Ontario Wanderings: The London Middlesex County Chapter of the Ontario Genealogical Society

The other genealogical research option for London, Ontario is the London Middlesex County Chapter of the Ontario Genealogical Society.  http://londonmiddlesex.ogs.on.ca/

When they tell you they are in the Coach House behind the Grosvenor Lodge they are not kidding.   I had passed this lodge when I headed south from the Huron University College to my hotel on Wellington Street so I had sort of an idea where it was located.  The lady at the London Room knew where it was and confirmed my suspicions.  I warn you that GPS cannot handle it so you might want to call to make sure you know how to get to this research center.  Google Earth couldn’t pin it down either.

London Middlesex Chapter OGS

London Middlesex Chapter OGS

The Grosvenor Lodge has an entrance on Western Avenue but it is on the west side of the street and it is around a corner on a two lane highway.  I was not sure I could chance turning left as I was coming north on Western, so I went up the street to the next block turned left and did a u-turn and got back on Western Avenue this time going south and was able to turn right into the driveway which is flanked by two pillars.  It is a little tight so go slowly.

Grosvenor Lodge

Grosvenor Lodge

You follow the road put don’t park yet and go around the front of the Grosvenor Lodge which is facing south. Follow the little road pass the front of the lodge and once you do you will spot the Carriage House in the back area.  There is plenty of parking.

It is truly a Carriage House and it is the big doors on the left, the right one, that you approach to open and you enter this small area where the London Middlesex Chapter is located.

Carriage House

Carriage House

I was greeted by the volunteer who was all by herself.  I told her about my interest in Wards and Boardmans and she pulled a few things but pretty much left me to explore on my own. It is not very big this room but it is packed with books and binders.

London Middlesex Chapter OGS

London Middlesex Chapter OGS

Someone in this group has done a tremendous amount of indexing of obituary notices from the local papers.  They did not go back far enough for me but the volunteer told me that I needed to look at the Strathroy papers and I told her I would be doing just that.  They also have a Pioneer binder series which was a collection of names and families of the earlier years. One bookshelf was devoted to Loyalist books and information and I would call it a small collection but worth looking through.  There is more of course to explore.

Stacks at the London Middlesex Branch of OGS

Stacks at the London Middlesex Branch of OGS

I am a member of the Ontario Genealogical Society which is the main society for this province and it is composed of chapters which are located throughout the province. The main OGS website is filled with many interesting treasures but here is the link to the chapters.


I encourage you to support the local chapters.  In the OGS online newsletter there was an appeal asking for support of one of the chapters that was on the brink of going inactive just recently.  I do not remember which one but the point is we need to get out and share our time and energy.

As you can see my pictures are fuzzy because it had started to rain and I was in for a nasty storm on my way to Strathroy…sigh!


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