Posted by: BJ MacDonald | March 26, 2013

Aileen Boardman’s Grammar School Days

Aileen attended Gatewood Elementary school in West Seattle, Washington.  It is located between California Ave SW and Fauntleroy Way SW on SW Frontenac and Myrtle St.

Seattle Neighborhoods from

Seattle Neighborhoods from

West Seattle is the area that is the light blue on the left piece jutting out into Puget Sound on the southern shore of Elliott Bay.  It is the birthplace of Seattle.  Arthur Denny decided to moved to the Downtown area at a later date.  I show you this map of the neighborhoods of Seattle because it is good to get and idea of a place.  You see I am a northern Seattle girl, so to me West Seattle is way over there!  West Seattle played a big part in my family history for my mother and my father’s family.  I remember Christmas Eve at Aunt Eddies (Dad’s sister) and Christmas Day at Aunt Aileen’s in West Seattle.

Aileen probably didn’t go to Gatewood for very long probably going there from 1917 to 1918 and then again when the returned from Tacoma in 1920 to 1921 with the family?   I do not know much about my family’s Tacoma days.

In this photograph below Aileen is the sitting on the bench, second one from the left.  She is very intent on her task an instead of the white bow, she has a black one?  It looks to me like they are knitting?  There are no names on the backside so I do not know the other girls or where this was taken.

Is this a knitting class?

Is this a knitting class?

In the photo below, we see Aileen surrounded by other children.  This was when she was at Gatewood Elementary.  Aileen is the one that is third from the left in the front row with the big smile.  If you can read the very badly scribbled names, good for you.  Flipping the photograph over I do not find any other names. It looks like it says 8th Grade at the top?

Gatewood School circa 1919?

Gatewood School circa 1919?

Here is a close up, it is too wonderful not to see it more clearly. Aileen is in the middle. She is smiling and has come a long way from the serious frown she had in her pictures as a child.  This makes me laugh, she is so happy.

A close up of Aileen.  She seems happy.

A close up of Aileen. She seems happy.

Aileen’s Grammar School certificate dated June 17, 1921, that means this certificate has been around about 91 years.

Grammar School Certificate

Grammar School Certificate

The date on the following photo reads Seattle, West 1921.  It must be spring or summer so it is probably something to do with graduation from grammar school?

Aileen in 1921

Aileen in 1921

Aileen was confirmed in 1921 per the certificate below.

A Confirmation 1921

A Confirmation 1921

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