The Boardman Family 1901!

Boardman Family 1901

The turn of the century comes and we find Edmund and Charlotte settled in Winnipeg and still living there according to the 1901 Canadian Census.

Source:  Edmund Boardman Family, 1901 Canadian Census, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Ward 5, T6438, Cloverdale Library, Surrey, British Columbia

96/104 Boardman Ed, born on May 23, 1848,  52 yrs old, born in England, immigrated to Canada in 1853.

Charlotte A., wife, born October 13, 1855, born in N.B.R., parents born in Scotland, Ch of Eng. 

“Edmond J,”  son, born June 26, 1878, single, 22 years born N.B.R., Clerk, Insurance. 

Robert, born September 8, 1881, 19 years old, single, stenographer. 

Wm. J, son, born January 17, 1884, 17 years, occupation [   ].

John H., son, born April 2, 1886, 15 years old.  “Man W,” for place of birth for last two children.

This is a really good description of the Boardman family in 1901.  As you can see three of the Boardman sons are employed.   I find it interesting that my grandfather Robert tried his hand at being a stenographer.  I have always known him as engaged in the plumbing business but apparently that came later in his life.


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