George and Esther Brown of Burnside, Lapeer, MI

The following two photographs are pictures of Esther Brown and her husband George Brown of Burnside Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan. 

The credit for these photos goes to Robert (Bob) M. Hayes a descendant of Matilda Jane Brown who married William Charles Clement, daughter of this couple.  Matilda is the sister of my great-grandfather Richard Brown.

Esther (King) Brown & Son

 Esther lived from 1810 to 1985.  The couple came from Ireland to Canada about 1831 and settled in various areas in Hastings and Lambton Co. before immigrating to Michigan.

George Brown 1801-1891

My research has taken be up to Richard Brown and the connection to his parents George and Esther Brown through their son George King Brown’s marriage to Maude Cecilia Hunt in 1870.  Any research on George and Esther’s children other than Richard has been supplied by Bob Hayes and another researcher Peter Cunningham at the Cunningham’s of Sudbury website hosted at   George’s father was William Brown.  He came from Longford, Ireland and Esther came from Cavan, Cavan, Ulster, Ireland.  The research will continue and updates will follow.


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