The Boardman’s: Life in Vancouver, B.C.

My trip to Ontario and Quebec is completed and I returned several weeks ago.  I have been catching up the posting of the trip which resumed with the blog of my father’s family the McDonalds.  I  just finished it yesterday. 

Now that my trip to Kelowna, B.C. and my trip to Ontario and Quebec are completed I can resume discussing the family history.  

The last time I posted on this blog was about the  Boardman family and that was on April 19, 2012.  I was discussing why my grandfather Robert Boardman headed west to Vancouver, B.C. to settle.  I wish I knew what prompted the move to Vancouver, B.C., it was probably in search of work.  Here is the link to that post if you wish to review:

In any event, they lived in Vancouver from about 1910 to 1917 when they again migrated.  During this period of time several events took place.

What I am about to share is very dear to me.  My mother Marjorie was born on September 21, 1911 in Vancouver, B.C., to Robert and Ethel Boardman.

Certificate of Birth for Marjory Josephine Boardman, DOB September 22, 1911, Female, POB Vancouver BC, Date of Reg# Nov. 1, 1911. “I verify that this is a copy of an original, 19th Day of March 1971, 8/14/00 Marcia Saw 3/18/02 Commission Expires, J.H. Doughty Director of Vital Statistics.

My mother went by “Marjorie Faye” till her death, so something was not recorded as we had thought and when she obtained this birth record she was not happy. 

Marge (1 yr) and Aileen (4 yrs)

This is the earliest picture I have of my mother.  Boy she reminds me of someone, could it be Me? Aileen her older sister was born in 1907.

This is an example of a vital record not properly recorded or recorded by a parent as they thought it was to be.  In order to correct this birth record of my mother’s I would have to submit proof that she went by Majorie Faye to the British Columbia Vital Statistic Office.  I would have to submit documents showing  that she was using that name before the age of 13.  I will let you know how things turn out when I get the chance to purse it.


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