Ontario Wanderings: Port Dalhousie, Ontario

My next destination was Brock University’s special collections in St. Catherines.  This is the Loyalist Collection.  As far as I know neither my Boardmans or Browns were Loyalist having immigrated to Canada at a later date.  The Browns where here in 1831 and the Boardman’s came probably mid 1850’s.  Too late for the Revolution.  This does not mean that Browns were not Loyalists.  It just means my family on my mother’s side were not.

However, my father’s side has the potential for Loyalists to be included in his family tree. I just don’t know for sure, so I have decided it is time to dive into Loyalist research.  I will post about that on my The Man Who Lived Airplanes blog as I travel along on my trip:  http://macdonellfamily.wordpress.com/

Here is the link to the Loyalist collection at Brock:  http://www.brocku.ca/library/collections/special-collections-archives



After viewing the Canadian side of Niagara Falls I headed to St. Catharines and the Heritage House Bed and Breakfast, which was close to Brock University by about 5 minutes.  The next morning I headed up to Port Dalhousie to take a look at the south end of Lake Ontario and the lighthouse that was there.  I found my way up Ontario Street and turned onto Lighthouse Road and there was a parking area.  Much to my delight there were two lighthouses and I could see Toronto faintly in the distance (it is there but barely).  This was a small canal with a pier on one side and a walkway on my side of the waterway.

Lighthouses Port Dalhousie

Lighthouses Port Dalhousie near and far


Port Dalhousie in Ontario

Port Dalhousie in Ontario

How lovely, wish I could dally here.


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