1891: The Richard Brown Family!

Because the name Boardman is a little easier to trace I started with them.  Much to my surprise as I was looking through the 1891 Canadian Census I stumbled upon the Browns while researching at the Cloverdale Library in Surrey, British Columbia.  I found them living rather close to the Boardmans and did I do a happy dance!!!

Source:  Richard Brown Family, 1891 Canadian Census, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Page 34, District No. 1, Ward 6, also on Canadian Film #T6297, 13 May 1891 by J. [   ] 1891 – Richard Brown, 36 years old, born in Ontario, father and mother from Ireland, carpenter. Emily Brown, 35 years old, born in Ontario, parents from England. Charles 16 years old, born in USA.  Ethel 9 yrs old, born in Manitoba. Arthur 7 yrs., born in Manitoba.

Below is a map of Winnipeg divided up into the various census areas for the year 2001.  The Red River is the blue wiggly line dividing the city.  In order to make the map work you will have to go to this link for any interactive playing around: http://www.winnipeg.ca/census/2001/ 

Winnipeg Census Map

 Here is another map to give a little more detail.  It was a small world!

A Small World!

Click on the map above and you will see where the Boardman’s and the Brown’s lived in Winnipeg. In addition the St. John’s Cemetery and the Elmswood Cemetery are nearby.  The families would eventually be buried in these cemeteries. 

The other interesting point is that the Boardman’s and Brown’s lived on the “otherside of the tracks” from each other.  Both families worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway so it is understandable that they would live in these areas.


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