Charlotte Anne McMurray Boardman 1938!

Charlotte Ann McMurray Boardman

Charlotte Ann McMurray Boardman

My great-grandmother Charlotte Anne McMurray Boardman died on 1 July 1938 and was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale on 2 July 1938.

I do not have a picture of her tombstone because when I visited her son William’s grave site in 2004, I did not know she was buried there.  To make matters worse I did not check with the office of the cemetery.

Later I wrote to them in 2006 and found out that she was in Space 4, Lot 2230, Whispering Pines which is very near the entrance and we drove right by her.  The blob of yellow on the map is where Whispering Pines is located in the cemetery.  The arrow is where he son William is buried.

Forest Lawn - Glendale

Forest Lawn – Glendale

Charlotte’s tombstone or memorial plaque is not listed at Find A Grave, William her son is listed but no photo of his plaque.

Find A Grave:

The letter went on to state the following:  “Due to the extensive number of descendents with the surnames of Boardman and McMurray, we will need more information.  If you can provide us with first names, dates of birth, death or ages at the time of death, we will search our files again.”

I ran a search at Find A Grave and found 24 Boardmans and 48 McMurrays.  There is not enough detail to tell if there is anything interesting to pursue.  Why did she go to California?  Was she tired of the cold and wet or were their other family members near besides her son William and his family?  I don’t know.  What happened to the family bible that she took with her from New Brunswick?  I don’t know.

Charlotte with a unknown baby

Charlotte with an unknown baby

On July 1, 1938 Charlotte’s journey had ended.  She was born in New Brunswick and migrated from there in the early 1880’s with her husband Edmund. They settled in Winnipeg and she lived there till about 1915 when she moved to Vancouver B.C. to live with my grandparents Robert and Ethel.    In 1917 she migrated to West Seattle, Washington with Robert and Ethel.  About 1924 the family traveled to Pasadena in California and she remained behind to live with her son William and his family till her death in 1938.

I learned were she was buried when I obtained her death certificate from California.  It reads:

Street address:  130 North Catalina St., female, cauc, widowed, spouse – Edmund Boardman, born Oct 12, 1855, age 82 yrs, 8 months, 19 days, housewife, own home, born in New Brunswick, Canada.  Name first name of father unknown last name McMurray, father’s birthplace unknown, mother’s name and birthplace unknown.  Informant is Alice Boardman at 130 No. Catalina, Pasadena, burial in Forest Lawn Cemetery 7/2/1938.  Embalmer #2420, Frank J. Keaton, Forest Lawn Memorial Association, Inc., Glendale, California, Fernand K. Saars., Filed July 2, 1938 Wilton L. Halverson local registrar.  Died July 1, 1938 attended from 6/1/38 to 7/1/38, died at 2 a.m. from Cardiac exhaustion, aortic stenosis, mitral insufficiency?  Has had arterial hypertension, arteriosclerosis for several years.  No autopsy, signed by J.B. K……..MD at 2553 E. Colorado, Pasadena.

Source:  Standard Certificate of Death, July 1, 1938 #38-042283, Local Reg. 521, State of California, Department of Health Services, Vital Statistics.

Charlotte on the porch of some house

Charlotte on the porch of some house

LESSONS LEARNED:  Always check the cemetery office and search for the principle family surname and others.  You never know what you will find out.  Depending on the cemetery they may charge you for the search or for obtaining funeral records.  Some cemeteries are very careful about the privacy of their family burials.  So have your information ready and be polite.


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