Robert Brown Boardman – A little bit of mischief!

Robert Brown Boardman is his formal name but I knew him as Uncle Boardie.  He was unpredictable and you never knew what he would do next.  He was the only son of Robert and Ethel Boardman.

Uncle Boardie was born 26 October 1916 in Vancouver, British Columbia and he immigrated with the family in 1917-1918 at the age of about 2 years old so I doubt he had any memory of the trip to the U.S.  He probably grew up knowing only West Seattle as his home.  When the family was in Tacoma for the 2 years around the 1920’s he was pretty young at that time about 3-4 years old.

While his sisters, Aileen and Marjorie were done with high school, he was about to enter in 1932. The 1930 U.S. Census has Uncle Boardie as 13 years old.

Here he is playing with his sister Marjory.  (Sorry for the fuzzy photos but I still think they are fun.)

Marje and Boardie in a nice car

Marge and Boardie in a nice car

More silliness.

More Silliness

More Silliness

Not sure who was the one to encourage the action in this photo?

Marje and Boardie cutting up

Marge and Boardie cutting up

Here he is with his cousins in 1924 when they went to Pasadena to visit Boardie’s dad’s brother William (Willie).  The boys in this photo are probably Uncle Willie’s kids.  Yes, Uncle Boardie is the one in the middle making a comment with his hand.

Boardie with cousins, maybe?

Boardie with cousins, maybe?

Uncle Boardie looked very different as a child.  I would never recognize him unless I knew from other photos who he was.  Here he is with his sister Aileen enjoying a boat ride and he looks so different to me.

Aileen and Uncle Boardie enjoying a boat ride

Aileen and Uncle Boardie enjoying a boat ride


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