Getting to Know Kelowna, BC

Since arriving in Kelowna we have been busy visiting with my cousin and touring around.

Kelowna has a genealogical society and they have their collection in the relatively new library on the second floor.

The Kelowna Genealogical Society Library stacks

The Kelowna & District Genealogical Society

Kelowna Public Library is located at 1380 Ellis St., Kelowna BC and is worth visiting.  There is a parking lot across from the library so that makes it easy to find parking.

Entrance to the Kelowna Public Library

I spent my time at the library pulling books off their stacks mostly on the McDonald side.  They had two volumes of the St. Andrews West church records so I took a look at them.  They had several volumes of the books on the Abstracts of the Renfrew Mercury.  I did look at some Hastings County titles and a couple of church records.  My cousin has studied most of these titles so I did not dig in too deep.  They also had some Lambton county histories. So I was doing a mix of Brown and McDonald research.

Another view of the Kelowna Public Library

I had not looked at the library catalog so I was just pulling as I cruised down the stacks.  I usually dig deeper into the holdings of a genealogical society as much as I can before visiting.  We had arrived at 11 am and left about 2:30 pm so that means I did put some time into the reviewing of the books I pulled.  I have documented in more detail what I did do using my camera to photograph the title pages and more.  I will not go into the details here.

Next door was the Bicycle Shop Cafe and we stopped there for some delicious sandwiches.  They had old bicycles mounted on the walls.

We dutifully followed my cousin down the street to the lovely Kasugai Japanese garden and spent a little time there.  The Koi fish started to gather at the bridge over the pond probably thinking we were going to feed them. We did not. A lovely oasis in the city.

A Japanese Garden in the Heart of Kelowna

City Hall:

Kelowna City Hall

The Marina

Looking out toward the lake from City Park

Memorial to those who served in City Park!


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