Estate File for Esther Brown!

Esther Brown did not have a will but she did leave a probate file.

Source:  Estate file of Esther Brown, died September 13, 1895, Burnside, Lapeer Co., Michigan Case #2300. FHL#976608 Estate files, nos. 2289-2318 1895. 

This file was a microfilmed copy of the estate packet and not the court clerk’s books.

The file was large and here are some excerpts from it that I feel are of special importance

  • Letters of Administration about August 20, 1893
  • Statement describing the circumstances of the Death of Esther Brown

Statement by W. McIntosh

  • Appointment of the Administrator and Appraisers, William McIntosh son-in-law
  • Bond of the Administrator
  • List of the Heirs-at-Law – descendants of Esther Brown 

List of Descendants

  • Publication of the probate process in the newspapers
  • Selling of the Real Estate with a description of the land owned.  Land was sold February 16, 1897 to a Edgar S. Cough.

Sale of Real Estate

  • Claims against the estate
  • Inventory of the estate – the personal possessions 


This is not the complete file and again it is a summary of the documents found.  The filming was done in a haphazard order probably the result of the way the pages were placed in the file.  For our purposes the listing of the heirs confirms that this is the correct family.  The description of the land will be of interest and further research in deeds will need to be conducted.


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