Bridal Veil Falls and the Fraser River

Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park is not easy to find even though there are many signs pointing the way from Hwy 1.

My suggestion is to take the exit to Harrison Hot Springs, turn left and go over the freeway to Bridal Veil Falls Road and go past the golf club house and just to the restaurant and gasoline station and before you get to the first RV park.  Sandwiched in between them is the road to Bridal Veil Falls.  As far as we could tell there was no sign going north but there was one going south. If you end up at the Waterpark you have gone too far or need to go south.

Bridal Veil Falls reminds me of the Olympic Peninsula on the western side where the rain forest is located.  The trees are covered in moss and it is thick with vegetation.  We parked the car and the sky opened up so we grabbed some umbrellas and headed up the trail to the falls.

It is very beautiful in the park.  The trail follows the stream to the falls.  It takes about 10-15 minutes to get to the major falls.  The path is much like a forest path soft under your feet. There is another path called the Woodland path so you can take time to explore.

I don’t believe I have ever seen a falls that was so high, long and steep.  As you look at the picture you can imagine the roar of the water.  I had so wanted to take a video but it was raining very heavily and we were getting chilled.  Maybe next time!  My Dad loved to explore, so if we went to Harrison Hot Springs he must have taken us to this falls?  Of course this park had to be there before 1970.

Bridal Veil Falls

Earlier I tried for a picture of the Fraser River but didn’t do that great for there was no place to stop and park the car.  I took it from the window of our car as we crossed over the bridge, so you can see the fuzzy post.  It is very wide here.

Fraser River

In my post on British Columbia I mentioned that a Scotsman was responsible for finding and exploring this river.  Well his name was Simon Fraser and he died at St. Andrews West, Ontario.  I think I will stop by the cemetery, on my upcoming trip and say “Hello.”  Wow, he kept a journal written in 1806-1808.  He also married a Catherine McDonnell.

The next stop was Bellingham and a visit with a McDonald cousin, a descendant of one of my father’s sisters.  It had been awhile since I had seen her so we had a lot of catching up to do.

So that was the end of our trip to British Columbia.  It was a great trip but it was good to be home and see our kitties.


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