Charles W. Brown Jr.

Charles W. Brown Jr., the son of Eva Nellie and Charles Ward Brown lived a good life in Winnipeg.  Unfortunately I do not know much about Charles Jr. other than he might have married a lady by the name of Victoria and if he had children I do not have that information.

He does appear in the 1916 census along with his parents and he was still in Winnipeg at the death of his father Charles W. Brown in 1935. 

Winnipeg city directories state that he worked for the Teller Hurton & Erie Mortgage Co. and lived at 134 Walnut probably inheriting the house after his father’s death. 

By 1940 to 1948 he apparently worked as a clerk for the Huron & Erie Mortgage Co. and lived at 19-558 Sherbrooke St., later 3 -217 Sherbrooke. 

In 1945 he is also listed as working for the Canada Trust at 23-513 Sherbrooke St. 

 By 1947 he is an employee at the Modern Laundry and is living at 945 Wallasey St.

From 1950 to 1952 he is assistant engineer at the Manitoba Telephone Co. and now he is living at 1526 Logan Ave.  In paranthesis the name (Donna) appears that usually refers to the wife’s name.  So this might be him.  It suggests he may have remarried?

I do not know when Charles Jr. passed he could have lived in Winnipeg well into the 1980’s maybe even into the 1990’s.  The privacy laws of Canada are strict and so until I get an opportunity to visit Winnipeg I will not be able to learn more about Charles Jr. or his siblings Marjorie or Alvin. 

The photographs I inherited of the family have many that are not identified, so I may have a photograph of Charles but not realize it.   At some point I will share those unidentified photographs.


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