A Tour of Kelowna Cemeteries!

Some of the Brown descendants made it to Kelowna, B.C.  There is a street named after them in Kelowna – Clement.  The Brown descendants are buried in several cemeteries in and near Kelowna.

You might try this link for some of the tombstones in the area, but remember they are not complete listings but a good start.


or the British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid


What I present here is an overview of 5 of the cemeteries in the area.  I did take photographs of the Brown/Clement graves and will post those at a later date.

St. Theresa is a small cemetery on the east side of Kelowna. This cemetery was established early 1930’s.

St. Theresa Cemetery in Kelowna

The Lakeview Cemetery is south of Duck Lake across Hwy 97 and a little beyond the airport.  There is a sign on Hwy 97.  It is very big and was established probably in the 1960’s.  There is a cemetery office but I am told they are not as helpful as they used to be.  So you might want to contact the genealogical society for some assistance.  This has not yet been documented.

Lakeview Cemeteries very large sign!

A view of Lakeview

The Kelowna Municipal Cemetery is actually two cemeteries for it includes the Pioneer Cemetery.   It is located at the foot of Dilworth Hill and next to the exclusive golf course.

City of Kelowna Municipal Cemetery Sign

Dry Land Cemetery – City of Kelowna – Dilworth Hill

My cousin, Bob, has been involved with documenting the cemeteries and learning about the people buried there.  He tells me that the genealogical society is working on getting the cemeteries documented, with directions, and information.  They are targeting the older ones first then they will add others. The cemeteries that are on private ground require that you get permission to visit.  These are called dry land cemeteries.  Fortunately a generous donation was given to place new stones on the unmarked graves.

Pioneer Cemetery part of the City Cemetery

Peach Orchard Cemetery is located on the southwest side of Lake Okanogan in Summerland.  It is right on the lake cut into the side of the hill.

Peach Orchard Cemetery, Summerland, BC

Looking up the hill in Peach Orchard Cemetery, Summerland, BC

UPDATE:  I have uploaded to my web albums at Picassa and for some reason it will not allow me to imbed a link to each one.  So if you go to Google Images try the name and city of the cemetery and you should be able to find my photos for they are public.  These are additional photos of the cemeteries listed above.

UPDATE:  January 9, 2013 – I have been able to do it and make a link for my cemetery photos from Picasa Google Photos on this blog.  YIPPEE.  Remember these are overview photos for there is never enough time to document all cemeteries I visit…I wish!

Pioneer Cemetery, Kelowna, BC
City of Kelowna Cemetery
Lakeview, Kelowna, BC
St. Theresa Cemetery, Kelowna, BC

4 thoughts on “A Tour of Kelowna Cemeteries!

  1. Michael Galbraith

    Wow! The pioneer cemetery photo if you enlarge it the headstone with the two hearts right at 12 o’clock is that of my 2 uncles. Amazing photo.

    1. bonmac Post author

      Michael: I am so happy that I was able to feature some uncles. If you download to your computer you might be able to get it even bigger. If you have a problem let me know. My cousin and his family try to go there every year and take care of the graves. I assume that he sees that other graves are well kept. It was a very different cemetery being a “dry” cemetery. Enjoy, Bonnie

  2. Debbie Fontaine

    Has anyone heard of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and Cemetery on Shannon Lake Road in Westbank, B.C? We have some death records with this as a location where relatives were buried but so far haven’t been able to find out where it is….. I think my next step might be contacting the Westbank Indian Band as the City of Kelowna has no record of this cemetery….

    1. BJ MacDonald Post author

      Debbie: Thanks for stopping by. I do not live in Kelowna, however, my cousin does and you might try the Kelowna Genealogical Society to see if they know anything about this cemetery. http://www.kdgs.ca/p/contact-us.html His name is Bob Hayes, my cousin. He took me on the tour you see on the blog. He knows about the area and if he doesn’t he will find out. Good Luck


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