Cloverdale Library in Surrey, BC

As I mentioned in the last post, I have been to Surrey several times.  I am very fond of the Cloverdale Library where they have a genealogical collection that covers Canada.  I wanted to stop by and see if I could get some questions answered before my trip to Ontario which was coming up soon.

Cloverdale Library, Surrey, BC

Here is the link: Cloverdale Library, Surrey, British Columbia.

The Cloverdale Library prepared a book about Canadian Research and of course I have a copy:

Source:  Canadian Genealogical Resources, A Guide to the Materials held at the Cloverdale Library, 15th Edition, 2007.  It is on the website for sale and they will be updating it and publishing a 2012 edition soon.

This booklet is set up by categories:  Census, Immigration & Passenger Records, Naturalization, Parish and Vital Records, Land Records, Metis Land Claims, Estate Records, Military Records, Hudson’s Bay Company Records, First Nations, City Directories, Genealogical Magazines and Newsletters, Electronic Resources and Other. It is very detailed.  They tell you when you have to do interlibrary loan from Libraries and Archives or the Ontario Archive if it is necessary.

They also have finding aids for each province that are very helpful and you can print them out or read them online.

You can park on either side of the library and you enter from the front through the big doors.  The genealogical collection is on the 2nd floor.

My question was for the librarian to see if she had any idea about the Library and Archives Upper and Lower Land Petitions.  After explaining my problem she agreed with me that the records stopped short of what I needed and that I probably need to contact the LAC to ask them my question.  She said they had a toll-free number but is that toll-free from the US?  My great-grandfather Archibald McDonell lived in Pontiac Co. Quebec and I trying for his land records.  He is not the focus of this blog which is the Brown and Boardman families. Still I am determined to learn about the Quebec and Ontario land records.

Cloverdale Library genealogical collection

After we made this determination she left for other duties and I pulled some books off the shelf.  I found the Lochiel parish book by Duncan Darby MacDonald regarding my McDonell side and learned it was about the Kirkhill Church and Cemetery in Lochiel Township in Glengarry.  I it is Presbyterian.  It covers 1820 to 1884.  I looked in it anyway to determine if Archibald might have changed is religion from Presbyterian to Catholic?  I did not find anything that looked promising.  Mr. MacDonald writes a very interesting history of this parish in the front of his book.  Unfortunately he died a little while ago and Global Genealogy has taken on his publications.  I do notice the name Brown in these registers and find it interesting that the origins of Brown could be Irish, Scottish and even German?

The next book I found was three volumes of the St. Regis Church starting in 1784.  It was at least Catholic so I took a look but did not find anything that looked promising.  It also covers other churches.  This series of volumes is again done by Duncan Darby MacDonald.  I still keep an eye out for any family surnames names.

I looked at several other books on Scottish immigration and settlement in Canada that I was not sure I had looked at. They had a lot on Irish immigration but I did not have time to look at those. There was much more I could do at this library but it was time to stop, take a break and relax.

We headed out for lunch or rather our dinner at a public house a few blocks north of the library and as we ate our food we played with our cell phones learning how to use them in Canada.  They have WiFi connection and so we logged on to the pub’s free WiFi and played.

The rest of the day we took it easy!


2 thoughts on “Cloverdale Library in Surrey, BC

    1. bonmac Post author

      Graham: Thanks for stopping by. I wrote about my trip (3rd) to Cloverdale Library in BC because I was on my way to visit a Brown cousin, not a MacDonell. HA! However, they have a great Canadian collection there. Did you click on the link to the blog I have for my M’Donald/Donell side – The Man Who Lived Airplanes, that is where you will find that side of my family. My dad loved airplanes so that why the title. It is there you will learn about my traveling around Ontario and Quebec in search of them. My name ended up being spelled MacDonald when my Dad moved to the states, his sibs used McDonald. I am working my way to visit Scotland. I will contact you via email and we can chat.


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