Uncle Boardie and West Seattle High School: 1934

Robert Brown Boardman, or my Uncle Boardie, appears in the West Seattle High School yearbook for the year 1932 as a Sophomore.  He is featured on the following page of the yearbook with his name in the list under Bob Boardman.  On the right are the group photos of the students in the class.

My uncle is starting to look more like the man I knew.  I think that the boy sitting in the front row in the second picture about four people over from the right in the white sweater is Robert Brown Boardman, my uncle an Aileen and Marjorie’s little brother.

1933 West Seattle High School

1933 West Seattle High School- click to open and then use back button to return

I could not find Uncle Boardie in the Freshman and Senior year of the yearbooks for West Seattle.  I do have a photograph of him that looks very much like a graduation photograph.  My calculations have him graduating in 1934? However, I do not have a graduation certificate for him, so I don’t know for sure if he did or didn’t graduate.  I guess I should put that on my to-do list to get from the Seattle School Archives.

Boardie's High School Graduation Pic?

Boardie’s High School Graduation Pic?


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