Another Addition to the Boardman Family

On the 26th day of October 1916 Robert Brown Boardman was born to Robert and Ethel (Brown) Boardman.  I knew him as “Uncle Boardie.”

I do not have a birth index listing or birth record for Uncle Boardie because the Canadian privacy laws restrict birth records going back 120 years.

This series of photographs in a set is all I have of my uncle at a very early age:

A Series of Photos – Robert Brown Boardman

In this photo he is much better, yet still there is a scowl.

Uncle Boardie at the Beach

Here he is with his mother Ethel and he is still not that happy.

Ethel and her son Robert Brown Boardman or Uncle Boardie

The Boardman children:  Aileen with the bow in her hair, Boardie who is the baby and Marjorie.

Aileen, Boardie, and Marjorie circa 1917


4 thoughts on “Another Addition to the Boardman Family

  1. Brian Schwarz

    Have you come across Charles Fraser Boardman, born 1870 in Ontario to Moses Boardman and Fanny Devlin, who married in Winnipeg Lillian Mary Eliza Milne, daughter of James Milne and Harriet D. Clute? She was born in Stirling, Ontario in 1871. Charles and Lillian had 2 children. First, Laura Frances Boardman, born in Manitoba 1903, married 1st George Tansen with whom she had 2 children Paul Squire Tansen and Fieda Elvira Tansen (both born in San Fransico). Her 2nd husband was Frank Atwell. She died in Stanislaus, California in 1991. Second child of Charles and Lillian was James Milne Boardman, who married Myrtle Marie Agee and the 2 had 3 daughters in California: Dora Mae, Marian and Jean.
    I have information on Charles and Lillian’s descendants, but I don’t know when or where Charles and Lillian passed on.
    If you have any info, would you please contact me and if you’re interested, I’ll pass on what I have.

    1. bonmac Post author

      Brian: I am sorry that I have not responded. I have been a little preoccupied with medical issues until now. I am sorry but I do not recognize the name. I just found the family of my great grandfather Edmund in the 1851 English census and there is a 13 year gap between Edmund and his older brother Thomas. This might mean that there are other siblings that I do not know about yet. So I am still piecing together the Boardman family and so far I just have them in New Brunswick, Manitoba, Vancouver, Seattle and Pasadena. So I am afraid I cannot help. By approving your comment others might read it and contact you. I did visit Stirling last Spring of 2012 and was not aware there were other Boardman’s in the area. I was focusing on the Brown family who had settled there. I am planning to go back hopefully in the Fall of 2013 and if I stumble on anything I will let you know. However, it looks like they moved on to Manitoba from your description. You might try the Manitoba Genealogical Society and see if they have any cemetery listings for Charles and Lillian? Good Luck!

    2. Malcolm Ewashkiw

      Hi Brian,
      I’m researching the same Boardman family that you mention and I, too, haven’t found when Charles and Lillian passed on. In the intervening years, have you found any answers? My wife is related to Fanny Devlin’s sister Harriet who is her great grandmother.

      1. BJ MacDonald Post author

        Malcolm: No I have not learned anything new about Brian’s family that he mentions in the comment. I do know that there were other Boardman’s who lived in the Hamilton area but I have not pursued trying to piece them together. I did visit the cemetery there in Hamilton but it was not too helpful. I can try to get in contact with Brian if you would like, but this is pretty old and he might not respond. When I start planning my trip to England in a couple of years I will probably revisit more Boardman’s. It is very difficult to research the early years in the 1800’s in Canada. What you see on the Boardman Blog is pretty much what I know about the family that is my Boardman’s. Bonnie

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