Hastings County: Belleville Public Library

Entrance to the Belleville Public Library on Pinnacle St. – to the left

As I was digging around preparing for this trip I came upon this listing of Hastings County sources that was helpful and featured the Belleville Public Library. http://bellevillelibrary.com/photos/custom/Genealogy%20at%20the%20BPL.htm  This is very much like the information at the library’s website.

This website at Rootsweb pointed out what was where in the sources for Hastings County at the Belleville and Kingston Libraries and more. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~onhastin/Res/bibliography.html

The Belleville Public Library website is at this link for their home page:  http://www.bellevillelibrary.com/

This takes you to the Belleville Public Library collections page which includes newspapers and genealogy:  http://bellevillelibrary.ca/genealogyc223.php

It didn’t take long to get to the Belleville Public Library from the Comfort Inn.  I drove down Front Street and turned left on Campbell’s Street (or the next if it is one way) and then left again on Pinnacle and pulled into a parking lot a little north and on the left.  I did pay a fee for parking.  I cannot find any references to parking on the library website at this time.

I entered the library through the door to the left in the picture above that is all black.  The genealogy collection is on the 2nd floor past the Reference desk.  It was closed up time and lights were out.

Corby Local History Room

Update 9/16/2016:  Based on the information provided on the genealogy page of their website my experience below may be different now.  However, I suggest you investigate carefully before you go.

The Corby Local History Room is the name on the door.  I returned to the Reference desk and asked if I could access the room and was told:   NO PUBLIC ACCESS!!!

If I wanted anything they would retrieve it for me three items at a time.  I was stunned!  I have been back to their website trying to find any reference to this restriction but I can’t find anything.

My advice:  Make sure when you search their catalogue online and study the links I gave you above that you write down the call numbers and the title and make a separate list to hand to the Reference Librarian on the 2nd floor.


I am wondering if you cannot email a list to them in advance or call in order for them to prepare.  I didn’t ask.  On the website they have a phone number and email and call the librarians “Information Services staff.”  http://bellevillelibrary.com/genealogyc223.php

Fortunately, I had studied the Quinte Chapter of the OGS, the Belleville Public Library, the Hastings County Historical Society website and the Kingston Frontenac Library so I had a pretty good idea of what was where and that means if I run out of time in one place I can cover myself in another.  I also looked at Queens College in Kingston.   There was a lot of duplication.

I settled down at a table right next to the Corby Local History Room and started with the family histories and she pulled all the Brown surnamed ones and more.  They had the family histories listed their website.  They also had Belleville city directories back to 1851, 1857 and 1865.  They were very fragile.  This location was very inconvenient to other services like the catalogue computers which were near the Reference desk.  I have to carry my belongings around and that made it a little troublesome.  Advice: I suggest you reduce what you carry into the library so you can move around easily and freely.

So what is in that Corby Local History Room versus what is in the library in general is the challenge.  Next time I go over their website I will search and note the locations of the books at the main library.  I do know that they give location of other libraries in their catalogue.  I will be better prepared.

Why this policy of NO PUBLIC ACCESS is in effect, I do not know.  Actually, I think the librarian was defensive and that is why she was a little unpleasant at first for she really did warm up and was helpful and showed concern later on. I salute her and I am grateful, I am sure it is a stressful addition to her duties.  I cannot find a site map on this library website nor a search the site.

As I was leaving, I left another Boardman and Brown booklet at the Reference Desk.  There was another librarian manning the desk and she assured me it would be included in the collection.


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