Robert and Ethel Boardman’s first child?

Robert and Ethel (Brown) Boardman married in August of 1905 but their first child Hazel Aileen Boardman was not born till the 23rd of May 1907 in Winnipeg.  There was 21 months between the marriage date and Aileen’s birth.  Since there is no evidence of another child born during that time period maybe I am just being suspicious?

My mother’s sister and my Aunt was always Aileen to us, until one day she giggled and told me her first name was Hazel.  I giggled back and said “I know.”

Photo:  Unfortunately this photo is very dark even though I tried to lighten it up.  It obscures my grandmother Ethel’s face.  The baby is my Aunt Hazel Aileen in 31 August 1907.  This is probably at the time of the christening. 

I do not have my Aunt Aileen’s birth record only the online version of the index at the Manitoba website for vital records.  It is something I plan to get someday.  I am content at the moment to know that she was born in Winnipeg. 

There is a baptismal record of my Aunt at the St. George’s Church in Winnipeg for the 13th of October 1907 and signed by a J.J. Roz (Rector).   This was obtained by a researcher I hired so I don’t have all the source information.  I assume it was found in the records of the Manitoba Genealogical Society.  

The Manitoba Historical Society website has an old postcard of what may be the church at:

Photo:  A portrait of Hazel Aileen. She looks so happy and I can see the smile that I would come to know as my Aunt Aileen’s.  Maybe grandfather Edmund Boardman got a chance to know one Aileen before he passed in October 1908.


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