Ontario Wanderings: The London Public Library in London, Ontario

The next day I was going to the London Public Library.

Sorry but this is in London, Ontario that I am talking about.  I wanted to see their London Room at the main library.  They also have a river there in London that they named the Thames and I crossed it several times.

Wellington Avenue is a good street to pick to make your way into the downtown area of London, Ontario.   I followed this street without incident and turned on Dundas and parked right on the street across from the library.  It was great.  It only allowed two hours but I figured I could come out and add more.   There is parking around back of the library, or south of it, if you want.  I was content with the street parking because I got to enjoy the flavor of the London and Dundas Street.

I entered the library into a large hallway that took me around to the entrance to the library.  The London Room is on the top floor.  This library is very open and airy.

Dundas Street

Dundas Street


The London Public Library, Ontario

The London Public Library, Ontario

The London Room

The London Room

The London Room in the London Public Library has book stacks to wander among, microfilm room and so much more that my couple of hours there went too fast.  I was very happy and realized that I should have put more time into my itinerary for this genealogical treasurer.


Unfortunately, I got diverted and was looking at books I probably should not have but that is the way of it when you find a research location like this.  Enjoy.


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