Richard Brown’s Origins!

The marriage record found in the Lambton County, Ontario marriage books revealed that the parents of George Brown where George and Esther Brown.  The witness Richard Brown is probably a brother.

My next step was to review the census for both Canada and the United States to identify family members and start profiling this couple that are my 2nd great grandparents. 

I started with the 1880 U.S. Census for Michigan, Lapeer Co., Burnside, page #15, SD#3, ED#163, enumerated on 10 June 1880 by Alexander Sinclair:

Line 32, 131/134 Brown, George, w, m, 76, married, retired farmer, born Ireland, parents born in Ireland. Brown Easter, w, f, age 68, wife, married, keeping house, born in Ireland, parents born in Ireland.

I knew there was Irish in my mother’s family but this is now the proof that it is true. 

The next was to dig deeper into the past and go to the 1870 U.S. Census, Michigan, Lapeer Co., Burnside, pg. 11, enumerated on the 19th of Sept 1870 by S.H. Brigg’s, PO Burnside.

Line 31, 76/76 Brown, George, age 65, m, white, Farmer, $2200, $1000, born in Ireland, father and mother of foreign birth. Brown, Ester, age 56, female, white, keeping house, parents of foreign birth; Brown, Richard, age 24, male, white, works on farm, born Canada, parents of foreign birth; Brown, Isabella, age 18, female, white, without occupation, born Canada. Barnes, Ester M, age 21, female, white, boarding, born Canada; Barnes, Horace age 3, m, white at home, born Michigan; Barnes, Helena, age 1, female, white, at home, born Michigan. All parents of foreign birth.

I found George and Esther (Ester) living in Burnside again and this time they have Richard and Isabella with them.  There is an Ester Barnes who is probably a married daughter implying that she is widowed along with two of her children. 

Going back even further into the past we consult the Canadian Census of 1861 and we find George and Esther in Plympton, Lambton Co., Ontario, on pg. 21.

Line 5, George Brown, Farmer crossed off Merchant written above, born in Ireland, Religion Church of England, age 57, male, married, House:  Frame, 2 stories, 1 family living in house. Ester Brown, born in Ireland, Church of England, age 49, born about 1812, Female, married

John Brown, born Upper Canada, Church of Eng., age 21, male, single

Matilda Brown, born Upper Canada, Church of Eng, age 17, female, single

Richard Brown, born Upper Canada, Church of Eng., age 15 male, attending school

Ester M. Brown, born Upper Canada, Church of Eng., age 13 female, attending school

Isabell Brown, born Upper Canada, Church of Eng., age 10, female, attending school.

Below George and Esther is another Brown listed who is probably another child of this couple who is old enough to be out on his own.

Line 12, Jeremiah Brown (not Jesse), Farmer, born Upper Canada, Church of Eng., age 25 male, single, log house, single story.

The family is starting to take shape.  As usual spelling of names can be off and you have to use the census as a guide to point to other information.  I am even more excited because I have found Richard’s family. 

Recently Peter Cunningham of the Cunningham’s of Sudbury, Ontario family tree posted at website, a cousin, has introduced me to Robert Hayes another Brown cousin who has done a great deal of research on the family of George and Esther King.  Both of these individuals are descendants of this couple. I am so happy to have found these two individuals.   Robert’s information has made it very clear that this is the correct family.   

Here is the link to the Lambton County GenWeb site where there are some great links to additional information about this county.  I have some homework to do:


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