School Days for Marjorie!

While Aileen was attending West Seattle High School, Marjorie was attending Gatewood Elementary School.  Aileen graduated from high school in June 1925 but Marjorie was still in grammar school for at least another six months.

The interesting thing about Marjorie’s Gatewood Elementary School experience is that she entered that school when they first immigrated from Vancouver, British Columbia to Seattle about 1917.  Here is what Marjorie wrote about her experience:

“I attended Gatewood from about September 1917 to  June 1918 and then we were gone for 2 years to Tacoma.  I returned to Gatewood Elementary School and attended from September 1920 to January 29th 1926.”

For more information about the immigration from Canada to the United States see the blog post dated August 28, 2012 “On the move again:  Migrating to the USA!”  In this post I describe the 1920 U.S. Federal Census information and share some city directory research.

Where they attended grammar school in Tacoma it is not known at this time. The census has the names of the streets Madison and Gunnison written on it.  The information from the 1920 U.S. Federal Census would have to be studied more thoroughly to pin down their location.

Unfortunately the records for Gatewood are unavailable from the Seattle School Archives. So we cannot learn more about Marjorie’s experience in grammar school.

Her grammar school certificate did survive and she graduated January 29, 1926.  A Margarite Claussen was her teacher.

Marjorie's grammar school certificate

Marjorie’s grammar school certificate

This photograph that follows is amazing.  It has written on the back Typing Class II Teacher Miss Sundling.  At the bottom is written the name Walt [Dackworth].  No other names are written on the back, so I cannot tell you the names of the other children.

Marjorie Fay Boardman is the 4th one in the front row from the left.  She has a print dress on and a barrette in her hair.  Take a close look at this photograph for it has some very funny stuff going on in it.  If I was to place this photograph, it could be late in Marjorie’s grammar school years but I am leaning more toward her early high school years at West Seattle High School, 1926 to 1927.

Typing Class II teacher Miss Sundling.

Typing Class II teacher Miss Sundling.


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