Uncle Boardie and DeMolay 1936 & 1938.

A Robert Boardman was involved with DeMolay in the 1930’s.  DeMolay was a young boys club from the ages of 12 to 21 which is sponsored by a Masonic group.  This must be the more serious side of my Uncle Boardie.

Here is a really interesting article about this organization from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeMolay_International


You can also go and study the website of the DeMolay International: https://www.demolay.org/

An article appears in the Saturday, October 10, 1936 Seattle Daily Times, page 3, far right column at the top.

DeMolay Boys Run City Hall

“City officials sat back and took life easy today as eighty members of the Order of DeMolay held the reins of the municipal government in their annual one-day rule of the city.  Regular office holders, relinquishing their desks and their titles, were required only to sign certificates of office of the young men who took their places.  “Getting to work” at 9 o’clock, the youths started the day with a uniformed patrol drill and flag raising in front of the County-City Building.  Trooping into the mayor’s office , they were greeted by Major John F. Dore and then went to their respective positions.  DeMolay chapters represented in the ceremonies were West Seattle, Lincoln, Seattle, Temple and University.  Stanley Davis of the West Seattle Chapter was major for the day.  Other “city officials” were Robert Dudley, Seattle Chapter, corporation counsel; William Greene, Seattle Chapter, fire chief; Frank Jann, Temple Chapter, chief of police; Robert Boardman, West Seattle Chapter, chief of detectives and Donald Olson, Temple Chapter, police captain.  Filling councilmen’s chairs were Earl Nielsen and Don Colvin, Seattle Chapter; Roger Dudley, West Seattle; John Warner and Wesley Wilber, Temple; Norman Dahl and Bob Carstensen, Lincoln, and Don Kurster, University.  The young officials didn’t find their duties arduous.  Most city office holders having Saturday afternoons off.”

About 2 years later another article appears on Friday, September 16, 1938 in the Seattle Daily Times, page 11, column 2, apparently this was the end of Uncle Boardie’s time in this organization, he was getting too old at the age of about 21 to continue to be a member.

West Seattle De Molay Will Greet Officers

“West Seattle Chapter, Order of DeMolay, will install officers at 8 o’clock tonight in West Seattle Masonic Temple, 2642 California Ave. The new officers are as follows:  Tom Lanman, master councilor; Ralph Gunderson, senior councilor; William McMahan, junior councilor; Laird Peterson, senior deacon; Richard Winquist, junior deacon; Carl Randecker, senior steward; Clifford Carlson, junior steward; Robert Allison, orator; Jack Uren, sentinel; Keith Anderson, chaplain; Abbot Generaux, marshal; Donald Johnson standard bearer; Earl Cruzen, almoner; Dave Wissing, Alden Person, Art Wheless, Martin Dotterer, Bill Combs, Chester Lindberg and Melvin Johnson, preceptors.  Art Carsentsen, retiring master councilor will be master of ceremonies.  The installing team will be composed of Lial H. Hendershot, installing officer; Robert Boardman, Billo W. Wiseman, William J. Millard, Fred A. Smith and John Hight.”


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