystery photos which I cannot identify. 

Could this be my great-grandfather Richard Brown and a brief moment with his daughter Ethel Adella Brown? They are not a couple….yet he is holding her in an affectionate manner?  Ethel’s father Richard lived to 1922 and this outfit that my grandmother Ethel is wearing is very similar to outfits she wore in circa 1915 to 1920. 

It would be great if it was him for this would be the only photograph I have of him.  There were no photos of Emma Ward Brown my great-grandmother that I could determine in the collection and she lived to 1905.

So who were Richard’s parents and where did he come from?


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