Revisiting City Directories: Winnipeg

We return to the Winnipeg City Directories to see what is happening with the Boardman and Brown families after the 1891 Canadian Census.

We find the Richard Brown family to be as follows:

The Brown Family

1893 Brown, Richard, carpenter 175 Magnus Ave

1894-1899 Brown Richard CPR, 175 Magnus Ave

Brown, Chas W. clerk, 175 Magnus Ave [19 years old in 1894]

The Boardman’s are listed as follows:

1892 Boardman, Edmond, Coppersmith corner of Henry & Lulu

1892:  Boardman, Peter, Carpenter, 765 8th Ave N.  [It is not known who this person is]

1893-1896 Boardman, Edmond, Coppersmith, 573 Logan Ave.

1897 Boardman, Edmond, Coppersmith 573 Logan Ave.

Boardman, Robert, apprentice, 573 Logan Ave. [16 years old]

Boardman, Ed. James, student, 573 Logan Ave. [19 years old]

1899-1909 Boardman, Edmond, Coppersmith CPR, 573 Logan Ave.

Henderson City Directory 1899

We see that one of the children of Richard Brown, Charles, has struck out on his own.  We also see that the children of Edmund Boardman: Robert and Ed. James, are also beginning their work careers.  Robert is my grandfather.

The siblings of Edmond Boardman are not known.  More research needs to be done on the Boardman family.  It is possible that the man named Peter is a relative and it would require some further digging to confirm or disprove that possibility.


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