1891: Edmund Boardman Family!

Edmund and Charlotte Boardman left Prince Edward Island shortly after the enumeration of the 1881 Canadian census and headed west to Winnipeg.  Edmund was a coppersmith by trade and he had skills that could be put to use for the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Winnipeg Postcard date unknown

Early in the research I traveled with my genealogy buddy Barb, whom I have known since college days.  We discovered in later life that we had a passion for genealogy.

We drove up to Surrey, British Columbia (2002) to do Canadian research at the Cloverdale Library in Surrey.  This library has the best Canadian genealogical collection on the west coast.  It is only a few hours drive for us.   Here is the link:  http://www.surreylibraries.ca/programs-services/4815.aspx  They have changed their website and are now using the terms “Family History.”

On this trip I was going to look at the Canadian Census.  At that time you used the microfilm and did not have the online census like exists today at Ancestry.com.  Canada has their own film numbering system so if you use the Family History Library you have to translate to their numbers.

We had reserved the microfilm reader and I began scrolling through the 1891 Canadian Census for Winnipeg.  I was looking for the Boardmans because I knew them better.  Well, I found the Browns first and then the Boardmans a few pages later.

I did the genealogy happy dance and was very excited!!  I had little information about these two families and there they were living very close to each other in Winnipeg.

Source:  1891 Canadian Census, Edmond Boardman Family, Manitoba, Winnipeg, District 11, Ward 5C, enumerated April 8, 1891, Film T6297.

W1/3/21 Boardman, Edmond, male, 41 yrs. married, born in England, parents born in England, Church of Eng., Coppersmith. Charlotte, female, 36 yrs, married, w (relation to head), born N. B., father born in Scotland, mother born in England. Edmond, male, age 13, single, born in N.B., Robert, male, age 10, single, born N.B., William, male age 7, single, born in Man. John, male, age 5, single, born Man.

The only thing that is not quite right is that the little baby girl is missing.  There is a baby girl buried in the West Branch Presbyterian Church cemetery, Kent Co., New Brunswick in Weldford by the name of Alma C. Boardman.   The 1881 Canadian Census had her name as “Zelia” but it could easily be a middle name or nickname.  The date of death is listed as 16 September 1882 for this baby’s cemetery record.  This means that Edmund and Charlotte did not leave New Brunswick till later.  City directory research for Edmund for Winnipeg starts with 1884 as indicated in the post dated January 8, 2011.

What is a coppersmith?  Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coppersmith

Robert Boardman who is listed in this census, at the age of 10, is my grandfather.


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