The Children of William Brown & Elsie: Phillip Brown

Brown Land in Rawdon Twp. 1871

Brown Land in Rawdon Twp. 1878

Phillip Brown was a son of William and Elsie/Alice Brown and he settled in Hastings County and remained there after migrating to the area from Ireland.  Please verify the information presented below, it has been handed from researcher to researcher and I am slowly finding documentation that shows it is correct.

It is stated that he was born 29 March 1817 in County Longford, Ireland.  He died on 7 April 1895 in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario and is buried in the Stirling Cemetery.

Philip married Margaret McMurray about 1840 in Hastings.  She was also born in Longford, Ireland about 1819 and died in Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario on 10 February 1878 and is buried in the Stirling Cemetery.

When I visited that cemetery in 2012, I did not get a picture of their tombstones but hope to remedy that soon.  I was having trouble finding graves and trying to figure out the published cemetery book.

It is suggested that Mark McMurray and Diana/Diane Leggett/Legate were her parents. Another Brown researcher Mrs. Freddie Knight who descends from this family provided a great deal of this information. I have to give her credit for this information. Unfortunately, we lost Freddie awhile back but I am grateful for her research. There is a 1993 letter she wrote to Bob Hayes about the family of Richard Brown and it is really well done and it was interesting to see her find the same things that I had 10 years later.

Mark McMurray was born about 1786 in Crossmachihilly, Seagoe Parish, Armagh, Northern Ireland and died about 1845 in Rawdon District, Hastings Co., Canada West.

Diana/Diane Leggett/Legate McMurray was born about 1876 in Seagoe Parish, Northern Ireland and died about 1871 in Rawdown District, Hastings Co., Canada West.  I have not verified this information.

I found reference to a Diane McMurray in the 1861 Canadian Census in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, C-1033, page #26.  This Diana appears below the Thomas Vance Family information on Line 18. The age is difficult to read and might be 45 years old rather than 75? So it might be the daughter?

Line 49 Diana McMury, Ireland, C of England, [75], female, widowed, 1 female
Mark McMurray, Canada, C of England, 14, male, S, 1 male

Margaret had about 7 siblings:  William McMurray (1815-1868), Fanny (Francis) Ann McMurray (1821 to 1874), Maria McMurray (1822-1906), Mark McMurray (1825 -_), Diana McMurray (1827 -1892), Elizabeth or Matilda Jane McMurry (1832 to 1904), and Lucinda McMurray (1832 to ____)

Philip & Margaret Brown, photo courtesy of Bob Hayes

Philip & Margaret Brown, photo courtesy of Bob Hayes

Philip Brown does appear in the Canadian County Atlas Digital Project:

You can pull up a list of those in Hastings County under the Brown name at this link:

E 1/2 lot 5, Concession 8, 12 Mar 1839, Record CCB3, Vol. 025, page 343.

W 1/2 lot 5, Concession 8, 7 Mar 1851, CCB3, volume 025.

N 1/2 Lot 4, concession 9, February 1865, Record CCB3, volume 035.

S 1/2 lot 2, Concession 9, 13 April 1870, Record 01C1113, Volume 002

All in Rawdon Twp., Hastings County, Ontario.

This is the Atlas featured on the above website.  Placing the time period of the link above at 1878.

Hastings and Prince Edward Counties (Ontario Map Ref #28 and #29)
Illustrated historical atlas of the counties of Hastings and Prince Edward, Ont.
Toronto : H. Belden & Co., 1878.

Phillip and his family appear in the 1861 Canadian Census, in Rawdon, Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario #26 on page, 12.

Line 1, Philip Brown, farmer, Ireland, C. England, age 45, male, married, log, 1 story, 1 family, all members of family. Margret Brown, Ireland, C. England, age 43, female, married. Wm. Brown, Laborer, born Canada, E. England, age 19 male, single, Francis Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 17, female, single, Elley Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 15, female, single, Henery Brown, laborer, born Canada, E. England, age 13 male, single, Diana Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 11, female, single, Matilda Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 9, female, single, Margret Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 7, female, single, Alvina Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 5, female, single, Hariet Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 1, female, single

Phillip and family are present in the 1871 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., District 62, No. 2, Div. page 19.

Line 11, 15, 70, Brown Philip, M. age 55, born Ireland, C. England, Irish, farmer, M. Brown, Margaret F, age 52, born Ireland, C. England, M. Brown, Thomas, M. age 24 born Ireland, C. of England, farmer. Brown, Diana, F, age 22, born Ireland, C. of England, Brown, Matilda, F, age 20, born Ireland, C. of England, Brown, Margaret, F, age 18, born Ireland, C. of England, Brown, Alvina F, age 11, born Ireland, C. of England, Brown, [Eliza], F, age 10, born Ireland, C. of England

Another decade later he is still in Hastings County, Ontario.  Phillip Brown Family, 1881 Canadian Census, Dist. No. 122, North Hastings, Twp. Radown, Div. #3, Ontario, page 3.  Unfortunately, he is now a widow but he is living with his son Thomas Henry and his wife Esther.

Line 17, 15, 15, Brown, Philip, M. age 65, Ireland, Ch of Eng., farmer, Widowed. Line 18, 16, 16 Brown Henry, M. 36, born Ontario, Ch. of Eng., farmer, M. Brown, [Hester] F, age 25, born Ontario, Ch of Eng., M. Brown, Arthur, M. age 6, born Ontario, Ch of Eng. Brown, Thomas, M, age 3, born Ontario, Ch of Eng. Brown, William, M, 7/12, born Ontario, Ch of Eng.

In the 1891 Canadian Census Phillip is alone and age 74.  Phillip Brown Family, 1891 Canadian Census, Dist. 74, North Hastings, SD N4 Rawdon, April 7, 1891, John ____, Ontario, pg. 2.

Line 9, W[ ] 9, Brown, Philip M, age 74, W, born Ireland, Parents born in Ireland, C. of England, Farmer, Read and write.

Margaret Browns death record is with the Schedule C of Deaths, County of Hastings, Div. Rawdon, at

No. 7. Margaret Brown, Feb. 10, 1878, Female, age 59, profession Spinster, born Ireland, died of consumption, Dr. Spragg, Informant, Phillip Brown, Farmer Rawdon, April 5, 1878, C. of England, Registrar Joseph Hogle #[134799] No. 7, pg. 290. 

Phillip appears several years later in the same record.

Philip Brown, April 7th, 1895, Male age 78 yrs, farmer, born Ireland, Cause of death suffocated by smoke, no physician, Informant Ernest Brown Harold, June 21, 1895, Ch of England, Registrar Thos. C. McConnell. #007063, page 145. 

A brief mention of Philip’s death was in the local paper:  Brown – In Rawdon, On April 7, Phillip Brown, age 78 years and 8 months.  There was no further information as to the name of the newspaper and the date this was published.

Another obituary was given to me, but I do not have the date or paper it was published in:

“Death of Philip Brown.”

On Sunday Evening last Philip Brown, one of the oldest residents of the township of Rawdon, came ot his death under peculiar circumstances.  About dusk on that evening a neighbor, Mr. Wright, called to see him at his house, where he was living alone, and on opening the door found the room full of smoke.  He called to Mr. Brown, and getting no reply, groped his way to the bedroom where he found Mr.Brown lying on the bed, partly dressed, and in an unconscious condition.  Mr. Wright took him in his arms and carried him out, calling other near neighbors to take care of Mr. Brown, he with others soon extinguished the fire. Mr. Brown, however, did not rally, and expired about ten minutes after being taken from the building.  The cause of the fire is a mystery. The deceased was over 78 years of age. The funeral took place on Wednesday, and was largely attended, service being held in St. John’s Church, Stirling. 

I recommend the Woodrow Family Tree at under public trees as a good source.  This tree was created by Mrs. Freddie Knight the person I mentioned above.  Remember she has passed away so if you go to this tree I suggest you document it for it may be removed at some point.  There are other trees that you can also study at Ancestry regarding this family.

As you can see more research and verification of the documentation needs to be done on this family of Philip Brown and Margaret McMurray Brown.  At some point I will present what I know about their ten (10) children: William Brown (1841 to 1922), Frances Brown (1843 to 1933), Elizabeth Brown (1845 to 1921), Thomas Henry Brown (1846-1884), Diana Brown (1850-1902), Matilda June Brown (1851-1936), Margaret Brown (1854 to ____), Alvina Brown (1855-1943), Harriett Brown (1860 to ____) and Elsie Brown (unknown).

I think this is very interesting that this surname of McMurray is Irish.  On my mother’s Boardman side her grandmother Charlotte was also a McMurray but it is listed as Scottish.


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