Marjorie’s Graduation from High School!

Here is Marjorie’s high school graduation picture from 1930 and you can see it is the same as the one in the Blue & Gold West Seattle High School Yearbook page that I featured in the last post.  I love her hairdo.


Here Marjorie is standing on some steps in a very lovely dress but I do not know what it means.  She is wearing a ring on her small finger which is very interesting to me for she never did when I knew her.

Marjorie in a lovely dress

Marjorie in a lovely dress

Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out who is who in pictures of Marjorie and her sister Aileen as they became adults.  Here they are looking like they have the world by the tale.  Aileen is the one on the left and Marjorie, my mother is the one on the right with her arm around her sister.  Too bad it is not in color so we could see the colors they are wearing.  My guess is that this was taken in Lincoln Park which is located along the shores of Puget Sound in West Seattle.  It was an important park in Boardman events.

Marjorie and Aileen, sisters

Marjorie and Aileen, sisters


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