Ontario Wanderings: The Strathroy Public Library and Museum

After getting breakfast and several cups of coffee later, I walked down the street passed the City Hall to the Strathroy Public Library and Museum.  Yes, they are both sharing the space and it is very nicely laid out.  This pleases me to see this kind of collaboration.

City Hall Strathroy

City Hall Strathroy

The library and museum is just beyond the City Hall.

Strathroy Library and Museum

Strathroy Library and Museum

Here is their link to the Strathroy-Caradoc library  which has a genealogy section in this library. The website has undergone a change and find information is now a little harder.  This is the best I can do at this time 9/10/2016.


The genealogy area is located to the right of the front desk in the Strathroy Library in the town of Strathroy.  Once you get to the other end take another right turn toward the north an on the right is the local history and genealogy section.

Genealogy and Local History area

Genealogy and Local History area

They have a nice collection of cemetery records for the area and I was interested in the 4th Line Methodist and the Strathroy Municipal.  I was looking for Emma Ward’s parents Benjamin and Sarah and other Ward names.

They also have the Strathroy Age and more, ask Chris the librarian.  They have a nice book collection as well. I was content.  I asked numerous question of Chris and he piled the table with suggestions for things for me to do.  I did find a small mention of the death of Benjamin Ward in the newspaper but not much else.  The joke there is if you get two lines you are doing good for an obituary notice especially in the really older times.

The museum is located right at the entrance and there is also a back entrance from the genealogy and local history area.  http://www.strathroymuseum.ca/en/  I contacted them first and the very nice director helped me with the cemetery information.  You will find them to be very helpful and knowledgeable people.

Strathroy Museum

After my time in the library I headed up the street to the Salt & Pepper Cafe and bought an egg salad sandwich.  They had it all decorated for fall.  I like cafe like this…

Local Cafe in Strathroy

Local Cafe in Strathroy

I headed back to my castle room in the Clock Tower Inn taking it easy and getting ready for my next adventures.  A little later I headed down to the Ale House for dinner and this time I tried the restaurant and had another very nice dinner.  I was starting to get to know the nice waitress/bar maid who had checked me in?  Giggle…she was sweet.

Fortunately, the rain and stopped even though it was overcast that day.  I don’t know if I would stay in the Clock Tower Inn again but I did enjoy myself once I settled in and the storm had passed.  The food was good and the rooms were very nice and comfortable.  I am glad I did stay there.


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