Edmund and Charlotte Boardman in 1906!

It is time now to return to the Boardman side of the family.  When I get the chance I will dig further into the Brown side but that might be awhile. I am trying to catch up.  There is a lot to do regarding Emma (Ward) Brown my great-grandmother.  I do not know much about her.

Edmund and Charlotte Boardman/Bordman are still living in Winnipeg in the 1906 Canadian Census their name is spelled “Bordman.”  I have seen this spelling before.

Source:  Edmund Bordman Family, 1906 Canadian Census, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Sub-District Ward Five, 5D

Line 4, 152, Edmond Bordman, Male, Married, birthplace England, age 57, Immigrated 1855, logan 563, Charlott Bordman, wife, female, married, age 47 born NB, Edmond J. Bordman, son, male, single,  age 27 Born NB, Robert Bordman, son, male, single, age 24 born NB, [Vellon] H. Bordman, son, male, single, age 20 born Manitoba.  

1906 Edmond Bordman Family

It is interesting that Robert is listed here.  He is also listed living with the Richard Brown family in Winnipeg with his wife Ethel in 1906.  I described this in the post dated August 5, 2011 “Richard Brown After Emma!” These two individuals are my grandparents.  Here he is “single?”  William the younger brother is missing.  He would be about 21 years old.

I do not know who Vellon H. Bordman is?  This is on the summary sheet that Ancestry has created and they interpret the name in this manner.  I believe it should be “John H.” the younger brother.  The age of 20 would match.  The first letter looks like a “J.”


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