1937 – Some Serious Events in Uncle Boardie’s life!

Uncle Boardie apparently got in trouble with fast cars.

The Seattle Daily Times, November 10, 1937, page 8, Column 2,

Nine Reckless Drivers Fined; 2 Others Freed

Nine persons were fined yesterday in Police Court on reckless driving charges, six traffic cases were continued, one bench warrant was issued and five forfeited bail on reckless driving charges. Two were freed on reckless driving charges.  Those fined were:  Paul Sanders, 18-year-old salesman; Russell Butterfield, 18, a laborer; L.J. Carmondy, 38, a cabinet maker; E.D. McGinitie, 50 a butcher; W. J. Ferguson, 26, a waiter, and F. W. Hill 26, a mechanic, $50 each, and J. Jacobson 56, an auditor; Robert Boardman, 20, a plumber and Erie Kirkevold, 25, a furrier,  (The article goes on with more names and descriptions). 

There was a couple more articles regarding my Uncle Boardie in the Seattle Daily Times.  In 1942 he was again in the news for reckless driving and then in a car accident which happened in 1944.  He suffered cuts and bruises but was okay, although his friend suffered a broken leg.

Uncle Boardied 1944

Uncle Boardie 1944


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