The Children of William Brown & Alice/Elsie: Thomas Brown

The research that I have on the Brown family is through the courtesy of my cousin Bob Hayes.  He has graciously given me permission to share his research.  I visited Bob in Kelowna, BC in 2012 and he shared his findings with me.

When I first started this blog, I did not know a lot about the Brown family and others, like Bob, had done research on them.  I did a series of posts about George Brown and Esther King on this blog and touched a little on their children.  I refer you to that post dated December 4, 2010 titled:  George and Esther Brown’s Children. It was basically an overview of their family.  I have yet to delve into the lives of the children and will do that in future posts.

Here is the link to the post I wrote about George and Esther’s children.

I would like to move forward and share what I know about Thomas Brown a brother to George.  What I have is a little of my own research and a lot of Bob’s.

It has been suggested that Thomas Brown was born on 20 March 1817 in Ireland to William and Elsie/Alice Brown.  UPDATE 3/7/2015:  There is some confusion on his birth, so in reviewing sources I would place it about 1810.  His death information does not give his age, only his date of death being 4 August, 1848.

He married on 14 January 1841 to Mary Johnson in Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario.

Source:  Baptisms, Marriages and Death Records of the St. Thomas Anglican Church, Belleville, Ontario, 1821-1874, McMillan University and Quinte Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, #486 Marriages. 

Nothing much is known about Mary Johnson/Johnston other than she may have been born in Ireland about 1820 and died around 1886. I have also seen the name spelled “Johnston.”

Thomas died on 4 August 1848 in Hastings County, Ontario and he was buried in the St. Thomas Anglican Church cemetery in Belleville.  This church wanted to do some remodeling and they discovered in the excavation that there were many more graves than they had realized.  The church burial records were lost so McMillan University and the Quinte Branch of Ontario Genealogical Society set about putting together a record of the marriages, baptisms and births for that church.  This book is available at the Trenton Public Library in the Quinte room.

The Ghosts and Hauntings website has a very interesting article about the history of this the St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery.

Based on the above information the chances of finding a gravesite for Thomas and for that matter his father William or other Browns, is probably nill for St. Thomas.  I plan to visit this church cemetery in Fall of 2014 and we will see what I find and will post about it.

The information for Thomas’ death was found at the Anglican Diocese for Ontario based in Kingston, Ontario on page 318 for the St. Thomas Anglican Church of Belleville records.

Death of Thomas Brown 1848

Death of Thomas Brown 1848

Unfortunately the 1851 Canadian Census for Rawdon Twp. did not survive. We would not find Thomas but we might find Mary Brown with her children if it had survived.

Since Thomas died in 1848 he is also not in the in the Illustrated historical atlas of the counties of Hastings and Prince Edward, Ont. Toronto : H. Belden & Co., for 1878.  Other Browns are easy to find at the Canadian Digital Archives project website:

After Thomas’ death Mary remarried to a Thomas Vance.  The marriage took place on 21 January 1851 in Belleville at the St. Thomas Anglican Church. The marriage  is in the book I have cited above as #914 – Brown, Mary to Vance, Thomas 21.01.51.   The photo below is the register found at the Anglican Diocese for Ontario in Kingston page 393 for the St. Thomas Church registers.

Thomas Vance & Mary Brown Marriage 1851

Thomas Vance & Mary Brown Marriage 1851

Mary and Thomas appear in the 1861 Canadian Census in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co.,, Ontario, page 26.

Line 18 Thomas Vance, farmer, Ireland, C of England, 44, male, M, 1 male
Mary Vance, Ireland, C of England, 40, female, M, 1 female
John Vance, born Canada, C of England, 8, male, S, 1 male
Robert Vance, born Canada, C of England, 6 male, S, 1 male
William Vance, born Canada, C of England, 4 male, S, 1 male
Margret J. Vance, born Canada, C of England, 2, female, S, 1 female
Henry Brown, labourer, born Canada, C of England, 19, male, S, 1 male
Elisabeth Brown born Canada, C of England, 18, female, S, 1 female
Phillip Brown, labourer, born Canada, C of England, 16, male, S, 1 male
Thomas Brown, born Canada, C of England, 14, male, S, 1 male. 

This gives us a great view of the whole family including the children from the first marriage of Mary.

There is more research to be done regarding this family such as probate/estates, land and cemetery work and determining what happened to the children, any further findings will be included in future posts.


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