Richard Brown After Emma!

Richard Brown continued to live and work in Winnipeg after the death of his wife Emma in 1905.  He resided at the 175 Magnus address and engaged in the occupation of carpentry.

The city directories list him from 1911 to 1919 as a carpenter for the Canadian Pacific Railway and specifically from 1917 to 1918 he worked as a laborer.   He is in his 70’s at that time!!

In 1906 according to the Canadian Census Richard is living with Arthur, Ethel and his son-in-law Robert Boardman. I was very happy to find this census for it gives information about my grandparents Ethel and Robert.  They had married in 1905 and tracking them has been fun. 

Richard Brown Family, 1906 Canadian Census, North Winnipeg, Manitoba, Page 28, SubDistrict 6a, June 28, 1906, enumerated by W. A. Rough.#28, 197 Brown Richard, Head, Male, widow, 59, 175 Magnus, Brown Arthur, son, male, single, 22, Boardman, Ethel, daughter, female, married, 25, Boardman, Robert, son male, married, 25 born NB. Morton, Rebecca age 26, born Ireland came in 1902

In 1911 he is sharing the house with his youngest son Arthur.  Ethel and Robert Boardman are no longer living Richard. By this time my parents have migrated to Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Richard Brown Family, 1911 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada pg. 35, ED 73, J.E. Baine line 37 [    ] Brown Arthur W. 175 Magnus male, son Single born Nov. 1875 age 36, born Man, Canadian, Presby, Traveller, yes, clerk [   ] yes yes English. Brown, Richard, 175 Magnus, male, Head, Wd, born March 1846 age 65, born Ontario, Canadian, religion [   ], carpenter, yes, yes English.

by 1916 things get a little confused:

Richard Brown Family, 1916 Canadian Census, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada pg. 5, District #14N, City of Winnipeg. line 24, 48, 52, Brown Richard, 175 Magnus, Head, M, Married, age 31, Canadian, Anglican, yes, yes, Proprietor, wholesale paper. Brown Terese, wife, female, married age 31, Holland, Methodist, 1908, nat., father Canadian, mother Dutch, yes, no. English, yes, yes. Brown Richard Anthony, son, m, singled 15 mos. Canadian, Manitoba, Methodist, Canadian, English yes, no, English, Brown Richard, Boarder, male, widowed, age 68 born Canada Ont., Anglican, Canadian, English, yes, no, English, Carpenter, CPR, Goodman, Sarah, female, single, age 16, born Iceland, Lutheran, 1912 al., Canadian, English, yes, no. English, servant.

Somehow the census enumerator mixed things up Arthur ends up with the name Richard? One thing is for certain Arthur has married.  


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