Aileen the Socialite – Druzea Club!

Aileen, the oldest of the Boardman children, was busy in the 1930’s.  She was a member of the Druzea Club. I tried to learn more about this club and its purpose but didn’t find anything with a quick Google search.  As you review the articles below you will get and idea of its purpose.

Aileen’s name is mentioned in the newspaper for Tuesday, December 5, 1933 in the Seattle Daily Times:

“Druzea Club to Give ‘Snow Dance’ Friday Evening”

Its first program dance of the season, a “snow dance,” will be given by Druzea Club Friday evening at Trinity Parish House, Eighth Avenue and James Street.  Jackie Evans, recently returned from a dancing tour which included A Century of Progress Exposition, will entertain during the intermission.  Miss Lucille Stone is chairman, assisted by Misses Aileen Boardman, Blanche Ashton, Esther Shelberg, Helen Croan, Alma Pearson and Mrs. Raymond Canedy.  Patrons and patronnesses will be the Rev. and Mrs. C. Stanley Mook, Dr. and Mrs. Ira L. Neill, Mr and Mrs. Frank Richardson Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graves and Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Dillingham.  

Appearing in one of the Seattle Newspapers we find on January 12, 1934 pg. 11:

Ailleen is Dance Chairman 1934

Aileen is Dance Chairman 1934

The article below the picture 1934

The article below the picture 1934

Miss Aileen Boardman is in charge of the “Shanghai New Year Dance” to be given by the Druzea Club today at Trinity Parish House (Lynch Photo, PI Staff).  Druzea Society Giving Function:  The Druzea Club will entertain with a Shanghai New Year dance this evening at Trinity Parish House, 8th Ave. and James St.  Miss Aileen Boardman is in charge of the dance and is being assisted by Miss Lucille Stone, vice chairman; Miss Blanche Ashton, Miss Marguerite McPherson, Miss Nellie Fox, Miss Alma Pearson, Miss Jean Lachore, Miss Alice Carter, Miss Norma Goddard, Miss Josephine Goddard, Miss Martha Person and Mrs. Jack Oflock.  A Chinese New Year program will be given during the intermission. Patrons and patronesses include the Rev. and Mrs. C. Stanley Mook, Dr. and Mrs. Ira. L. Neill, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graves, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Dillingham and Mr.and Mrs. Ben Graham.

The Seattle Times had another article dated Friday, February 9, 1934 titled

Costume Dance Will be Given by Druzea Club.”

A costume dance called “Cupid’s Parade,” in which the best dressed man and woman will be given awards, will be given by the Druzea Club of Trinity Parish Church this evening at 9 o’clock in the parish house, Eighth Avenue and James Street.  Patrons and patronesses for the evening will be the Rev. C. Stanley Mook and Mrs. Mook, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Graham, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Butler, Mr. Robert Gentry and Mr. and Mrs. George Wheeler, Miss Lucille Stone, chairman of the social committee, is assisted in the arrangements by the Misses Nellie Fox, Alma Pearson, Martha Pearson, Aileen Boardman, Gladys Canedy, Helen Croan, Jessie Oflock and Norman Goddard.  The Misses Patty Merrifield, Thelma Ridley, Muriel Rouse and Mary Lou Hoyt will present a “Flirtation Dance” and Miss Beverly Wilson will appear in “Cupid’s Dance.”  Supper will be served at the close of the evening. 

The Druzea Club appears again in the Sunday Morning, March 18, 1934 edition “The Druzea Club Will Entertain with Musicale.”

From 3 to 5 o’clock this afternoon, the members of the Druzea Club will entertain with a musicale tea in the Trinity Parish House. Proceeds from the afternoon will go toward the club’s welfare project, care of an orphan girl, Martha Carlos of Fort Yukon, Alaska.  Presiding at the tea table will be Mrs. Beatrice Wheeler, Mrs. Charles Stanley Mook, Mrs. S. Arthur Huston and Mrs. F.E. Robinson.  During the receiving hours there will be a program featured by voice and harp selections, by Ruth Osborne; vocal numbers by Gordon Neal, Floyd Murphy, Annie Olson, Lucille Stone and Jean Lochore; piano selections by Phyllis Clark and Martha Grant; violin numbers by Jeannette Mackie and by a violin trio by including Jeannette Mackie, Phyllis Olson and Elizabeth Waldo. Serving on the Committee of arrangements are Marguerite Robertson, chairman; Helen Croan, Audrey Stocks, Greta Bushnell, Alma Pearson, Theresa Campbell, Lillian Ellingsen, Florence Engstrom, Vera Freelund, Helen Corner, Dorothy Justan and Frances Lively.  The Druzea Club the name is Russian meaning “Friendly,” is composed of business girls between the ages of 18 and 35, the membership being limited to 150.  The club meets at the Trinity Parish House each Tuesday evening during the school year for dinner, which is followed by classes in contract bridge, charm, dramatics, needlework, tap dancing, basketball, badminton and lessons in horseback riding are also included in the curricula. The club which is open to all denominations, ahs a lodge (built in 1932) at Lake Kilarny.  Miss May Brosslos is president of the club, retiring from office next month; Miss Gladys Underwood is vice president; Mis Beth Kay, secretary; Miss Alma Pearson, treasurer; Miss Signe Wignaness, assistant treasurer, and Miss Evelyn Carlquist, corresponding secretary, Committee Chairman are Esther Shelberg, athletics; Martha Pearson, bulletins; Charlotte Harris, church and social service; Nellie Fox decorations; Jean Lochore, dinners; Lolabel Fritz, fellowship; Charlotte Bunde, lodge; Fayle Coulson, membership; Aileen Boardman, program; Margaret Benedict, publicity; Lucille Stone, social; Gladys Underwood, classes; Roberta Wheeler, music; Virginia Chapman, custodian; Martha Blanche Ryan, Martha….(it stops). 

The Seattle Daily Times featured on Tuesday, March 12, 1935 another Druzea Club article. Aileen becomes the President.

Druzea Officers 1935

Druzea Officers 1935

The Seattle Sunday Times had the following article on December 18, 1936:

 “Druzea Club To Entertain At Parish Hall.”

Druzea Club will present a program of music and drama Friday evening at 8:15 o’clock in Trinity Parish Hall under the leadership of Marie K. Brower, Helen D. Davis and Jean Chapman accompanist. The program will include carols in which the audience will join selections by a string trio composed of Virginia Chapman, piano; May Brossols, violin; Betty Sands, cello; numbers by a quartet composed of Dorothy Bernier, Mary Pease, Mazine Eyler, and Jean Leslie, and several numbers by the club chorus. The cast of the play includes Nancy Williamson, Charlotte Harris, Aileen Boardman and Lydia Schultz. A silver offering will be taken at the close of the program.

This following news article was among the pictures and memorabilia I received from my cousin but it does not give a date.  I have assumed it was probably close to about 1936. It would seem that her term as President would be about a year?

Aileen is held in high esteem and fetted about 1938?

Aileen is held in high esteem and fetted about 1936?

Photo and Caption: Miss Aileen Boardman, new president of the Druzea Club, who will be honored at the inaugural ball on Saturday.  Group Leader to Be Feted – In a setting of spring blossoms, new officers of the Druzea Club will be honored at the annual inaugural ball to be held in the D.A. R. House Saturday.  The new officers are Miss Aileen Boardman, President; Mrs. Jack Avey, vice president; Miss Ethel Grayson, secretary, and Miss Alma Pearson, treasurer.  Miss Bernice Pearson, chairman of the dance committee, is assisted by Miss Evelyn Peterson, Miss Maxine Morrow, Miss Gladys Brown and Mrs. Charles Anderson.  Patron and patronesses are Bishop and Mrs. F. Arthur Houston, Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Colcock, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Cresap, Mr. and Mrs. O. Engstrom.

In this next article Aileen is featured in a photograph giving over the gavel to the new Druzea President Mabel Alvick.  The article is dated Wednesday, October 7, 1936.  The picture and captions were all that was found among the pictures and memorabilia given to me.  It is a great photo of my Aunt.

My Aunt Aileen was little and probably came up to about 5 ft and didn’t weigh much.

Aileen steps down as President 1938.

Aileen steps down as President 1938.

This looks like it was a lot of fun and a lot of work planning all these events.  I wish I knew that she was involved with this club it would have been fun to hear her stories about it all.


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