The Browns in 1901!

The Richard Brown family was present in Winnipeg according to the  Canadian census for 1901.

Source: Richard Brown Family, 1901 Canadian Census, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada page 1, District 12, Ward 6, April 1-2, 1901, enumerator John W. Naughton  

line 25, 7/7 Brown, Richard, M, head, m, born on March 10, 1846 age 55, born Ontario, Irish, CE, Carpenter

Emma Brown, f, wife, married, born Mar 13, 1857, age 50, born Ontario, English,

Charles Brown, m, son, single, born Jany 6, 1875, age 26, born Michigan crossed off US, 1880, Irish, Clerk.

Ethel Brown, f, daughter, single born June 10, 1882, age 19, born Man, Irish, Stenographer,

Arthur Brown, m, son, single, born Nov 29, 1883, age 17, born Man, Irish, Clerk.  They can all read, write and speak English.

We see that there are three children born to Richard and Emma; however this census does not show that during the 1890’s another child was born.  His name was Alvin and he came into the world about 1891 but unfortunately he did not survive and was gone passing on December 7, 1895.   Alvin’s death is listed on the Manitoba Vital Records website index.

Alvin is buried in the St. John’s Cemetery in Winnipeg with other family members.  He was barely 4 years old:

Alvin's Memorial

It is interesting to see that they are all employed and the children are almost all out of school or getting close.  My grandmother Ethel is listed as a stenographer and I wonder if this could be how my grandparents met?  It is fun to speculate!


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