Harrison Hot Springs…

Our goal was to visit Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia and take a little time to relax and for me to reminisce.

I remember taking day trips from Seattle to Harrison Hot Springs with my family.  So it may not be genealogical but it is memories of my youth or more accurately pieces of my memories.

I started to journal my trips about 10 years back, because I have lost so many memories of them, like the ones to Harrison Hot Springs.  These journals of my trips help me to remember and I do consult them.  Yes, I blog my trips as well but my journals are more detailed and personal.  I even do a journal for a vacation.

Postcard of Harrison Hot Springs!

The above photo is a postcard I found among my Aunt Miriam’s things.  She came on at least one of these trips to Harrison Hot Springs.

Below are some really old photographs supposedly of the area by an unknown family member.  I am not sure exactly where they were taken because the rain was slowing me down from investigating the angles.

Maybe in the late 1950’s or 1960’s

Below are a few photos of what Harrison Hot Springs looks like today.  It was raining pretty hard by the time we got there.  So we had dinner in the Copper Room which was very fancy.  It came with live music. The waiter seemed to think that The Copper room was served dinner so that means my family didn’t have lunch there in the past, if at all.  Maybe another restaurant?  The hotel has gone through a lot of changes over the years so and I may be mixing up memories of fancy restaurants with other trips. There were display cases along the hallway to The Copper Room and a filet mignon was $6.00 back in those days according to an old menu.

The next day we enjoyed the warm pools, at least 3 of them, in between the sprinkles of rain.  The last one was indoors and very hot.  When you look up from the outdoor adult pool you see a steep hill covered in trees.  The resort has and a nice brunch in their other restaurant, the Lakeside.  It was a lovely experience and reminded me of Biltmore in North Carolina, maybe not as fancy but still enjoyable. I do have more photographs of the area and will eventually upload them to the web but I have a big trip coming so that will have to wait awhile.  The resort is right on the lake.

The view from our room


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