A Son Becomes of Age: Charles Ward Brown

In past posts I have tried to weave the story of the Boardmans and Browns together showing that they migrated and settled in Winnipeg about the same time and lived not far from each other. 

The Brown family stayed in Winnipeg and the sons of Richard and Emma Brown lived out their lives in that city.  Richard the father died in 1922 and I will talk about him as well.

On the otherhand, only one Boardman remained in Winnipeg and lived out his life.  The other Boardman sons left Winnipeg about 1907 after the death of Edmund Boardman and headed west to Vancouver, B.C. and eventually headed south into the United States.  I will return to my grandmother Ethel Adella Brown’s journey and her marriage to Robert Boardman one of the sons of Charlotte and Edmund but first, I would like to share what I know about the Brown family.  Credit for this information goes to Rick McLellan who did some research for me.  He can be found at the Manitoba Genealogical Society. 

I will start with the oldest son of Richard and Emma Brown.

Charles Ward Brown was born on 6 January 1875 in Lapeer Co., Michigan.  It is possible he was born in Port Huron, Saint Clair Co., Michigan were his parents married on 9 Jan 1874.  The St. John’s Angelican church has baptisms #77 and Charles is listed with this birth date and his parents are Richard Brown and Emma Ward.  The date of baptism is given as 29 June 1890.  This means that Charles was 15 years old when he was baptized.  His siblings are also listed as being baptized on the same date. 

He first appears in the Winnipeg City Directories about 1894 as a clerk.  In the 1900-1901 city directory he is listed as a clerk for Carruthers, Brock & Johnston company in Winnipeg and he is living at 175 Magus St.  This address is where his father and mother lived.  He continues working for this firm till about 1904 when he is listed as an accountant for F.J. Holland and Co. in Winnipeg and he is now living at 153 Magus street in Winnipeg.

The photograph provided may be Charles W. Brown.  On the back someone wrote “Charlie.”  There are other photos of a man who looks similar but they are not identified.  Charles’ obituary presents a photograph and in future post we can compare the photos along with the photos of his brother Arthur and see if we cannot figure out who is who.

Sometime around 1900 he joins the Beaver Lodge A.F. and A.M.

On July 10th, 1901 (Manitoba Vital Statistics)  Charles marries Annie Stobbs so this is probably why he is now living at 153 Magnus Ave. in Winnipeg.  He had established a home for himself and his new wife.

Charles and Annie appear in the 1906 Canadian Census on page 29 living in Manitoba, District of North Winnipeg, Sub-District 6a, enumerated on June 29, 1906, Line #13, family #202

Brown Charles, head, male, married, age 31 born U.S. , lived in area since 1881, 153 Magnus. Brown Annie, wife, female, married age 32, born in England, lived in area since 1881.

Further Winnipeg City Directory pages show that by 1906 Charles was working at the Brown-Clarke Agency to about 1909 and still living at 153 Magnus Ave.  He might be a principal in this agency but further research is needed to determine the extent of his involvement.

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and Annie dies on 4 October 1907. 

Births, Marriage, Deaths – Deaths – Brown, On Oct. 4 at the Winnipeg General Hospital, Annie, the beloved wife of C.W. Brown, of the Brown-Clarke Agency, aged 33 years.  Funeral services will be held at her late residence, 153 Magnus avenue on Monday, Oct. 7, at 2:30 o’clock, to MacDougall church, and thence to St. John’s cemetery.  Winnipeg Free Press, Monday Oct. 7, 1907.

Annie is buried in St. John’s Cemetery

Annie shares with Arthur

Apparently their were no children born to Charles and Annie that are known.  They were married seven years which is long enough to have children.  Since I do not have her death certificate at this time I cannot determine cause of death and from the information provided at the Manitoba Vital Records database online not much information is given for Annie.


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