A Day at the Capilano Suspension Bridge, B.C.

Among the photographs I have of the Boardman family, there is a set of pictures showing the family enjoying a day at the Capilano Suspension Bridge in British Columbia:  http://www.capbridge.com/  This bridge is north of the city of Vancouver.

In this picture we have my great-grandmother, Charlotte McMurray Boardman standing with her son, my grandfather, Robert behind two girls.  The little girl on the left is Jean, the one in the hat.  It is probably Edmund James’ daughter Betty Jean born 1909.  He is the older son of Charlotte and brother to Robert. I know that the girl with the bow is my Aunt Aileen, Robert’s oldest daughter.

So this means that maybe Edmund James and his wife Jesse were visiting? Were they the ones taking the photographs?  I wonder if there are more?

Charlotte Boardman, Robert Boardman, Jean and Aileen

In this next photograph we have my grandmother Ethel.  Next to her is her daughter Aileen.  Great grandmother Charlotte is to the right with Jean is standing in the back.

If you look closely there is another child in the foreground.  All you see is a head but no face.  Could this be Edmund James Jr. born in February of 1911.

Ethel, Aileen and Charlotte Boardman, Jean is in the back

Great grandmother Charlotte is wearing black.  Is she still in mourning for her husband Edmund, my great-grandfather?  He died in 1908.  In placing the date of these photographs I would say they were taken in about 1911?  Great grandmother looks amazing in her dress.

According to the following article, the length of mourning was about 2 years.  http://www.tchevalier.com/fallingangels/bckgrnd/mourning/

Aileen, Charlotte and Jean

Here they are actually standing on the bridge.

Ethel, Charlotte, Aileen and Jean

In previous photographs I have displayed on this blog, my grandmother Ethel looks very healthy.  In these photographs she is very thin.  From this point on she looks very different in her photographs.  I am pondering that maybe she had physical problems?

Someday I would like to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and see if I cannot determine where the above photographs were taken.


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