The Boardmans Enjoy the Beach

The Boardman’s enjoy the Beach

Sometime in the early 1920’s the Boardman’s headed to the beach for some fun and recreation.  Just where this beach is located is not clear.  If you study the photograph you see that almost all are wearing jackets or a coat. Because Charlotte is with them I am leaning toward it being in California before they left to return to Seattle.  In the last post they had taken her to Pasadena to visit with other family members.  She remained.  Aileen would be 16 years old and this picture is reminiscent of her high school photographs.  In the background is a lady facing away from the camera with a hat and a little boy next to her.  This could be Daisy Alice, Willie’s wife and son?

Who is in this picture?  Starting on the left, the lady in the hat is my great-grandmother Charlotte Ann McMurray Boardman.  In front of her is her granddaughter Aileen (Hazel Aileen).  The girl in the middle is Marjorie, my mother.  The woman standing behind her is her mother Ethel and the man on the right with the pipe is my grandfather Robert.  So we have three generations in this photograph: the grandmother, parents and two of the three children.  It is possible the Uncle Boardie (Robert Brown Boardman) is taking the picture. 

In the background you see an umbrella, an old model car and other people enjoying the day.  I wish I knew more about the story behind this photograph.  It looks like it was a happy day.


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