Hastings County: Belleville on The Bay of Quinte!

I hope the city of Belleville doesn’t mind my borrowing their reference to the Bay of Quinte.  Do not underestimate the use of a city website there can be a lot of information to help you get oriented.


As I approached Belleville I realized that it was a much larger city than I was expecting.  It was busier and the pace was faster.  Road construction was also a problem making it hard to get around and understand what you were supposed to do.  So I turned south and headed for dinner and waited till traffic ease off.

Belleville’s clock tower – City Hall?

I headed south on Front Street S. and found a marina area and a restaurant called the Boathouse.  I guess I was a little homesick for it reminded me of Seattle and the restaurants that are on Puget Sound and Elliott Bay.  They seated me in the corner inside were there was a good view on my side and a big window behind me.  There was a lot of activity going in and out  of the marina.

The Boathouse & Sports cars

This marina was sandwiched in a waterway between Victoria Park and the main land.  The Bay of Quinte was a little further out from this harbor area.

The Marina in Belleville

Boats were coming in and out of the marina.

A busy day at the marina

A crew team was practicing.


After dinner I headed up Front street through Belleville’s downtown area in search of the Comfort Inn.  There is a jog which can get you a little mixed up.  If you are on Pinnacle you need to go over the bridge to Front St. Trust me!

The Comfort Inn was on the right almost to Bell St.  It was a very nice Comfort Inn.  I had an inside and outside entrance.  So I could park my car and load and unload easily.  The view was not great but the convenience was and the employees were helpful and friendly.  I am a points member with Choice Hotels and that means free nights or gift cards as I build the points.  They also offer free breakfast and as you know I need food when I travel.

The next day was the Belleville Public Library and the Hastings County Historical Society.


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